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March 10, 2012

Merrell Dash Glove Winner; Random Shots of Beauty

Keeping things short and sweet this weekend - but we've got a contest winner to announce before getting to the Random Shot of Beauty.

Before giving away a pair of Merrell Dash Gloves, though, allow me to share one curious observation from last week's contest: despite over 100 entries, not a single person guessed that the location of Merrell's Pretty Strong video was the hills above San Diego, CA. I'm thinking perhaps people were thrown off by the fact that I live in Monterey County, because there were a lot of guesses for Big Sur, Carmel, and other locations on the central coast. Of course, the other (and sadder) explanation is that nobody in Southern California reads my blog.

Regardless, we still managed to come up with a winner: Trisha Reeves, e-mail me your contact info - you've won! To everyone else, thanks very much for entering, and the Dash Gloves are available for purchase on Amazon.com as well as other online retailers.

On to our Random Shot of Beauty:

A full moon over Fort Ord, as seen at approximately 6:30 AM ... and approximately mile 18 of my morning run.  Have I mentioned that I'm in training mode again?  I can't honestly say that my first 30-miler of the season felt good - but it does feel good to say that I've done my first 30-miler of the season. Because August already seems like it's creeping up on me.

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Anonymous,  3/10/12, 8:48 PM  

San Diegan here! The atmosphere looked very San Diego-y, but I watched the video again and I still don't see anything I recognize.

Eric 3/11/12, 10:47 AM  

Well, I've never even been to California, let alone San Diego. I don't think I could have guessed that.

Now, show me a video from Alaska, and we'll see. =)

Becca 3/11/12, 5:20 PM  

Congrats to Trisha ! Let's go find that trail in San Diego - looks beautiful

Adam B. 3/12/12, 5:18 AM  

Congrats on your first 30 miler of the season, and beautiful picture to boot! Thanks for sharing.

Jeff Gallup 3/12/12, 1:03 PM  

Ha... having grown up there, I should have guessed... but was assuming it must have been more north and didn't guess.. ah well. But congrats to Trisha! I know she'll give those gloves a run for the money... pun fully intended :-)

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