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November 17, 2011

Vibram FiveFingers Closeout Sale; Almost There on the John Muir Trail

Goodness gracious … is it Friday already? The week has gone by in a blur – and a few longer articles that are bouncing around in my head just haven’t had the opportunity to get properly composed on the computer screen. So today you’re getting a couple of brief notes, neither one related, but both remarkably cool …

First, and most time-sensitive, is this: my affiliate partner TravelCountry.com just decided to have a spur-of-the-moment, kick-off-the-holiday-season-in-style blowout sale on their entire inventory of Vibram FiveFingers models. The timing is somewhat coincidental for me, as I seem to be getting a lot of questions related to the FiveFingers Bikila over the past several weeks. My answers usually go something like this: the Bikila remains my favorite pure minimalist road running shoe, scoring extremely high marks in comfort, durability, and performance.

Cruising the Salinas Valley in Bikila LS

Right now you can get the original Bikila for $60 - probably the best bargain of the whole bunch - or the more versatile Bikila LS for $80. You can also get my favorite all-purpose shoe of the year, the Komodo Sport LS for $88, and the super-rugged hiking/casual Trek LS for $112.

In addition to being a complete surprise, this TravelCoutry.com sale may be somewhat fleeting, as the following e-mail from my rep will explain:

We are taking the unprecedented step of placing the Vibram Fivefingers brand, as a whole, on sale. We don't know how long this will last since we're matching sales of other retailers. Vibram may come back and tell everyone to stop it.

As of right now the brand is on sale so strike while the fire is hot, so to speak. Inform your subscribers that this is a very limited time offer.

So there you go. Get a move on for some great Vibram prices, then come back for a very cool video.

Trek LS during a week of camping in September

I stumbled across this little gem in the most unlikely (for me, at least) of ways: I accepted a friend request on Facebook, and started scrolling back through the girl’s page to see what she had been up to lately. One of the things she shared was the following video, which initially was something like salt in my wounds after cancelling a trip to Yosemite last week - but it nevertheless left me a bit mesmerized, and I ultimately clicked the “repeat” button more than a few times.

Here’s the setup: last summer, a group of multimedia artists spent 25 days hiking the majestic John Muir Trail through the Sierra Nevadas, capturing their experience on film for what will eventually become a full-length documentary. Until then, we have this small taste of what’s to come, which also features a groovy little tune by a band called Opus Orange. If you’re like me, one of your first thoughts after watching will be, “How long is it until next summer?”

“Almost There” by The Muir Project (click to play):

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David 11/18/11, 6:32 AM  

Wow - that's spectacular. I was in Yosemite as well in July, and the weather was perfect. I only wish I could have had a chance to explore the back country, beyond a few mid-length trail runs.

VAgrlnTX 11/18/11, 6:46 AM  

Can I ask for a recommendation? I love my Bikilas, but with the decreasing daylight I need something with a bit more protection from sharp rocks and such since I can't see my foot placement as well. Is there any such animal? Have to say that after knee surgery and many troubles with traditional running shoes, no injuries or pain after the switch to VFFs! Started very slowly...

Anne 11/19/11, 6:26 AM  

Love that preview clip and yes, it makes me antsy for next summer's adventures. Thanks for letting us all know about it.

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