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March 31, 2012

Random Shots of Beauty

Kind of a slow weekend around Running and Rambling HQ, where it was yet another "curl up on the couch and read a book" afternoon - because for the third Saturday in a row, rainy and windy weather have foiled my plans at slacklining.

On the other hand, weekdays have remained relatively clear lately, so I've been able to spend plenty of early mornings and late afternoons on the trails - and one of those afternoons gave me this weekend's Random Shot of Beauty. Apologies for the poor quality from my crummy camera phone, but you'll get the general gist of this one:

The return of sheep to Fort Ord, officially marking the beginning of spring in Monterey County - as well as the time for me to officially get serious about training.

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Jean 3/31/12, 7:51 PM  

How beautiful!! It doesn't even look like a photograph, more like an oil painting! I love your random shots of beauty!

Megan @ RunningAimlessly 4/1/12, 4:50 PM  

Haha, thanks for the link explaining the sheep invasion! My favorite East Bay park has been taken over too and I was a little thrown off for awhile.

Boris Terzic 4/1/12, 5:58 PM  

Just awesome sights!

Tristan 4/2/12, 9:32 AM  

Are you able to slackline in your backyard? Are you planning any posts about slacklining coming up? I'm looking to get into the sport a little to try and improve my balance and am interested to hear some thoughts!

PRE LIVES ON 4/2/12, 12:36 PM  

I look forward to running places like this again. Before I ran I lived in Oregon and walked hiked and biked trails but running is different and now that i live In NYC it is tuff to venture out without a car but is does make the moments more memorable camera phone or not that is a nice view and we get it your running paths rule!

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