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March 24, 2012

Random Shots of Beauty; CLIF Ultrarunning Mojo

Spring is a special time of year in Monterey County, so you can appreciate why I feel a bit more, uh … spring in my step lately. Knowing that, and recognizing my borderline phobia of winter, it might also seem odd that today’s post has a distinctively snowy theme.

We’ll kick things off with our Random Shots of Beauty:

Fremont Peak in the Gabilan Mountains – they’re only about 3000’ tall, but that’s what we call them - with a dusting of snow after a freak late-season storm last weekend.  Fremont Peak is the eastern sentinel of the Salinas Valley, and to the west …

… would be Mount Toro, also covered in snow. Fortunately, the snow never quite made it down to the valley floor (it almost never does), which is precisely the way I like my winters: as a postcard view rather than something I actually have to deal with.

And now for a snow-related helping of mojo: because I write so often and generally so glowingly about the CLIF Company, every now and then someone makes a comment to me like, “You know, CLIF Bar should sponsor you.”

Well, here’s the main reason they don’t: they’ve already got real ultrarunners onboard. One of whom, Geoff Roes, happens to be among the very best in the world. Roes is also noteworthy in that he doesn’t have nearly the same issues with snow that I do – in fact, he seems to relish pushing himself in extreme winter conditions, as this mind-boggling report should make clear.

Recently CLIF Bar released a video of Roes explaining his love of exploration and adventure, and how he completely loses himself by becoming one with the wilderness in the midst of a long training run. Those points I can relate to. It’s the fact that half of this video is filmed in conditions that would have me curled up under an electric blanket that makes me appreciate just how large the “toughness” gap is between guys like him, and everyday slacker ultrarunners like me.

“Team CLIF Bar Ultrarunner Geoff Roes” by CLIF Bar (click to play):

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Boris Terzic 3/24/12, 8:17 PM  

Great video about Geoff Roes.

JimDog 3/25/12, 6:03 AM  

That video is both inspiring and depressing at the same time.

Inspiring, because it made me look forward even more to my "long" run that I'm about to go on.

Depressing, well, because of the "gap" you mentioned.

LOL!!! Thanks for sharing!

Jeff Gallup 3/25/12, 8:28 PM  

Love the random shots... taking a road trip in July with the family, and looking forward to coming up through Monterey and driving the coast etc..

Jen 3/26/12, 3:51 PM  

I always love your random shots of beauty. I don't always comment but I do always appreciate them!

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