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March 6, 2012

Merrell Barefoot Dash Glove Review and Giveaway

Ladies, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that there’s probably at least one man in your life who doesn’t always get around to doing things when he says he will.

Maybe he tells you he’ll replace a light bulb, or fix the closet door, or get the laundry folded, and he sounds very sincere … until you look around a few days later and realize it’s still dark in the hallway, the closet is still broken, and the clothes are still sitting in the dryer. (Since you’re probably wondering, these are completely made-up scenarios. As far as you know.) And while you know you still love the guy, it sure would be nice if he could follow on things through a little bit sooner.

On that note, I’m happy to announce that I’m finally getting around to the female-specific giveaway I promised after my Merrell Barefoot Road Glove review in early January. Hopefully it’s not too late for us to still be happy together.

Merrell Barefoot Dash Glove

The prize this time around is Merrell’s brand new Dash Glove shoe, which is the female equivalent of this spring’s Road Glove for men. It’s also part of a concerted effort on Merrell’s part to get more women on board the minimalist bandwagon; in addition to a complete line of shoes, the company has also produced a dedicated women’s running page, a female-specific training guide, and a nifty little promotional video that’s embedded at the end of this post.

Before that, though, let’s roll through the review – and I need to start by saying that unlike other women’s models I’ve reviewed, this one wasn’t tested by my wife. Because advance samples were hard to come by, the shoes that arrived at our house ended up being a size small for her, so I did what any resourceful manager would do: I deputized another employee with some increased responsibility to step up to the task.

Pretty.  Strong.

That deputy would be my 10-year-old daughter, who is only one shoe size smaller than my wife, and who runs with me on a weekly basis around our neighborhood roads and trails. We limit our runs to 3 or 4 miles at a time, so she’s probably got about 50 cumulative miles on her pair – not as many as I prefer, but not bad for free child labor.

Pace Glove on left, Dash Glove on right

Just as the men’s Road Glove is Merrell’s asphalt counterpart to the last year’s Trail Glove, the women’s Dash Glove is the road equivalent of last year’s Pace Glove that was designed for off-road use. (I know, all these gloves get confusing sometimes.) In comparison to the Pace Glove, the upper and outsole of the Dash Glove are different, but the last and midsole platform are essentially the same. The Dash Glove is slightly heavier, weighing in at 5.8 oz compared with 4.7 for the Pace Glove.

The uppers are your standard-fare mesh and synthetic leather combination, closed enough to keep your toes warm in winter - my daughter often wears these without socks – and breathable enough to dry quickly when they get wet. However, with a DWR coating to repel mist or light rain, they shouldn’t get too soaked with ordinary use.

Women's Dash Glove on left, men's Road Glove on right

Keeping with the design of Merrell’s entire Barefoot line, the Dash Glove is intended to be worn sockless, and the interior uses the same microfiber footbed and soft, thin fabric interior to keep your foot comfortable in a wide variety of conditions.

In the midsole area, the Dash Glove has a total standing height of approximately 11mm, with compression molded EVA for a small measure of cushioning, and a completely flat platform with zero heel to toe drop. There’s no forefoot plate as last year’s Pace Glove featured …

… and it should go without saying that the entire shoe is completely flexible, allowing your foot to move any which way it pleases.

One area where the Dash Glove is unique among previous Merrell “gloves” is the outsole. It’s carved from the same Vibram TC1 Rubber that the other Barefoot models use, but the tread pattern is much shallower than the trail outsole. Maximum lug depth is 2mm, but they aren’t nearly as grippy as the men’s Road Glove released this spring.

I described the Road Glove as an ideal hybrid road/trail shoe, but with the Dash Glove I’m more cautious about recommending it for off-road use. Since the shoe is designed specifically for roads, that’s not necessarily a crime, but it would have been nice to see the same outsole on both the men’s and women’s offerings.

The Dash Glove retails for $110 from the Merrell website, but one reader will get a pair for free, compliments of Merrell. I’m doing a weighted entry system for this one; you get one entry for leaving a comment below this post, one additional entry for linking to this post from your blog, and a third by linking from Facebook or Twitter. In your comment below, let me know how many entries you’ve earned, and include the links for me to verify if necessary.

I also mentioned that there’s a video for you to watch after this post – and to incentivize you to watch it, I’ll give an additional entry to anyone who identifies the location of the video shoot. I know the answer, but I’m not going to confirm or deny any guesses in the comments – meaning that just because somebody names it before you doesn’t mean it’s necessarily correct. So you may as well take a guess.

Got all that? OK then. I’ll announce the winner this Saturday night, March 10. Good luck to everybody, and special thanks to Merrell for sponsoring this review and giveaway!

"Pretty Strong" by Merrell (click to play):

*Product provided by Merrell
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Ana 3/6/12, 8:17 PM  

Yay Merrell!

One entry. Video won't play on my iPad so can't guess :(

The Clarks 3/6/12, 8:24 PM  

Go Merrell, and go Running & Rambling! Great show you run here. I'm loving the idea of giving these shoes a try. I want to get more into running but struggle with knee and ankle pain, so I'm hoping this will be my ticket to gradual recovery and enjoying running again. No idea where the video was shot, although it's beautiful!

One entry. Thanks!


jjames 3/6/12, 8:30 PM  

Ugh, I'm dying to get a pair of these on my feet! One entry for me...although I will take a guess and say Santa Barbara?

Henry Lum 3/6/12, 9:06 PM  

I'm commenting on the post right now, which automatically gives me an entry to the giveaway and I've also shared this on my Facebook!

contact me at akahenry@live.com if I win! (hoping I do!!!!)

drunkmonckey 3/6/12, 9:12 PM  

2 entries for me: Comment here and linking you on FB. Awesome giveaway, my wife uses the pace glove offroad and this would be an awesome addition for pavement. Thanks!

Jane 3/7/12, 5:19 AM  

Hi Donald, I have run in my beloved Pace Gloves for over a year, and it would be grand to have the Dash. One entry for me, thank you.
Hmm, the video might have been made somewhere near where you live. It certainly doesn't look like where I live (the middle of the midwest)
Thank you! jane

Jayne 3/7/12, 5:24 AM  

Two for me - here and on Twitter.

I think the video location is near Laguna Beach or Malibu, the trail running shown looks like Muholland Drive.


*~*~* Tracy 3/7/12, 5:38 AM  

4 entries for me! This comment, linked on my blog, FB and Twitter (tracyrunning).

My guess for the location is the coast of Oregon...if I need to be more specific (whipping out a map) I guess I'll say Lincoln City.


Akemi,  3/7/12, 6:10 AM  

Just one entry for me.

It looks like coastal California... Santa Clara?

Anna 3/7/12, 6:13 AM  

I've been dying to get my hands on these shoes but with my husband in grad school there's no budget for shoes!

TK 3/7/12, 6:15 AM  

One entry for me please!

TheRunningNobody 3/7/12, 6:27 AM  

Nice ! My GF would kill me if i did not try to get her free shoes !

On entry for me !

Jay Fast 3/7/12, 6:31 AM  

Entering for my wife.

Kelly 3/7/12, 6:35 AM  

One entry for me. That is great that you and your daughter run so much together!

Michael Shane Helton 3/7/12, 6:48 AM  

2 entries and my location guess is: California. muwahahaha

Jen Small 3/7/12, 6:53 AM  

1) These shoes are beautiful and I would just love to win a pair. My feet (and body) are ready!! The last year has been spent transitioning to a more barefoot style :)

2) Sharing on my blog under the GIVEAWAY tab

3) linking on FB (jen casey small)

4) amazing location. My guess is Monterey California :)

PB Junkie 3/7/12, 6:56 AM  

I've been interested in trying these shoes. I almost always run in VFFs. Nice that you can run with your daughter. I really enjoy your blog!

Two entries - I also linked from facebook.

Jean 3/7/12, 7:02 AM  

I really, really, really want these shoes! I have the Pace Gloves and they're amazing. I was initially a bit disappointed in how much less "minimalist" they are than Vibrams, but I'm totally over that now-I feel on top of the world when wearing them. I would love to try the Dash Glove and see how it compares! I also tweeted about this (@sheenonsheenoff). Thanks Donald!

cvsaki 3/7/12, 7:07 AM  

Would love to try these Merrells. One entry for me, Please.

Emily 3/7/12, 7:12 AM  

2 for me, 1 from twitter (runrunnergirl1)

Anne-Marie,  3/7/12, 7:24 AM  

I would love to win these shoes!!!!! I haven't had a glove shoe w/out the separated toes and think that would be awesome.
I'm also liking this to my FB (http://facebook.com/abconstantine)page.
That's two entries for me.

Lynette@ A Hodge Podge Of Randomness 3/7/12, 7:41 AM  

I would love to try these! We're contemplating a move to a place with gravel roads and I know my vibram's aren't suited for that =)

Only one entry- I have no idea on the video...

migangelo 3/7/12, 8:04 AM  


i put a link in my blog. i should've been reading but you know how it is with homework. i posted a link on FB and am commenting here. that's three for me and hopefully shoes for one of my girls. thanks.

ltlindian 3/7/12, 8:25 AM  

1. So pretty! I want them!

2. Linked on my fb. Michelle Bouchard

3. Shared on my blog.

4. california--northern

Cassie Gruenstein 3/7/12, 8:43 AM  

I'm a brand new runner and a friend has been pushing me to go barefoot. These look awesome. Posted on twitter @asthebeeflies - 2 entries, please.


Trisha Reeves 3/7/12, 8:43 AM  

I would love to try these out! Love this blog too, thank you for all the great reviews.

1. I posted this comment
2. I posted on Facebook
3. I posted on Twitter


Cassie Gruenstein 3/7/12, 8:44 AM  

I'm a new runner and a friend is trying to convince me to go barefoot! Posted on twitter @asthebeeflies - 2 entries, I'm crossing my fingers! Cassie

Lærke 3/7/12, 9:22 AM  

3 for me (facebook, twitter and a comment here - seach for 'Lærke Rau')

I'm from Denmark and new to trail running and 'barefoot' running - I've been trail running for 8 months, and only got one pair of shoes (new balance - minimus).

Would love to get another pair :-)
Thanx for a great blog - very inspirational.


gregoryboytos 3/7/12, 9:27 AM  

I'm trying to get my incredibly "thrifty" girlfriend out of her foot coffins. I'm convinced once she tries, she'll never go back. so 1 entry, plus brownie points for the attempt at recruitment?

Gretchen 3/7/12, 9:37 AM  

One entry for me. Thanks for doing a giveaway for the ladies!

Jeff Gallup 3/7/12, 9:44 AM  

Put me down for 3 entries.. my wife would love these!!

Posted on my blog http://barefootinclined.blogspot.com/2012/03/going-with-flow-vibram-five-finger-vff.html

And on my FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barefoot-Inclined/212665608801909

WZ 3/7/12, 10:02 AM  

Awesome shoes! Sound very tempting.
One entry please!

I guess the video is at santa barbara, CA?

Richard 3/7/12, 10:09 AM  

Gotta agree with TheRunningNobody! this would be a great gift for her!

lostinacrowd 3/7/12, 10:19 AM  

I also think Santa Barbara

My wife has the pace glove. Loves them.
One entry for me.

njschout 3/7/12, 10:23 AM  

One entry for me. I love barefoot running shoes

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom 3/7/12, 10:41 AM  

1. Commented
2. Shared on Twitter

3? Looks like Southern CA mountains but Northern CA coast.

Mamarunsbarefoot 3/7/12, 11:07 AM  

OH I REALLY WANT THESE!!!!!!!! I'm sharing on
Also sharing on FB!

kirbambino 3/7/12, 11:14 AM  

yay! Great review and would love to have a a pair!
1) Leaving a comment
2) shared on FB & Tweeted
3) And I was thinking Monterey, CA, or somewhere slightly further south along coastal Route 1.

Caroline 3/7/12, 11:45 AM  

One entry here plus one tweet @sdwsc! Thanks for the opportunity!

krystyna47 3/7/12, 11:54 AM  

One entry for me, just a comment!

Tomislav 3/7/12, 11:59 AM  

My wife would really need one pair.
Since I've never been in USA I have no clue where this may be.
One entry for my significant half.


Anonymous,  3/7/12, 12:41 PM  

One entry for me - I'm one of these apparently rare female mimalist runners (I've been running in nothing but cheap water shoes or bikilas (or completely barefoot) since Fall 2009.

I love my bikilas and don't think I'll switch to anything else, but it doesn't hurt to try these or have some other casual shoes to wear around now that my feet rebel in anything but minimal shoes even when I'm not running.

kate. C.

Elena V 3/7/12, 1:03 PM  

Awesome shoes!!! Thank you for this giveaway.
Elena V

Elena V 3/7/12, 1:04 PM  

Shared on Twitter:


Elena V

Lisa 3/7/12, 1:33 PM  

Thanks for the women-focused giveaway! The location of the video is beautiful -- is it Big Sur?

Casey 3/7/12, 2:11 PM  

One entry for me! Thanks.

Kelley 3/7/12, 2:46 PM  

Thank you! I would love these!! 2 entries: one for commenting and one for guessing (is it south of Carmel/Monterey on 1...maybe around Julia Pfeiffer ...? I am a native Californian transplanted in New England so my geography identification may be rusty).

xJOSHx 3/7/12, 3:12 PM  

My wife would love these shoes. Put one in for me. I'm guessing Santa Barbara.

mo 3/7/12, 3:28 PM  

One entry -no blog, not on twitter :-(

Video- somewhere in hawaii? wherever it is, I want to go there!

lolamako 3/7/12, 4:33 PM  


2. Hmm, looks like Big Sur to me.


Bryan M,  3/7/12, 4:37 PM  

One entry please.
And I'll guess... Vancouver

Lauren 3/7/12, 5:25 PM  

2 entries please. These shoes are beauties! My husband has gotten me into minimalist running shoes. The video reminds me of Monterey, CA. And I posted the link to my facebook account. :)

tweetyscute 3/7/12, 5:39 PM  

2 entries
Unless the location is Northern California

Posted on fb.

Thank you

a1sauce3 3/7/12, 7:09 PM  

Oh,great! I've been looking for anew pair to train with for my next 1/2. Hope I get them!

Domestic Diva 3/7/12, 7:19 PM  

Lovely! THanks for the chance.

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

Rusthawk 3/7/12, 10:23 PM  

I would love to give these a try. Love the look, too.

I posted on my FB https://www.facebook.com/rusthawk/posts/254707077948350

Blog post: http://rusthawk.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/running-and-rambling-merrell-dash-glove-review-and-giveaway/

Three entries and my thanks. :)

Joyce 3/7/12, 10:59 PM  

Oooh, ooh, me! one entry

A 3/8/12, 12:21 AM  

Two entries for me please (linked on facebook)! :)

I don't really know where the video is shot, but I'm guessing Monterey area.

Like your blog and hope to win the choose for my girlfriend who I've finally rubbed off on enough for her to try minimal shoes! :D

Cheryl,  3/8/12, 1:42 AM  

If you take international entries one for me please!

I took the rubber soles off my old (but so comfy) Nike free 4.0 shoes last week - they've been peeling off for a couple of years but were becoming a hazard - and they're so much more comfortable that I've started looking for a pair of barefoot shoes for real, instead of window shopping.

Checked out Merrell's Aussie website last night, wondered if you'd reviewed the Dash, came over for a look and here they are!

Jill 3/8/12, 2:15 AM  

Just 2 entries for me: I posted on FB and this comment: I would LOVE to try the Women's Dash!

Jen 3/8/12, 2:22 AM  

3 entries for me -
I would love to win a pair of these. I love my pace gloves, but would love just a little more shoe and these look like they fit the ticket perfectly.

Posted on my blog (sidebar) http://www.runningwiththegirls.com/

Shared on fb https://www.facebook.com/pages/Running-With-The-Girls/271985079513164

Kimarie,  3/8/12, 2:23 AM  

2 entries for me. Would like to give these a try.

Lisa@RunWiki 3/8/12, 3:18 AM  

Love barefoot and love Merrell!

Serena 3/8/12, 4:17 AM  

I want some of these shoes. Please enter my once.

Ali Mc 3/8/12, 4:57 AM  

WOW!!!! GREAT review - I actually LOVE Merrell :D they make the best hiking sandals too!

Ali Mc 3/8/12, 4:58 AM  

another one for me - liked on fb :)

Sarah AJ 3/8/12, 7:17 AM  

One entry for me, please. I've been dying to try these, since I love my Pace Gloves!

Daddy 3/8/12, 9:53 AM  

My wife loves the Merrell Barefoot line. I think she would love these...one entry, unless I guess the location of the video.

The coastal shots from the video look like Point Lobos State Park, just south of Carmel, California.

Erin Golec,  3/8/12, 11:38 AM  

Hoping to transition into the barefoot world soon!
One entry for me!

nrmrvrk 3/8/12, 11:48 AM  

Two entries for me. One for this comment, and one for posting to facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=741432497

Guessing on the location of the Pretty Strong video shoot, I'd say Carmel, CA.

Artemis Cor 3/8/12, 12:37 PM  

I'd love to try these!
Carmel, CA?

Becca 3/8/12, 12:39 PM  

Would love to try these

Posted on my blog:

Video is filmed in:

Total of 3 entries

looks like part of it is in
point lobos

Drew in TX,  3/8/12, 3:00 PM  

Hoping to win for my fiance!

One entry for commenting
One more if this was in fact Hwy 1 South/Big Sur.

Marne 3/8/12, 5:08 PM  

1. I'm intrigued by the barefoot movement...

2. I linked to your page on fb https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fshar.es%2FgRKOj&t=Running+and+Rambling%3A+Merrell+Barefoot+Dash+Glove+Review+and+Giveaway

3. Scenery looked so familiar...from my 6 years at Vandenberg AFB, so I'm going to say off US1, California...just south of San Luis Obispo...Pismo Beach, maybe?

Anonymous,  3/8/12, 5:38 PM  

Two entries, and thanks!


And I'm going to guess San Diego?

Jessica,  3/8/12, 5:40 PM  

Two entries, and thanks!


And I'm going to guess San Diego?

Moshe 3/8/12, 6:15 PM  

Great post.

Is the video taking place near point mogu?

pensive pumpkin 3/8/12, 7:05 PM  

Definitely Pacific Coast. California.


And I found this while looking to buy some. So that would be RAD.

caycemichelle 3/8/12, 7:47 PM  

Love your rambling! Would really love to win the glove! One entry for me (as I do not FB or tweet).

caycemichelle 3/8/12, 7:48 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pamela 3/8/12, 7:53 PM  

I linked from my blog and from Facebook and here's a comment and that's 3 which is an auspicious number, non??

Just Jen 3/8/12, 8:08 PM  

One entry for me

Tess 3/8/12, 8:11 PM  

Hmm, I'm guessing Point Lobos.

Adelyn 3/8/12, 10:18 PM  

Would love to win a pair! 3 Entries for me - facebook; blog and here :)

My guess is central coast - maybe Santa Barbara?

Jared 3/8/12, 11:32 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown 3/9/12, 5:55 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hugo 3/9/12, 6:05 AM  

I'm hoping it's ok to make an entry for my gf.
(Sorry about the previous post, it showed as unknown)

Chad 3/9/12, 9:52 AM  

Just 1 entry, shoes look great.

Raìne 3/9/12, 10:18 AM  

One entry for me. I really want to try these.

Valerie,  3/9/12, 11:51 AM  

2 or maybe three entries for me. I posted on FB. Is this Point Reyes?

I'd really like to try these shoes!


Jerome 3/9/12, 12:15 PM  

I'm in! Also, for an additional, may as well guess... Malibu??

Christine 3/9/12, 12:49 PM  

Very cool, I would love to get an entry (I also tweeted the link!)

Sarah 3/9/12, 1:20 PM  

Awesome! 2 entries - I also tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/sarah430/status/178228316946432000

Michelle 3/9/12, 1:42 PM  

One entry for me, please! Thanks.

sara 3/9/12, 5:45 PM  

love my Pace Gloves so i'd love to try the Dash Gloves too! one entry for me :)

allison wonderland 3/9/12, 7:06 PM  

1. Comment
2. Facebook link
3. Blog link!

I love these shoes! They sound bsolutely amazing and I cannot wait to give them a try.

Reed,  3/10/12, 9:23 AM  

one bid, please.

Jobu007 3/10/12, 3:50 PM  

One entry please...Thanks!

Amanda 3/10/12, 5:08 PM  

One for me please! Love Merrells barefoot line!

Amanda 3/10/12, 5:08 PM  

Love Merrell's Barefoot line! One for me please!

Lundhags 3/13/12, 12:40 AM  

As with any new shoe, there is a “get to know you period” especially when it comes to running, but, for everything from jumping rope to box jumping to hiking outside with the kids, I can honestly tell you these shoes feel fantastic.

Brittany,  3/13/12, 8:58 AM  

Can you put orthotics in these? They don't really seem like the type of shoe that you could do that with.

Lori 3/16/12, 9:25 AM  

I met a woman in Oregon that was wearing these shoes and she said they were by far the most comfortable shoe she had ever worn.
I have a very high instep and am very interested in this shoe.
One entry. Thanks!!

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