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February 6, 2012

VIVOBAREFOOT Flash Sale; Outdoor Inspiration From the Super Bowl (Yes, Really!)

Before today’s post, another quick sale announcement: for the next two days; you can grab some VIVOBAREFOOT shoes at great prices thanks to another flash sale at The Clymb. As typically happens, most of the men’s stuff has been spoken for, but as of this writing you can still get the Men’s Neo or Dharma for $38. Women, on the other hand, have a lot of great options, such as Evos for $45, Neos for $38, and Neo Trail for $58. The sale ends February 9th at 9AM PST or whenever inventory is gone – so check out the sale here or follow the banner below:

I promise, this won’t be your standard-issue Super Bowl commercial recap post.

I mean … it kind of will be, because, yes, our starting point is the commercial entertainment from yesterday’s big game. But fortunately, this year there were a few clips that kinda-sorta loosely tie into one of my favorite website themes: getting outside and indulging your sense of adventure. And when you get that kind of feeling from one of the most collectively sedentary evenings in America, there might be something worth sharing.

My rundown is also somewhat atypical in that I’m not showing any commercials that actually aired during the game. In fact, the first one didn’t even air during the broadcast – rather, it was Merrell’s so-called “Facebook Super Bowl commercial” that promotes its highly-diverse Barefoot line of footwear. It strikes the ideal combination of catchy tune, cool activity, and beautiful backdrops – and it also left me wondering how many weeks I have left until I can go hiking in the Sierras again.

"A Merrell Athlete in All of Us" by Merrell (click to play):

It’s not often that I can say I’m looking forward to a Super Bowl halftime show, but this year I was more than a little bit eager to see the festivities. I wasn’t especially interested in Madonna, M.I.A., LMFAO or CeeLo … but instead, I wanted to see the guy in the toga.

Here’s a brief back story: I’ve been lobbying for a little while to install a slackline somewhere in our yard, but for some reason the prospect of paying money to obtain something that might potentially break somebody’s limb is a tough sell for my wife (or as I sometimes think of her, the Committee of Common Sense). So when I heard rumors that a slackliner was going to perform onstage, it seemed like it might be a good conversation starter. However, in hindsight, I’m not certain whether the antics of a guy commonly known as “Sketchy Andy” did my case more harm than good.

"Super Bowl Halftime 2012" (click to play; Andy's only on for 30 seconds, so you can quit early if you're sick of Madonna):

If you didn’t happen to know who Andy Lewis was before the Super Bowl, here are two options for you: this quickie article in today’s Slate, and this somewhat heart-stopping video that I definitely shouldn’t publish if I ever stand a chance of winning my home slackline campaign.

"Sketchy Andy Official Teaser" by Sender Films (click to play):

And finally, transitioning from the newest athletic pastimes to the most established ones is this gem from NBC Sports that appeared immediately after the game, and touches on the notions of ambition and dedication through team sports or individual pursuits. I think it strikes a particular chord with me because at some point or another, I was nearly every single one of these kids while growing up – all except the part where they make it to the professional level, of course. Thank goodness I still have ultras to keep me dreaming.

"The Next Ones" by NBC Sports (click to play):

So there's my commercial recap ... did I miss anything that inspired you?

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RD Jim 2/7/12, 9:29 AM  

So does VIVOBAREFOOT Flash Sale stand for everything is gone in a flash? I cry bate and switch. I've never had any luck finding any normal sizes with these private member only sales - problem is I don't find this out until after they got my email address. You think I would have learned by now that there are no free lunches... unless you're a men's size 14. Big guys like that shouldn't be wearing barefoot shoes anyway.

Kevin 2/8/12, 9:07 PM  

RD Jim
I've bought several pairs of vivobarefoots from the sale sites. Once or twice from the clymb and once from Planet Gear and once from Left Lane Sports and I wear an 11. You just have to keep an eye on them because the common sizes go quick.

On a similar note the Clymb currently has Gibbon Slacklines on sale if anyone is interested!

Anne 2/11/12, 12:09 PM  

We were all in awe when that guy was performing on the wire. A lot of people cringed too. Looked painful.

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