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April 11, 2012

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Review and Giveaway

Before today's contest, a reminder that you've got less than one day left to submit photo entries for my Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon LS giveaway contest. Tick tock!


In my Minimus Zero Road shoe review, I described how New Balance went back to the drawing board and completely revamped their Minimus lineup after collecting user and laboratory feedback about the first generation released last year. It’s especially telling that they did this with the Minimus Trail model, which proved to be one of the most popular shoes of 2011, and played a monumental role in introducing minimalism to the masses.

Or, to use another analogy: if you consider last season’s version an opening bid toward minimalism, think of this year’s Minimus Zero Trail as New Balance going all-in. It features several changes that purists will appreciate, and strips away every ounce of unnecessary construction to create an extremely lightweight, highly flexible trail runner that still provides decent protection for rugged or technical off-road conditions. Most – but maybe not all of - the upgrades from last year’s model are improvements, and with the finished product, New Balance pretty much sets a new standard for lightweight, high-performance minimalist trail shoes.

And if that isn’t enough to get you excited … you guessed it, we’re doing a giveaway! One male and one female winner will receive a pair of New Balance Minimus Zero Trail shoes to enjoy for his and herself – but in the meantime, let’s run through the standard review:

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail

Here’s what will probably happen when you take the Minimus Zero Trail out of the box: the first thought that comes to mind will be, Holy cow are these things light. And when you put them on your feet, you’ll have nearly the same reaction. Above all the other improvements, that will almost certainly be the hallmark of the Minimus Zero Trail: the shoe is almost incredibly light.

At a mere 4.4 oz, it feels like there’s almost nothing on my feet – and coming from an experienced barefoot and minimalist runner, that’s saying something. The Minimus Zero Trails weigh less than any of Vibram’s FiveFingers (including the bare-bones SeeYa), Soft Star’s RunAmoc, and virtually any other standard bearer for light and minimal footwear.

As the revamped name of these models implies, New Balance corrected the primary drawback of last year’s edition and created a completely flat platform from heel to toe. Stack height is approximately 10mm, which places it about halfway in between Vibram’s Spyridon LS and Merrell’s Trail Gloves.

From the medial view you can also see the synthetic suede overlays that help keep the foot stabilized on the insole. Because the upper material is so thin, these overlays are crucial to prevent movement inside the shoe …

… as is the lined insole, which combines with a traditional tongue and lace system to keep the foot securely in place. Unlike my complaint about the Minimus Zero Road, I haven’t experienced any problems with forefoot movement in the Zero Trail, even on steep hills or highly technical terrain.

I was initially disappointed that New Balance replaced the upper material on last year’s Minimus Trail, which had a true slipper-like feel and was one of the most comfortable shoes I tested all year. The updated upper is remarkably thin, paper-like and translucent, constructed from a durable nylon that resists scratches and abrasions quite well. It seems a bit more permeable to dust and fine grit than the previous model, and feels coarser and less supple against my skin. Perhaps that’s why …

Look at the left 4th toe ... or don't.

… the upper material gave me a nice little blister on the top of one toe after my first 8-miler. After a breaking-in period this issue resolved, and the rest of the Zero Trail’s interior is very comfortable for sockless use – however, I do stick with my custom of wearing socks for multi-hour runs in these.

Peek A Boo toes!

One more note about the upper: have I mentioned that they’re thin? Consequently, the Minimus Zero Trail may be more of a warm-weather shoe than an all-season trainer, because your toes will indeed get cold in them, comparable to the poor thermoregulation of most FiveFingers.

For this year’s Minimus Zero Trail, New Balance uses a new Vibram T-Lite outsole rubber (the green stuff) on top of a layer of proprietary ACTEVA midsole foam (the black stuff) that is lighter and more compression-resistant than most other midsole materials commonly used – at least, it’s supposedly more compression-resistant, as you’ll see. One cool indicator of the midsole flexibility is that when I take the shoe off my foot, it often bends in half from heel to toe just like my FiveFingers do.

I’ve been fortunate to have my test pair for several months now, meaning I’ve racked up well over 200 miles on my Minimus Zero Trails. To my eye, it seems that the ACTEVA material has deformed slightly underneath the higher density green pods at impact areas. Of course, minimalist runners don’t expect much in the way of structure anyway, but the wear pattern thus far suggests that overall durability may be slightly diminished compared to its predecessor.

Placement of the outsole rubber was designed after reviewing wear patterns of from the previous model. The new outsole is even more deeply lugged than the prior version, which was already very aggressive and grippy in practically all conditions, and I’ve really had no problems with traction anywhere, especially on wet rocks or mud. However, spacing of the lugs is so wide that there is room for smaller pointy rocks to jut between them – think of gravel fire roads - so if you’re not accustomed to minimalist running yet, your feet could feel a bit of bruising on highly rocky or technical terrain.

That speaks to a larger point that distinguishes the Minimus Zero Trail from its predecessor: it’s a no-apologies minimalist shoe for runners who are sure of their technique. If you’re not an experienced minimalist runner, start in small doses with this shoe just as you would with a pair of Vibrams. And if you’re still transitioning or still want some substance or structure from your shoes, the Minimus Zero Trail is probably more then you’re ready for.

So … are YOU ready for it? If so, let’s get our contest on. Same procedure for this one as for the road version: one male and one female winner will be chosen at random from the comments below. One entry for a plain ol’ comment, one extra for a Facebook or Twitter link, and a third for a blog link. Include links or URLs so I can verify, and let me know if you’re male or female if it’s not obvious from your username. Winners will be announced Saturday night, April 21.

If you’d rather not take your chance or wait that long, the New Balance Minimus Zero Trail retails for $109 from TravelCountry.com. Special thanks to New Balance for sponsoring this review and contest, and good luck to everyone!

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jjames 4/11/12, 8:11 PM  

I've been dying to try these shoes out. I'm really getting into trail running this summer, and have been wanting something with a little more traction. These look incredible.

I also tweeted this giveaway from @jessicls

krystyna47 4/11/12, 8:18 PM  

Oooh my, I would adore the updated version as last year's model is starting to wear thin (the upper). One entry for me (female!)

Stephen Thomas M 4/11/12, 8:45 PM  

These shoes are so snazzy! The have "I'm on a journey" written all over them. I'm fairly new to running, so what an inspirational way to help me discover new avenues and venture of comfortably ;)

TK 4/11/12, 8:45 PM  

I'd love to try the female version!

jwfong 4/11/12, 8:53 PM  


These would be awesome... they sound super light which is just what I need!

jfong1130 at yahoo dot com

jwfong 4/11/12, 8:54 PM  

Female, tweeted:

jfong1130 at yahoo dot com

TIM 帝木 4/11/12, 9:00 PM  

Yep, I'd love one of the male versions.

pablotrejo 4/11/12, 9:04 PM  

Been falling in love with new balance lately.

Also tweeted from https://twitter.com/#!/pablotrejo/status/190288935790972929

Mondo 4/11/12, 9:07 PM  

Male here! Hope I can win a pair!

emwins 4/11/12, 9:10 PM  

These would be great for Rock Creek Park in DC.

2 entries with a tweet: https://twitter.com/#!/emwins65/status/190289909242789888

tdomina 4/11/12, 9:27 PM  

Hook this male up!!!

nrmrvrk 4/11/12, 10:20 PM  

Two entries for me please. One here and one on the twatters: https://twitter.com/#!/nrmrvrk

The Clarks 4/11/12, 10:45 PM  

Dying to give this shoe a try! Thanks for a great write-up!

- Steve

Nathan Seibt 4/11/12, 11:17 PM  

Just got the old version, certainly wouldn't mind zero-drop! Also posted to Facebook, but not sure how to include a link... so two entries.

John 4/12/12, 1:01 AM  

how 'bout a pair of these nb in poland. . .? please.

Adam 4/12/12, 1:25 AM  

Yeah it's a cool shoe. Count me in for one entry!

jonnyb 4/12/12, 1:25 AM  

I would love a pair of shoes even lighter than the runamocs. Surely you didn't mean the dash's, though: I can't even tell they're on. Thanks!

Xavier 4/12/12, 2:22 AM  

Count me in for a male pair :)

anyberry 4/12/12, 2:53 AM  

These shoes look good! Male here.

Asko 4/12/12, 3:41 AM  

I gotta get me some of those. Male

christine 4/12/12, 3:45 AM  

These look cool, bett almost than the roads? Female.

Eric 4/12/12, 4:17 AM  

I really need something different from my KSO. There getting pretty old.

Adam B. 4/12/12, 4:31 AM  

Count me in!


Trish Reeves 4/12/12, 4:56 AM  

Awesome review! Thanks! I've been wanting to try these and just haven't gotten around to checking them out yet. I twittered and facebooked this link - this review deserves a wife audience! Thanks again!

Ford4x460 4/12/12, 4:56 AM  

I won't to try these with out the blister please. Male Version.

rbrown10 4/12/12, 4:57 AM  

One male, please!

Tammy 4/12/12, 4:57 AM  

Oh.. the female pair PLEASE!

I have been wearing last years model- and umm, have to say that the traction on them is a bit scary after a snowy trail run two weeks ago- ow! was the most common word I uttered on many rocky slips and slides!

Love the looks of these, the weight and the new sole design!

I live remotely so winning a pair would ease the travel I need to do to go to buy a pair!


Tegyn Angel 4/12/12, 5:01 AM  

Count me in for a Male pair please boss.
Also on Twitter (Tegyn Angel) and Facebook (Same Same)

Kate 4/12/12, 5:10 AM  

The zeros are definitely intriguing! I'd love to try the female version :)

Chris 4/12/12, 5:13 AM  

Would love to win a men's pair. Tweeted @chrism42k


Guigou,  4/12/12, 5:13 AM  


Kovas Palubinskas 4/12/12, 5:17 AM  

Amazing how quickly NB is evolving this line. I'm in for the men's.

Tweeted @kovasp

Ryan Banfield 4/12/12, 5:17 AM  

Might be the only shoes I consider outside of RunAmocs!

baby olive 4/12/12, 5:19 AM  

One pair for a male, please!

I had a chance to see these up close at my running store the other day and they are sweet!

Blake 4/12/12, 5:22 AM  

One male entry, por favor!

Nathan 4/12/12, 5:23 AM  

I got these right away for my daughter and she loves them as an everyday shoe (not really a trail runner)
I have last years model, but I will probably get these soon - before a trail race that I'm considering ;)

Tomislav 4/12/12, 5:25 AM  

One male entry for me :-)

TheRunningNobody 4/12/12, 5:29 AM  

Male ! ... these shoes look awesome ! Nice review !

Richard 4/12/12, 5:29 AM  

Count me in!


A 4/12/12, 5:29 AM  

I'd love to win a pair of the shoes (men's version). Only one entry for me!

Mr. Responsible 4/12/12, 5:29 AM  

Great no-hold-barred review. Would love to try a men's pair of these!

I also tweeted the review from @brideca11.

JAB 4/12/12, 5:33 AM  

They look very cool!!

Keith Gates 4/12/12, 5:39 AM  

Thanks for all your great reviews. I think this would be a great replacement for my MT10s for my Pinhoti 100 training.

and on facebook.

Keith Gates

Joe M 4/12/12, 5:40 AM  

I would certainly enjoy trying a pair of these out! (Men's)

Leah 4/12/12, 5:44 AM  

I really, really, really want to try these shoes...
I need cool shoes for summer!!
I'm also a personal trainer so I need to advertise these shoes!!!
I am a girl....
and my name is Leah

Brad Diesburg 4/12/12, 5:55 AM  

I have a pair of first gen Minimus that I've been doing road and trail running. Excellent shoes. I'm excited for this newer iteration.

Rob 4/12/12, 5:55 AM  

Would love to try a men's 11

surjeet 4/12/12, 6:02 AM  

would love to try the lady's version!

Max K.,  4/12/12, 6:02 AM  

I can't believe these are so light.

twitter post:


Anonymous,  4/12/12, 6:06 AM  

Sign me up for a male shoe please.

MJP 4/12/12, 6:12 AM  

One male entry!

Thanks for your solid review as always.

Scotty M,  4/12/12, 6:14 AM  

Sure could use some new shoes. I also Tweeted. https://twitter.com/#!/scotty_massey

Joseph L 4/12/12, 6:15 AM  

looks good (male)

Colin S.,  4/12/12, 6:18 AM  

Another contest
I'd really like to win some
Minimus Zeros

...or is it too late for the haiku contest??


Williams 4/12/12, 6:21 AM  

Would love to test out the male version of these

Matthew 4/12/12, 6:29 AM  

Holy cow, I'd like a pair!

Jay DeBoer 4/12/12, 6:30 AM  

I would like to start trail running

JimDog 4/12/12, 6:32 AM  

Don't know why I'm entering, I never win, and I'm buying these no matter what. So whatevs! But it would be nice to save the $100 so I'm in!!!

1 for the comment

1 for the Tweet:


Andrew,  4/12/12, 6:34 AM  

I'd very much like to try these!

Go Gators 4/12/12, 6:35 AM  

One entry for the men's version.

Jay Fast 4/12/12, 6:42 AM  

Interested in the men's version.

mo 4/12/12, 6:44 AM  

one entry- female- they look great!

Mike Dixon 4/12/12, 7:00 AM  

Two entries for this guy!



Ethan 4/12/12, 7:11 AM  

I'm Ethan and I would like one.

islander 4/12/12, 7:14 AM  

Two entries for the men's please. Thanks for the contest.

1 for the comment

1 for the tweet:

Xorn 4/12/12, 7:26 AM  

Male - shoes look nice, although I'm still thinking of getting the Trail Glove.

Nate 4/12/12, 7:26 AM  

Nate Kartchner. Look like great shoes

Chu 4/12/12, 7:29 AM  

2 entries here for this guy!


Santos D.,  4/12/12, 7:34 AM  

Nice shoes...excellent review. Thanks for the chance to win a pair (in my case, men's 9).

Posted on Facebook...name: Santos Davila.

Anna 4/12/12, 7:56 AM  

Looks like great shoes!

JAM 4/12/12, 7:57 AM  

Tried these on at the NB store and really like them. I'm in for sure! Facebook post: jeff.mihailoff
Blog post: http://nwsnowskater.blogspot.com/2012/04/new-balance-trail-zero-00.html

Al D. 4/12/12, 7:57 AM  

onvrAfter reading the review, I'm ready to take the plunge for a male pair.

Ted Darling,  4/12/12, 7:57 AM  

I would love to try these in the male version.

Daniel Prevett 4/12/12, 8:00 AM  

Put me down for 1 male.


ajones 4/12/12, 8:04 AM  

I am the manly-ist man you will ever meet who also enjoys knitting.

Michael Foster 4/12/12, 8:10 AM  

I love New Balance shoes, they seem to fit my feet just right. I would love a pair of the men's! Thanks for the review.

hypnos 4/12/12, 8:10 AM  

Sign me up, looks great!

Emir,  4/12/12, 8:12 AM  

One entry for mail please!

David Goulette 4/12/12, 8:18 AM  

Keep up the cool blog.

Anonymous,  4/12/12, 8:18 AM  

Sweet, I'd love a male pair to try out.

Timm 4/12/12, 8:21 AM  

I'm dying to get into a pair of these! The price point is just so high I have a hard time justifying the purchase.

John Robideaux 4/12/12, 8:23 AM  

Throwing my hat in the ring.
Blog link: http://jrheadblog.blogspot.com/

cody r.,  4/12/12, 8:40 AM  

i wish to partake


Blair W.,  4/12/12, 8:40 AM  

Thanks for the review and giveaway as always. One entry for the male version.

Megan @ RunningAimlessly 4/12/12, 8:40 AM  

I'd love me some Minimus Zeros (women's!) to add to my zero drop collection!

WZ 4/12/12, 8:42 AM  

please enter me for the males! thanks!

PB Junkie 4/12/12, 8:42 AM  

Great review. I would love to try out a pair of the female version.

Pappy 4/12/12, 8:53 AM  

I would like to compare these to my Altra Adams for trail running.

Doug 4/12/12, 8:54 AM  

I like shoe....I want shoe....I man

Zack Locke 4/12/12, 9:01 AM  

I am a male. i need these shoes.

Anonymous,  4/12/12, 9:04 AM  

I have some Merrell trail gloves and I'd love to try these.

Luke Boswell

jraridon 4/12/12, 9:14 AM  

Sign me up! Great to see NB improving!

RD Jim 4/12/12, 9:40 AM  

Put me down for three.
Tweet: @RDJim
FB WakelyDam Ultra: https://www.facebook.com/groups/109675512390389/

Nate 4/12/12, 9:47 AM  

1 entry! male!

Jeff Gallup 4/12/12, 10:04 AM  

How much junk gets caught up in those lugs? Looks like you could get some good build up in there.

Put me down for 3 entries! Shared on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barefoot-Inclined/212665608801909

on my blog at http://barefootinclined.blogspot.com/2012/04/king-of-incline.html


Jobu007 4/12/12, 10:06 AM  

Would love to try the male version. I have been chomping at the bit to start running again after recovering from a bone bruise of the patella.

Nic G.,  4/12/12, 10:14 AM  

Great Review - I would love a pair of these. 1 entry for the men's pair.

Eric 4/12/12, 10:17 AM  

I my year old pair of NB Minimus is still going strong. The thinner upper material worries me a bit since I mostly run in... less than warm weather. However, I would love to give them a try.

Rev. Tracy 4/12/12, 10:18 AM  

Thanks for the review. These look quite promising. I appreciated the comparison to RunAmocs as that is what I'm in now when not barefoot.

(I'm female, BTW)

Rev. Tracy 4/12/12, 10:19 AM  

Posting a link on my blog: reruns.blogspot.com and on Facebook (/tlongacre).

Spencer 4/12/12, 10:26 AM  

I would dig getting these guys.

DavidS 4/12/12, 10:44 AM  

Like the New Balance Mt110. These may even be better for my use.One entry for me, Thanks, Dave.

David 4/12/12, 10:50 AM  

i'm going to win one of these contests one of these days... i just know it!

Scott Lynch 4/12/12, 10:58 AM  

Hmm.. I really don't like the more pointy toe box shape. I'm not sure why NB went in that direction. The picture of your feet with the shoes in the background is telling.

Philloody,  4/12/12, 11:29 AM  

These look great - perfect shoes for going minimalist and improving my trail running...

Julie 4/12/12, 11:46 AM  

Female and I'd love to try these shoes so hopefully luck will be with me. :)

dug deep,  4/12/12, 11:47 AM  

Sign me up for men's

Orlin03 4/12/12, 11:48 AM  

Really starting to need a pair of these shoes! In men's of course. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1485534795&ref=tn_tnmn

Orlin03 4/12/12, 11:49 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob 4/12/12, 11:58 AM  

I wonder how these compare to some of the Vivobarefoot models, though it seems they have so many models now, I wouldn't even know which one to compare: Breatho Trail?

Jamie & Lauren 4/12/12, 12:22 PM  

Thanks for the great review. I'd love to try the male version!

Casey 4/12/12, 12:33 PM  

I would love to try the male version.

Brian 4/12/12, 12:33 PM  

I was just looking to buy some of these, perfect timing!! Male here, hope to win!

Jesse 4/12/12, 12:34 PM  

Please put me in for the men shoes. I posted to twitter too...


David 4/12/12, 12:39 PM  

Lovin' the 730's and Minimus Life's. Put me down for a pair of the men's Minimus trails.

Jason 4/12/12, 12:43 PM  

1 Male Entry - would really like to grab a pair of these!

sean 4/12/12, 12:44 PM  

I'd love to put these in my arsenal along with the 110 and the minimus trails

Akemi,  4/12/12, 1:15 PM  

1 female entry, please!

Jeffrey Perrella 4/12/12, 1:41 PM  

i am very interested in trying these out. as a MALE distance runner I have been seeking a good minimalist shoe that flexes dorsally as well as offering the usual plantar flexion. i think this is the shoe.

Louisa 4/12/12, 2:10 PM  

Sounds great! I'd like to enter, and I also tweeted the link on Twitter, @Louisathelast

mike,  4/12/12, 2:12 PM  

one for here and one for FB

Lisa 4/12/12, 2:32 PM  

One entry for me -- thanks!

Ian M 4/12/12, 2:36 PM  

Have the road version, would love the trail as well.

qrtrmiler 4/12/12, 2:58 PM  

Love the 2011 and would really like to check out the 2012's! Please put me in for 2 entries! Male

Twitter (@qrtrmiler)


Anonymous,  4/12/12, 3:15 PM  

Looks good, I'm in. Thanks. Brian.

Andrew @ One Step Further 4/12/12, 4:00 PM  

I Love to be rocking these at my next ultra. Wanted the originals, and these look even better.

Andrew @ One Step Further 4/12/12, 4:03 PM  

I twittered here:

Justin McIntosh 4/12/12, 4:33 PM  

I have the first year Minimus trail. Greatest shoe I've ever owned.

James 4/12/12, 4:33 PM  

I can't believe they managed to take 40% of the weight off of last year's model. Mine are still kicking after a year of being my primary pair of running shoes, but I'm excited to try the zero.

Trever Vay 4/12/12, 5:32 PM  

I could use some new training shoes! One Male entry please!

andy 4/12/12, 6:06 PM  

I bought the first generation which I never liked, so I switched to softstar, but I am willing to give the minimus another try if I will your giveaway.

1 for men

matt 4/12/12, 6:24 PM  

I need an excuse to find a trail

Ray 4/12/12, 6:26 PM  

I love the road zeros and would love to try a pair of trail zeros. I entry for the male shoes please!

Negid 4/12/12, 6:28 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Negid 4/12/12, 6:30 PM  

Awesome review as always!

2 entries for me! Male version.


bf in az 4/12/12, 6:52 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
bf in az 4/12/12, 6:53 PM  

Male, 2 entries--comment and facebook post.


Davide1224 4/12/12, 7:36 PM  

These shoes are EXACTLY shaped to my foot -- just sayin' ... please.

Also tweeted @RunWildDC

Kate 4/12/12, 7:40 PM  

one plain old comment for the women's shoes, thanks!
steeplechaser29 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Paul Dain 4/12/12, 8:06 PM  

Looks sweet! One entry for a men's pair, please!

Ryan,  4/12/12, 8:09 PM  

great review!, I'd love to win a male pair

lolamako 4/12/12, 8:47 PM  

Female who REALLLLLYYYY needs these!!!!(as I sew up my less than four month old Vivo's.....)

David Berta 4/13/12, 3:15 AM  

Male, thanks for the giveaway.

linked on facebook

Ironmike 4/13/12, 7:43 AM  

I would really like to try these. It looks like a great shoe. I love that New Balance is continuing to improve their minimal lineup. I need the male version please.

Jen 4/13/12, 8:33 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jen 4/13/12, 8:34 AM  

I would love to enter the female contest
I also linked on facebook

runningfarmer 4/13/12, 8:46 AM  

Here's my lone ticket.
Thanks for all the great info.

Jonathan 4/13/12, 11:00 AM  

I'd like a pair of the male version.

JamesBrett 4/13/12, 12:47 PM  

there's one paved road in the town where i live. most of my runs are on small cattle trails. i'd love to get my feet in a pair of the new minimus trails. here's a link to photos of one of my regular runs here in east africa:


Michael Shane Helton 4/13/12, 12:58 PM  

1 entry for male. Thanks Donald!

Nancy T,  4/13/12, 2:13 PM  

1 entry for female please! My old NB Minimus trails are cool, but I'm glad they got rid of the band across the toes this time, mine need more wiggle room.

jaybird 4/13/12, 3:10 PM  

One male entry here. Plain 'Ole comment.

Mike Dannenfelser,  4/13/12, 4:22 PM  

looks like an awesome trail shoe.

Alejandro 10 4/13/12, 6:24 PM  

With this post a guy takes one swing!

Josh 4/13/12, 6:29 PM  

I'm in! Thanks! josh S

r(un)on 4/13/12, 10:23 PM  

1 male entry here!

Cheryl,  4/14/12, 4:36 AM  

I'd love to try a womens pair.

wattage 4/14/12, 8:52 AM  


Not sure if I am there regarding my technique, but I'd definitely like to try them and use them as a traingin tool.

Mens, 9.5
One Entry only

Take care

Bryan M,  4/14/12, 10:28 AM  

I'm in!

RunningLaur 4/14/12, 5:30 PM  

I love my first-gen minimus trail shoes, but they are getting pretty darn worn out. It'd be fantastic to have a new pair!

RunningLaur 4/14/12, 5:31 PM  

also tweeted, I'm @runninglaur (and I'd want the women's version)

Eric 4/14/12, 6:00 PM  

Three for me. I'd love the men's version.

Eric 4/14/12, 6:01 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric 4/14/12, 6:01 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
copperisblue 4/14/12, 6:07 PM  

Hrm.. Forgot to come back here once I was on a computer that would enter data.

May I please have a single entry. I would love to try a pair of these out.



ChadisBarefoot 4/15/12, 7:08 AM  

Two entries for me, too! (Comment + Twitter) :)


Bob M. 4/15/12, 7:23 AM  

Would love to try a men's pair. Thanks!

Lebi 4/15/12, 7:50 AM  

enter me
1-Tw: @Lebi85

2-FB: Sunshine's Fashion

female version


ShiningLittle Star 4/15/12, 7:56 AM  

Enter me please.




Female versione

Chad 4/15/12, 12:41 PM  

These shoes would be awesome to try!

Joshua Henry 4/15/12, 1:30 PM  

Maybe I can win this time.

Kate Drwecka 4/15/12, 2:12 PM  

Sign me up for women's shoes!

I also tweeted here: https://twitter.com/#!/drwecka

Skye 4/15/12, 4:40 PM  

enter me =)

Skye 4/15/12, 4:41 PM  

shard on fb https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=411529932192535&id=100002370347028


Leard 4/15/12, 6:06 PM  

Love the mt10, would love to try the Mt00!

1 (men's)

Stephen 4/15/12, 11:20 PM  

I have been dying to try minimalist shoes from new balance. I hope to win! thanks for the review!

Stephen 4/15/12, 11:21 PM  

I have been dying to try minimalist shoes from new balance. I hope to win! thanks for the review!

stephan.uzzell 4/16/12, 7:13 AM  

Very interested to compare these to my trail gloves... Male please.

Bill Loats 4/16/12, 8:59 AM  

Great writeup. Can't wait for some new shoes this summer. Hope these are the ones!

LG33 4/16/12, 9:39 AM  

this dude is enjoying the minimus zero roads and would love to run in the trails

Sarah AJ 4/16/12, 10:09 AM  

One entry for me, please.

Tim Saviello,  4/16/12, 11:12 AM  

Look sweet. Green soles remind me of the Slime! we used to play with as kids.

Count me in for the contest, assuming you can produce a pair in men's 14. :)


speterson73 4/16/12, 1:38 PM  

I have the 2011's and love them. Would love to try the zero drop. (Male)

Jeff 4/16/12, 1:58 PM  

Male pair please. Thanks for all you do.

gregoryboytos 4/16/12, 2:59 PM  

i've two hats in the ring. one from twitter @mega_agro and one from this comment

treklightly 4/16/12, 4:46 PM  

Love the shoe! One male entry please... Thanks!

.:Ash:. 4/17/12, 6:52 AM  

Oh, yes, please! Three entries for a men's pair of Zero Trails.

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Bart 4/17/12, 9:48 AM  

Would love to have these in my trail rotation. Saw them in person, and fell in love.

gdypiangco 4/17/12, 3:17 PM  

I'd love the male version.

Jerome 4/17/12, 11:15 PM  

Count me in for two!


Jared 4/18/12, 2:13 AM  

Male, Looks great, love my NB 730s

Jared 4/18/12, 2:14 AM  


*~*~* Tracy 4/18/12, 4:51 AM  

I'd love to try the female version!

*~*~* Tracy 4/18/12, 4:52 AM  

I tweeted (tracyrunning)

*~*~* Tracy 4/18/12, 4:52 AM  

I linked this on my blog

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