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April 21, 2012

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail Winners; GU Sampler Pack Winners; Random Shots of Beauty

Getting right to the point since I'm completely cooked from a long day on the trail ...

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail winners: Keith Gates and Louisa

GU Energy Performance Sampler Pack winners: Jacob and Pre Lives On.

To the winners: e-mail me your contact info and shoe size if necessary. To everyone else: thanks very much for your participation!

 Our Random Shot of Beauty comes from the aforementioned long day on the trail:

Pardee Reservoir in Calaveras County, as seen during the Mokelumne 50-Mile Ultra. Full race report to follow this week.

One more photo from the day: we'll call this a Random Shot of "How the Heck Did This Happen?":

Team Soft Star gets the win! That would be me, holding my first place award. Just don't ask how many people were actually in the race.  Seriously ... Just. Don't.

Hopefully the race report will clear things up - assuming, that is, that I can make sense of it myself.

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RD Jim 4/22/12, 10:07 AM  

Don, I tried on a pair of the NB Minimus shoes yesterday. The 9.5 size was right for the shoe length but that strap over the forefoot seemed really tight and where the strap layers over the seem with the tongue there are three layers of material coming together making for a lump that I fear will cause problems. So I walked away from buying them. They are supposed to come in wider sizes but none are available. Not sure a E width would be too wide. Plus there is a ton of extra tongue fabric hanging inside the shoe which seems sloppy. I don't know how people could run in these things barefoot. But I need a new pair of shoes because I blew out my Softstar SMOOTHS Friday. Very disappointed in that as they are not that old. I hoping the Elves will make it good for me - we'll see how that goes. I'll be posting photos for them and would like to know if anyone else had this problem.

The Pink Bunny 4/22/12, 10:38 AM  

Dude, congrats with the win but how how many people ran in the race!?!? Haha...Had to do it. :)

Anonymous,  4/22/12, 5:55 PM  

A win is a win! congratulations and look forward to the unfolding story of how you wrestled control with surges, to wilt the masses.

Cheryl,  4/23/12, 4:11 AM  

Is that like my husband coming home with a state champs medal in the Masters, 20 people in the race but only 2 in his age bracket?
He complains that he's walking so much slower than 20 years ago, but he's still walking faster than I can jog...

Hope it was fun regardless of how many people you ran with!

Gretchen 4/23/12, 6:30 AM  

Nice work, kid! Curious to know what you thought of the event as this was one of Robert and Linda's former races.

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