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December 22, 2012

Random Shots of Christmas

A truck full of toys …

All laid out on a stage …

Plus a joyful (if somewhat weary-looking) Santa* …

Equals one special afternoon at an after school program for local at-risk kids:

It’s projects like this and days like this that make the holidays somewhat frenzied at times - and also makes me feel like I have little initiative or motivation for training.  However, these are also the things that make me see that in the grand scheme of things, training really isn’t that big of a deal.

*By the way, see that hair and beard on Santa?  It’s all real.  And apparently he owns his own suit and makes several appearances like this every year.  On this particular afternoon, Santa spent time with more than 90 kids, spoke with each of them individually while handing out presents, and hung around afterwards to spread Christmas cheer to kids who sorely need it.  So, yeah, he looks a little tired … but this guy lives for this sort of thing, and it shows.  Maybe we should all be tired like that.

"Christmas is Coming", from A Charlie Brown Christmas (click to play):

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Turi Becker 12/22/12, 9:50 PM  

Going to miss you, man.

Adam B. 12/23/12, 6:52 AM  

Agreed, will definitely miss your inspiring posts! Good luck to you and your family in the future, and have a Merry Christmas!

Gretchen 12/23/12, 2:10 PM  

Merry Christmas, Kid.

Anne 12/23/12, 4:27 PM  

Did I miss something? You're hanging up the bloG?

Benjammin' 12/27/12, 10:43 AM  

I'm not sure when your last post will be and I sure hope you check this comment, because I would just like to say thanks. I have only been a faithful reader for about 1 1/2 maybe 2 years. Your blog and the recommedations your have made have introduced and guided me as I have become a minimalist runner. Thanks for sharing yourself, and your time and your family with us. I have family in Carmel, Salinas, San Jose, and I can confirm that you do live in gods country. Maybe I will have the good fortune of bumping into to you some time in Big Sur. If so I hope you won't think ill of me if I say hello and thanks in person. I have looked forward to your recommendations, humor, and musical selections. Thanks again for sharing yourself. I really appreciate it.

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