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January 9, 2012

Merrell Barefoot Road Glove Review and Giveaway

In last month’s Gear of the Year post I mentioned that 2011 might be considered the year that Merrell caused a seismic shift in the footwear landscape with its outstanding Barefoot series of shoes.

Here was a major industry player embracing the minimalist movement, taking the lead in instruction and promotion of natural running technique, and creating several different varieties of shoes to choose from – with each one maintaining the company’s high standards of workmanship and performance. Two of their shoes ended up on my Keeper List – the Trail Glove as an all-purpose trail runner, and the Tough Glove as an everyday office / casual shoe – and their Kids Glove was a narrow second place to the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo.  (All of the previous links are my product reviews.)  All things considered, it was a pretty good rookie season.

Merrell Barefoot Road Glove

Noticeably absent from that initial lineup, however, was a dedicated road running shoe – but Merrell has now filled that void with the Road Glove. It’s not officially available for purchase yet, but one lucky reader of mine will get an opportunity to try them on very soon; that’s right, we’re doing a giveaway! You know the drill here, though: review first, then contest details. So let’s get to it.

Here are your vital specs on the Road Glove: it’s a zero-drop shoe with a 4mm midsole and a standing height of 10mm. It's completely flexible and allows full range of motion throughout the foot and ankle. Its weight hasn’t officially been verified from Merrell, but my size 11 model weighs slightly under 8oz, so I’m guessing that the official spec will be around 7.5 oz. [*UPDATED: per the Merell rep, the weight is 6.6 oz.  Perhaps I need a new scale.]  That last number is probably my biggest drawback about the shoe, as I’ll explain later.

Breathable mesh upper; rubberized toe bumper

From a design and construction standpoint, the top half of the Road Glove looks remarkably like last year’s Trail Glove. The uppers primarily consist of breatheable mesh with some synthetic overlays to aid in with lateral stability. There’s a thin rubber bumper at the front for a bit more protection from stubbed toes.

Seamless interior footbed

Like other Merrell Barefoot shoes, the Road Glove is designed to be worn without socks. Both the sockliner and the interior surface of the upper feel smooth against the skin, and the seamless footbed effectively keeps the foot in place while providing soft comfort as well.

The heel area is also similar to the Trail Glove, with a synthetic foot sling for stability and a thin collar that sits comfortably against the skin. In my testing, there is very minor “gapping” on the inside surface of the ankle, which is only a drawback if you do a lot of trail running in these (as I do – see photo further down).

Fit through the upper feels slightly wider to me than the Trail Gloves, which I found quite narrow in the midfoot region. I haven’t had any issues putting these shoes on, even on the infrequent occasions when I wore them with socks. The lacing system is also somewhat different, with a more traditional setup than the Omni-fit system on the Trail Glove. This could be bad news if you like to really customize your lacing, but not a big deal if you’re mainly a “lace ‘em up and go” person.

There appears to be a bit of confusion about the midsole of the Road Glove – specifically, whether or not it has a rock plate. The “place holder” product page on the Merrell website indicates there’s a forefoot plate, but I’ve seen other reviewers say there’s no plate.  I’ll clarify this with the rep and report back here.  [*UPDATED:  there's no plate.]  Otherwise, the 10mm standing height of the Road Glove is approximately 2mm lower than the Trail Glove, and ground feel is noticeably better than the Trail Glove, thanks also to a more streamlined outsole.

About that outsole: it may be designed for road running, but it’s more than adequate to take on the majority of trails you encounter as well. In fact, probably 75% of my mileage in testing these shoes was done on gravel fire roads and groomed trails, and I had very few problems with gripping the ground. Needless to say, there’s absolutely no problem gaining adequate traction on roads or all-weather track surfaces. The rubber compound is Vibram’s TC-1, the same material that’s used on the Trail Glove, which has proven remarkably resistant to wear after high mileage (probably 300-400 miles total) on my pair.

On the trail in Toro Park

Honestly, the outsole traction seems almost like overkill - which leads to my primary issue with the Road Glove: mainly, it’s a bit too much shoe. If my recorded weight is correct, it’s actually heavier than the Trail Glove, when road shoes are generally lighter and leaner than their off-road siblings. It’s worth noting that despite their extensive outdoor footwear credentials, Merrell has limited experience with making a dedicated road shoe. Consequently – and this could be just wild conjecture by me – they’ve made their first road running shoe by starting with a trail shoe and stripping it down, rather than making a running shoe from the ground up. In my opinion, when they stripped stuff away, they didn’t go nearly far enough: the outsole could be carved out more, the uppers could be thinner or lighter, and some of the support elements could be reduced or eliminated.

There’s a relevant comparison to be made to New Balance, another established company who has embraced minimalism over the past couple of years. Before making minimalist footwear, New Balance had a wealth of experience with racing flats and track spikes, and presumably had a good understanding of what parts of a shoe were essential and what others could be removed. Accordingly, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the New Balance Minimus Zero road shoes I’m currently testing are significantly lighter than Merrell’s Road Glove – but I’ll wait until that review goes live (probably in February) to give you details on that one.  [*UPDATED:  with the corrected weight, the discrepancy between New Balance and Merrell isn't exceedingly large.  New Balance is still lighter, though.]

So I’m not wild about the Road Glove as a dedicated road shoe; however, I think it’s an outstanding hybrid for runners who spend a lot of time on both paved and dirt surfaces.  If this review had posted before the end of last year, I would have included the Road Glove on my 2011 Keeper List as my favorite hybrid.  And if you don’t happen to be a shoe reviewer and have to actually pay money for your shoes, the Road Glove just might give you the most value for your buck when it comes to a “one style does all” training shoe. Wear them on the roads, take them on the trails, go off course to visit the cows … it doesn’t really matter what you do in these; the Road Gloves can probably take it.

Road Gloves and cows ... because why not?

Merrell’s Road Glove retails for $110, but is slightly discounted at Amazon.com. And now it’s time to get your lucky commenting hat on, because we’re doing a giveaway!

In conjunction with this review, Merrell has generously offered one pair of Road Gloves to a winner selected at random from the comments below. Keep in mind that this is a men’s model, so the ladies are entering for a boyfriend, spouse, or relative here – and if a girl wins this one, that dude had darn well better appreciate it.

Since this is a fairly substantial prize, my “major” contest rules are in effect: you’ll get one entry just for commenting and saying any fool thing you like. You’ll get an extra entry for linking to this post from your blog, and a third by linking from Facebook or Twitter. When you comment below, please let me know how many entries you’ve earned – up to three total – along with a link so I can verify if necessary. The winner will be announced this Saturday evening, January 14th.

Thanks very much to Merrell for sponsoring this giveaway, and good luck to everybody!

*Product provided by Merrell
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Puller 1/9/12, 7:56 PM  

just one entry for me! Hope i win!

makrl 1/9/12, 8:05 PM  

A nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

sean-o 1/9/12, 8:26 PM  

Trail glove. Tough glove. I NEED this to complete my collection! Please?

matt 1/9/12, 8:26 PM  

I'd like to try a pair of those...

TK 1/9/12, 8:27 PM  

They look fantastic. I'm tweeting your link as well.

Blake 1/9/12, 8:30 PM  

Nice review, would like to try these out.

Thom 1/9/12, 8:32 PM  

I could use a pair of shoes, I could

Paul Dain 1/9/12, 8:40 PM  

Tried a pair on at Uncle Dan's in Evanston, IL and they seemed to have plenty in stock (green & black only). Loved the way they fit - similar to my current favorite, the Evo II, but with a bit more cushion that might be useful on longer runs.

Turi Becker 1/9/12, 8:40 PM  

Road shoes are generally lighter that trail show, but in a minimalist setting - should that be true? Maybe a well-constructed trail show could be lighter than a road shoe, because the surface is more forgiving? I know my road shoes have become more cushion-ey lately, and I really want to go lighter with my trail shoes. Just a thought, anyway.

Another thing: I REALLY wanted to try the Merrel's when they came out last year. However, my normal size (13) definitely did not fit my Morton's toe when I tried them on. I'd love to try a 14 on, but no-one that I can find around here stocks them.


RunningLaur 1/9/12, 8:42 PM  

Oh, sign me up, these look super super comfy.

Armon 1/9/12, 8:52 PM  

I'll go in for one entry.

CalmRunner 1/9/12, 8:53 PM  

I love your blog, and have passed it on to family as well. Thanks for the awesome reviews! Consider this an entry from me!

Paul Dain 1/9/12, 8:59 PM  

Also linked from Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pauldain) and Twitter (https://mobile.twitter.com/pauldain).

Fred Garderes 1/9/12, 9:03 PM  

These shoes look nice, and in line with my program.
count me in for 1 entry!

Thanks Don

Ironmike 1/9/12, 9:10 PM  

One entry for me. Your reviews are great!

krystyna47 1/9/12, 9:25 PM  

One entry for me... look at the pretty colors!

Danny Miller 1/9/12, 9:33 PM  

One for me - would love to try these out! Plus a twitter mention.


harris 1/9/12, 9:39 PM  

Looks like an interesting shoe. Like to try a pair

tdomina 1/9/12, 9:42 PM  

Pick me! Pick me!

nordkappler 1/9/12, 9:54 PM  

They look pretty good, hopefully a bit lighter when they finally come out.

luftdachs 1/9/12, 9:57 PM  

I'm sure my husband would be keen to try those....

TrailClown 1/9/12, 10:34 PM  

Cookie monster needs new pair shoes

maxamilian 1/9/12, 10:38 PM  

Great review, one entry for me please.

Unknown 1/9/12, 10:48 PM  

one entry for me, hope I can win

Mikael Engström 1/10/12, 12:12 AM  

Shoot me a pair of these over to the Swedish tundra and I'll wear them with my heart!

Paul 1/10/12, 1:17 AM  

Im not really all that good at damn fool comments... but i twitter.... oh ;)

2 entries for me sir.

Brian 1/10/12, 2:32 AM  

I like my Trail Gloves but end up using them on the road a lot. These would be even better.

Rakicy 1/10/12, 2:58 AM  

two entries for me!


Sean 1/10/12, 3:45 AM  

pick me, pick me!

David 1/10/12, 3:51 AM  

One entry for me.

I've probably put 1000 road miles on my trail gloves, and have worn the forefoot nubs flat. I'm curious if I've basically turned them into road gloves.

Anna 1/10/12, 4:28 AM  

I wish they were women's, but I'll give them to my dad!

*~*~* Tracy 1/10/12, 4:45 AM  

Put me down for 3 entries- linked on my blog, FB and tweeted

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

Tegyn Angel 1/10/12, 4:51 AM  

Hey man, great review as always. Twitter, Facebook and now comment - 3 for me please!

MGB 1/10/12, 4:52 AM  

Sign me up for a pair...Matt

Knuckles 1/10/12, 5:08 AM  

I'm only good for one entry, Donald, but please sign me up. Your comment regarding it being a great hybrid really appeals.

Paul Joyce,  1/10/12, 5:11 AM  

Donald, not sure if I qualify given that I live in Australia but I will give it a go anyway. Would love to be the first person down under to own these. Cheers, Paul

TheRunningNobody 1/10/12, 5:23 AM  

I have a trail glove addiction, a giveaway addiction ... and am craving to get a road glove addiction just now ...

one entry for me !

Nic,  1/10/12, 5:35 AM  

It looks like I have started moving towards minimalist footwear just in time; the selection is ever growing. I look forward to your reviews of the other major players' 2012 offerings. For now, I would love a new pair of Merrells on my feet.

Emily 1/10/12, 5:39 AM  

one entry please!

Rob 1/10/12, 5:50 AM  

Would love to try these

MJP 1/10/12, 5:55 AM  

3 entries for me! I put a link in my TG review (after 1400 miles) here: http://mjprunning.blogspot.com/2012/01/trail-glove-1400-mile-review.html

Also put a link on my twitter account (@MJP_Running).

Thanks for the great material as always!

Dave 1/10/12, 5:56 AM  

Looks like a cool shoe...

1 entry please.

Joseph L 1/10/12, 6:02 AM  

no facebook or twitter, but I enjoy your blog.

Anthony Bunt 1/10/12, 6:10 AM  

Flipping sweet! I'm good for 3 entries.

Post a link on my blog, facebook, and this comment.

Al D. 1/10/12, 6:12 AM  

One entry for me!
Love the idea of gloves for your feet. Next, looking forward to slippers for my hands

Scott Lynch 1/10/12, 6:15 AM  

Still looks too narrow for me. I know this is supposed to be a foot shaped last and all, but please Merrell, offer up some options for those of us with *wide* feet.

Scott 1/10/12, 6:16 AM  

One entry for me with a side of cow.

Shoe looks nice.

Matthew 1/10/12, 6:19 AM  

I'll throw my hat in the ring, just one hat

islander 1/10/12, 6:22 AM  

Good review! 2 entries - one for the comment, one twitter link (@VIBarefooter)

Williams 1/10/12, 6:27 AM  

Loved the trail glove

Hoby 1/10/12, 6:31 AM  

One entry please!

surjeet 1/10/12, 6:35 AM  

these look pretty sweet! one entry.

JimDog 1/10/12, 7:02 AM  

Two entries please!

One for this comment. And one for tweeting:



Michael Shane Helton 1/10/12, 7:07 AM  

2 entries.

Absolutely love my Merrell Trail Gloves. I really want to give the Road Gloves a spin.

The Running Bran 1/10/12, 7:08 AM  

Would love to win a pair of these bad boys!

Four entries please :-)

- Comment
- Blog: http://www.therunningbran.com/2012-01-10/check-these-links-out-30/
- Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheRunningBran
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/TheRunningBran/status/156753436216541184

Lucid Moon Studio 1/10/12, 7:12 AM  

My husband would love these, so I will enter for him :)

JAM 1/10/12, 7:14 AM  

Since my wife and I are living in the year of "non-consumption," negotiating for these would be tough - make my job easy! Thanks for all your good work.

Lucid Moon Studio 1/10/12, 7:16 AM  



Jesse,  1/10/12, 7:18 AM  

What a day a difference makes...

Just one entry for me thanks!

nrmrvrk 1/10/12, 7:18 AM  

They look good, but I'm a little more excited for the Bare Access with a little more cushioning. Still, I'd love to win a pair.

Two entries, this comment and Facebook


qrtrmiler 1/10/12, 7:25 AM  

2 entries for me....would LOVE to get a pair of GLOVES!

sramfl 1/10/12, 7:27 AM  

I wonder if they will be cool enough for runs during the dog-days of FL summers....I'm guessing not.

Scott 1/10/12, 7:32 AM  

One entry for me.
Thanks for the review. I just started down the minimalist path, but am already hooked. Be nice to give these a try.

Abraham,  1/10/12, 7:49 AM  

1 entry for me

ScottyRev,  1/10/12, 7:50 AM  

Very excited for these. Still looking for something minimal with enough cushion to run 26.2 in comfortably. Two entries please!

rob 1/10/12, 7:52 AM  

They sound solid! Love to win a pair!


migangelo 1/10/12, 7:52 AM  

give me 3 entries. i'll blog about this and fb it.



WZ 1/10/12, 7:53 AM  

One entry for me, they look pretty cool!

Jay DeBoer 1/10/12, 8:06 AM  

Please! I need new kicks!

JonathanD,  1/10/12, 8:20 AM  

One entry for me, not sure if these will replace my trusty asics but I'll give them a shot

Shoeless Joe 1/10/12, 8:22 AM  

Count me in for one entry

Shoeless Joe 1/10/12, 8:22 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fincher 1/10/12, 8:24 AM  

Here's a comment, and I tweeted the post as well for entry #2!


Chris Suter,  1/10/12, 8:26 AM  

I've always wanted to try a pair of Merrell's. Send a pair my way.

Ethan 1/10/12, 8:31 AM  

The perfect hybrid shoe for my inner-city runs. (1)

mainerunner 1/10/12, 8:41 AM  

as much as I love my trail gloves, I run as much if not more on the road so a pair of Road Gloves would be a perfect start to the new year.

Kevin 1/10/12, 8:41 AM  

put me down for 1

Keith Gates 1/10/12, 8:44 AM  

Thanks for a great review. I have not run in a Merrell's yet but I have moved to the MT10 and love them. Would love to give these a shot. I posted on facebook and my blog as well.


Keith 'da Gator'

hypnos 1/10/12, 8:47 AM  

Fortune favors fools.
Just one entry for me:)

Jay 1/10/12, 8:49 AM  

I'd love a pair of hybrids. I run primarily in Osma Feelmax and VFF Bikilas and could use something for occasional trail running.

Guigou,  1/10/12, 8:51 AM  


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Dug Deep,  1/10/12, 8:56 AM  

Here's my any fool thing: "Never bet against a Sicilian when death is on the line" Good for one entry.

Anonymous,  1/10/12, 8:57 AM  

Pick me, pick me....

thanks for offering this great prize...

51feetunder 1/10/12, 8:57 AM  

These shoes give me a warm spot in my stomach and a lusting in my toes

Just one entry....one creeeepy entry...

K 1/10/12, 9:00 AM  

I'm in... those look like great shoes! I just got the pace glove and I love them!

Harold Shaw 1/10/12, 9:06 AM  

The hybrid running style really is what I do and from what you say, they would be great for that, add me in :-)

JJMarsh,  1/10/12, 9:20 AM  

One entry please. Thank you.

.:Ash:. 1/10/12, 9:21 AM  

I don't think I can believe a word you wrote until I receive my own pair of Road Gloves. ;-P

3 entries for me, please:
Facebook Page
And this comment.


wes 1/10/12, 9:22 AM  

Count me in for one entry :)

Ava's Tab Test 1/10/12, 9:24 AM  

Great looking show, great color! Looking for a new trail shoe!

Benjammin' 1/10/12, 9:25 AM  

Just one entry for me, but it would be awesome to win.

Jesse 1/10/12, 9:25 AM  

Two entries for me please! I have a 1/2 marathon coming and I would love to test these out...


RunningSavedMe 1/10/12, 9:26 AM  

Great looking show, great color! Looking for a new trail shoe!

Kelley,  1/10/12, 9:32 AM  

I've been running on roads in the Trail Glove for the past 7 months. Love them, but would love to try these! These would go to my husband, though.

JJ 1/10/12, 9:36 AM  

One entry for me, I look forward to seeing them once they are out!

Brad Diesburg 1/10/12, 9:49 AM  

One entry for me. Thanks for running this contest!

Durty Feets 1/10/12, 9:50 AM  

You can put me down for 3 entries.
One tweeted, one blogged, and this one.


Good review.

Jobu007 1/10/12, 10:26 AM  

All you need is an entry and a dream!

Anonymous,  1/10/12, 10:43 AM  

Two entries for me. I'd like to give these shoes a try.

Eric 1/10/12, 10:43 AM  

The Tough Glove is currently my choice for an all-around running shoe (aside from the Vibram that I wear almost constantly.) However, I live in Alaska and mostly run on pretty rough trails or in snow and slush. The Road glove might be nice for visiting the family down south though.

ValerieK,  1/10/12, 10:45 AM  

I'd like to try these shoes!

adamreagan 1/10/12, 10:46 AM  

Yep, I've got to get a pair of these babies! Commented and shared on Facebook (facebook.com/adamreagan).

loyalisaac 1/10/12, 10:51 AM  

One entry for me please!

wattage 1/10/12, 10:53 AM  


One entry for Montreal :-)))

Anonymous,  1/10/12, 10:56 AM  

please enter me because winning would be even better than buying a pair! great review!


waynev,  1/10/12, 11:09 AM  

They look great, I'd love to try them out!

The Dude 1/10/12, 11:10 AM  

Count me in for 2 entries (comment and twitter)!

Casey 1/10/12, 11:25 AM  

one entry for me...love to try them, to cheap to buy them.

andy 1/10/12, 11:46 AM  

one entry please.

pablotrejo 1/10/12, 11:57 AM  

Im pretty sure i will love these shoes. I run on the road with the trail glove a lot, and I'm glad to see the traction lugs are gone on the road version.

Mike 1/10/12, 12:17 PM  

Three (3) for me. One for this comment, one for Twitter (twitter.com/TheRunningDaddy) and one for linking to it on my blog (http://therunningdaddy.blogspot.com/2012/01/merrell-road-glove-review.html)

Erik J. Barzeski 1/10/12, 12:24 PM  

Three entries for me, please.

I'm not "totally barefoot" so the weight seems perfectly fine to me, and a hybrid would be nice as I really want to get into trail running in 2012. Woo! :-)


Marc 1/10/12, 12:45 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marc 1/10/12, 12:48 PM  



Tomislav 1/10/12, 12:53 PM  

Trail Gloves are excellent.
This is just what I need!

Ludo,  1/10/12, 12:55 PM  

one vote. one chance.... I am feeling lucky ;-)

Dave 1/10/12, 1:01 PM  

One entry for me...

Rory dela Paz 1/10/12, 1:09 PM  

Three entries for me! One as a comment here, two as an entry in my blog: http://rorydlp.tumblr.com/post/15632685925/merrell-barefoot-road-glove-review-and-giveaway-from and three to Facebook and Twitter (@rorydlp) via Tumblr.

forefooted chris 1/10/12, 1:13 PM  

I'm being greedy but put me down for 3
Tweeted a link twitter.com/chrisrobb
and posted link on my blog www.forefooted.com

MDMatt 1/10/12, 1:18 PM  

One entry for me please. I would love to win these.

MDMatt 1/10/12, 1:18 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Kennedy 1/10/12, 1:21 PM  

Would love to try these out!

Andy 1/10/12, 1:29 PM  

WOW! Great giveaway!! Thank you, Donald!!!

Peace and Love,


DouloScott 1/10/12, 1:37 PM  

Count me in X3.



Unknown 1/10/12, 1:50 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark 1/10/12, 1:54 PM  

One entry, please. Thanks for another great review.

Joe M 1/10/12, 2:37 PM  

I am very interested to see what the companies come up with for minimalist footwear in 2012. Only one entry for me. Thanks for all your reviews!

CanicrossGirl 1/10/12, 2:46 PM  

One entry for me! :) My husband won't believe how wonderful my Pace Gloves are unless he gets to try minimal shoes too, and he doesn't get out to rough trails like I do, so these would be perfect!!!

Blair 1/10/12, 2:51 PM  

Thanks for the great read and giveaway.

gregoryboytos 1/10/12, 2:51 PM  

three total for me.
i'm @mega_agro on twitter and my blog is boytos.blogspot.com (link at the bottom of "long run 8 - or - we know each other, don't we?"

if i win these i'll get to spend the money i allocated to roadgloves to get some run amocs. otherwise i'll (gasp) have to wait until my birthday in the summer.

Scotty M,  1/10/12, 3:33 PM  

I could always use another pair of shoes, I tweeted the link also so put me down for 2 entries please.

MHCrouthamel 1/10/12, 3:42 PM  

The odds are not in my favor with just one entry, but I'd love to get my feet into these shoes!

lolamako 1/10/12, 3:48 PM  

Entry numero uno!

lolamako 1/10/12, 3:50 PM  

And shared on Facebook! Think my profile is private though, so IF I win I'd be happy to friend you so you can confirm that I shared it :) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1676653038

Eric 1/10/12, 4:21 PM  

3 for me!

DVR 1/10/12, 4:31 PM  

They look great but not a big fan of yellow.
@DanRoblero on twitter.

Rob 1/10/12, 4:41 PM  

Two for me my friend. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000233938124

I'm more of an Altra fan, but maybe a change is in order.


baby olive 1/10/12, 4:50 PM  

I have the trail glove and love it. I could definitely use the road glove for those long road days...

Bryan M,  1/10/12, 4:52 PM  

One entry for me please!

family4god 1/10/12, 4:54 PM  

great review,to win these,I need! For the hubby of course 8^} 3 entries for me please

jonathan 1/10/12, 5:51 PM  

Great review as always!

I am in for three votes please -
blog: http://kineticmotion.wordpress.com/2012/01/10/awesome-give-away-of-merrell-barefoot-road-gloves/
twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/robsonj

Take care and good luck everyone!


CK 1/10/12, 5:54 PM  

This is my one entry. Thanks for the review and opportunity.
Happy New Running Year!

Davide1224 1/10/12, 5:54 PM  

Barefoot Nirvana!

Two entries, one for this comment and one for a tweet. Also tagged on my Zen Running blog.

Shoes look great. Thanks!

jonnyb 1/10/12, 6:14 PM  

That's exactly what I need-a hybrid road shoe, since I just can't stay on pavement too long. I'm in for 1! Thanks!

Jacob Cramer,  1/10/12, 6:27 PM  

These sound pretty great to me. I believe I get two entries. Here is a link to my facebook where I shared the link.

Jay 1/10/12, 6:45 PM  

I already posted once, but I'd like one more entry for posting to facebook.

Pink Bunny,  1/10/12, 6:46 PM  

great review. merral really needs to wake up and start exploring ways to have less weight on thier shoes. one entry.

Mike W. 1/10/12, 7:11 PM  

Great review, sure would love to give them a try.

Jeff_Jasper,  1/10/12, 7:17 PM  

Posted to Facebook and twitter too

Stan 1/10/12, 7:57 PM  

Posted on my blog...


and facebook...

I love green eggs and ham

So 3 entries please! Thanks.

Tim 1/10/12, 8:06 PM  

one comment for me.

Kirk G,  1/10/12, 8:13 PM  

My entry ;-) looks like a cool shoe
All the Best

Colin Smith,  1/10/12, 8:34 PM  


XC RACER 1/10/12, 8:57 PM  

I like these a lot! Maybe today will be the time I actually win. Count me in!!

Ziomek Family Blog 1/11/12, 2:05 AM  

My husband would be very grateful.

Julia 1/11/12, 2:45 AM  

1 entry please

Eddie 1/11/12, 5:31 AM  

2 entries for me. Here and a facebook link.

FreeSolo 1/11/12, 5:38 AM  

Just one entry for me.

Adam B. 1/11/12, 5:52 AM  

Three entries for me!

Adam B.

Eva Varga 1/11/12, 6:02 AM  

just one entry for me as well. love the colors.

Kate 1/11/12, 6:23 AM  

My husband would love to try these out! :)

Jeff Gallup 1/11/12, 6:37 AM  

Great review! Put me down for 3 entries please! Posted on my blog at http://barefootinclined.blogspot.com/2012/01/congrats-to-winners.html and shared on my facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barefoot-Inclined/212665608801909



Mamarunsbarefoot 1/11/12, 6:39 AM  

PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!! I have been bf/minimally running for almost 2 years and STILL can't find a shoe that works perfectly for me! I would LOVE to try these!!!!!!!

Brian Vinson 1/11/12, 6:46 AM  

I'd love to give this shoe a whirl.

Jeffrey Davis 1/11/12, 6:47 AM  

2(two) for me!!


From Dust to Glory 1/11/12, 6:57 AM  

great review. Would love to try a pair... one entry for me!

Stormy 1/11/12, 6:58 AM  

I am just starting out with the Minimalist running and I think this would be a great way to move further in that direction... Put me down for three entries. My post here and I also posted it on my Facebook:
As well as my twitter account:

Thank you Running and Rambling!!

Matlokz,  1/11/12, 7:43 AM  

Can´t wait to see the different color schemes on this one.

njschout 1/11/12, 7:46 AM  

Looks like an interesting shoe

Nate 1/11/12, 8:06 AM  

3 for me!


Rebecca Schaefer 1/11/12, 8:14 AM  

Two for me! I'd love this pair as I'm predominately a road runner!

Also tweeted this!

Tammy,  1/11/12, 8:29 AM  

one entry for me. hope to win! haven't tried these shoes yet and I go through lots of them with the number of miles I run! Lots of trails and the dunes too!

Harrino 1/11/12, 8:51 AM  

Please put me down for 2 entries I have commented, linked to my FB page and tweeted.
Thank you very much - its a cool giveaway.

Samuel Hammett 1/11/12, 9:11 AM  

I would love a pair of these! They look awesome!
I twittered it as well at https://twitter.com/#!/samhammett

Marlon Magdalena 1/11/12, 9:21 AM  

I hope I win

jahg1108 1/11/12, 9:44 AM  

Count me in for one entry. Looking to venture into world of barefoot running per a friend who is sold on the concept.

Rollback 1/11/12, 9:59 AM  

Well, they look wider than Trail glove. Maybe I should give them a try :)

Rollback 1/11/12, 10:00 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Franck 1/11/12, 10:15 AM  

I'm still running in my V5F in the Quebec Winter... It's a bit cold! I need these!

Jeff 1/11/12, 10:43 AM  

One please. Thank you very much

Brian,  1/11/12, 11:01 AM  

OOOh orange shoes, nice.

Jon O.,  1/11/12, 11:03 AM  

Interesting. I have put two trail gloves through over 400 miles each in 2011. The road certainly does wear the grip down for me, so a dedicated hybrid for the smoother paths would be nice. Thanks for the review. (one entry please)

lostinacrowd 1/11/12, 11:07 AM  

Put me down for 2 entries.
lostinacrowd on twitter

Annette 1/11/12, 11:15 AM  

I'm in for one entry.

ndsilva 1/11/12, 12:17 PM  

One Entry. Nicolas Silva El Paso TX ndsilva@miners.utep.edu Did ATY 24 hr in MT101s and am suffering from pain and peroneus longus tendonitis. Would love to try these road gloves to see if they help, thanks! One entry!

Chad 1/11/12, 1:04 PM  

One entry please, shoes look great!

Philip Rodgers 1/11/12, 1:19 PM  

2 for me comment and twitter. Thanks for the opportunity.

Laura 1/11/12, 1:31 PM  

Would love to try these! One entry, please.

Lisa 1/11/12, 1:51 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa 1/11/12, 1:51 PM  

Please add me to the list! One entry. Thank you!

stephan.uzzell 1/11/12, 3:13 PM  

I've been waiting for these since I first heard about them. I've got the Trail Gloves and love them. Time for some road shoes.

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