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December 20, 2011

Huge VIVOBAREFOOT Discount Sale at PlanetGear.com

It’s funny the way some of these post topics intersect sometimes.

I had planned a Christmas-themed post for tomorrow night, which then became a Christmas-and-VIVOBAREFOOT-themed post, which is still on deck as scheduled. However, in the midst of all this I received an e-mail from PlanetGear.com regarding a massive VIVOBAREFOOT sale going on this week, and it seemed significant enough to interrupt regular programming (or non-programming, as the case may be) to fill everyone in.

Here’s the deal: VIVOBAREFOOT’s outstanding minimalist running shoes, the Evo and Neo, are currently on sale for ridiculous discounts at PlanetGear.com. As in Evos for $55 ridiculous. Neos for $45 ridiculous. There are a couple other models thrown in the mix for good measure, but basically it’s a minimalist runner’s bonanza.

(Feel free to check out my Evo review here or my Neo review here if you need refreshers on either one.)

Obviously, selection is limited to stock on hand, and right now there are quite a few more women’s colors and sizes available, although men can still find something pretty cool as of this writing. Go check out the sale, and grab yourself or a loved one an early and very affordable Christmas gift.

And since this isn’t a regular post and the whole thing is pretty self-explanatory, I guess that’s all I need to say until tomorrow night.

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Alex Beecher 12/20/11, 2:55 PM  

I've been holding off on buying the Neo for ages, but no longer. At the very least, it will be my everyday walking around/work shoe. Ideally, I'll do most (or all) of my running in it too. Thanks a ton for the hookup.

lolamako 12/20/11, 8:11 PM  

Whoa, thank you so much! I ordered a pair, I've been trying to hold out for the NB Minimus Zero, but this is too good a deal to pass up. I'm not real picky as long as the shoe is light and flat! Also, I entered your email as the referer, so hopefully that'll get you something!

Anonymous,  12/20/11, 10:21 PM  

good deal but i got my evos (for my wife to give me for christmas) for $39 from leftlane sports. thanks for the hookup by the way (got the link from this site).

barefootmonologues 12/21/11, 7:32 AM  

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I LOVE my Kali's and I wanted another pair in a different color but I didn't want to spend the money. I got a pair for $40! And then I shared your post on FB. Thanks again! I love your blog for so many reasons, including all the sales hookups. :)

RD Jim 12/21/11, 8:51 AM  

Alas, no NEO Trails....

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