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November 14, 2011

Monkey Shake Review, Coupon Code, and Giveaway!

“Well I am just a monkey man –
I’m glad you are a monkey woman too … “

- The Rolling Stones, “Monkey Man” (video after post)

This particular product review is one that I’m super happy to conduct … and one that I honestly thought I wouldn't get another chance to.

My relationship with Monkey Shakes goes back to when I first reviewed their products more than two years ago. I loved the company’s back story, their ambition to support a community of regular folks striving for healthy lifestyles, and owner Chris Hughes's commitment to providing high-quality nutritional products for endurance athletes. I became a monkey man right from the start.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than good intentions and a great product to make ends meet – and over the past couple of years, Chris had some health issues and other life challenges that made it impossible for him to continue the company he loved.  Last May he put the whole operation up for sale on eBay, and the odds of the company’s survival seemed bleak.

That’s why I was delighted to learn that today, the monkeys have a new home - and I can still be a monkey man! And after this post, at least three people will have a chance to become monkey men or women too … that’s right, we’re doing a giveaway. Read on, fellow monkeys.

The new owner of Monkey Shake is Corey Singletary, an endurance athlete who is maintaining the same overall business philosophy that launched the company: a dedicated guy with a food grinder, a product he believes in, and a desire to do right by his customers. He’s updated the website and revamped the packaging, but otherwise kept all the essential elements of the product intact.

They still include a Barrel of Monkeys toy - just like the old days!

Most importantly, the recipe hasn’t changed from the original formulation that I loved the first time I tasted it back in 2009. Basically, Monkey Shakes are a protein-rich powder that you blend with additional ingredients to create an “ultimate all-natural recovery shake” in a variety of flavors, limited only by your imagination. They normally come in sealed 2-serving bags, and are sold in 3-bag packs (6 servings total) for $14.99 – but between now and the end of the year, you can get a discount deal, and for the rest of this month you can get them at an even greater discount; I’ll explain all this shortly.  First, more about the product.

For optimum recovery, our bodies need timely nourishment, and the benefits of taking in protein after a workout are well-documented. However, Monkey Shakes take this strategy two steps further, by providing the proper ratio of carbs to protein for maximal nutrient absorption, as well as the right types of ingredients for optimal physiological benefit. There are also healthy dashes of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and some fiber thrown in for good measure. All of the ingredients are 100% natural without any added flavors, sweeteners or anything else that comes from a lab. (If you want a more detailed explanation of all this, check out this page on the updated website.)

Monkey Shake ingredients; photo from company website

The best part is, the finished product tastes great. It comes in two base flavors, cocoa and vanilla, which you can then mix with any ingredients you want from your own fridge and cupboard. There are some recipe ideas on the website, but pretty much any fruit- or dairy-based formulation would work. My favorite combination is a Strawberry Honey Monkey - vanilla powder mixed with strawberries, milk, honey, and yogurt – but I’m also partial to Blueberry Monkeys and Peach Monkeys.

Sound good yet? Here’s where the news gets even better: there are three special promotional offers for Monkey Shakes available right now, and one very cool giveaway contest in conjunction with this review.

First, the promotions: between now and the end of the year, Corey is enacting what he calls "recession pricing"; instead of $15 for a 3-pack, he's selling them for $13, or a case of 15 bags (30 servings) for $62.  Also, from now until the end of November, you can use coupon code THANKS2011 to receive a “Buy 2, get one free” deal on standard 3-packs of either cocoa or vanilla flavors. On top of that, you’ll get an additional 25% off by entering coupon code RANDR25. So instead of getting 6 bags for 30 bucks at roughly $2.50 per serving, you get 9 bags for 26 bucks minus 25%, which is … well, this is getting complicated. Trust me, it's a killer deal.  Both of the coupon codes above expire on November 30th, so go here to get your monkeys on.

Finally, we’re also doing a giveaway to celebrate the return of the Monkeys. Leave a comment below this post to enter, and three winners will receive a free three-pack of their choosing; you can even get a combination of vanilla and cocoa flavors if that’s your preference. I’ll announce winners this Saturday evening, November 19th. Big thanks to Corey and the Monkey Shake company for sponsoring this promotion, and good luck to all you monkey men and women out there!

The Rolling Stones, "Monkey Man" (click to play):

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Puller 11/14/11, 8:38 PM  

would love to win something from my favorite blog!

krystyna47 11/14/11, 8:52 PM  

Ooooh, I do love Monkeys!!! :) Count me in for the contest!

Eddie 11/14/11, 8:57 PM  

Count me in for the monkey shakes!

John C,  11/14/11, 10:01 PM  

Hell yeah I would love to try some of this Monkey Business!

The BIG E 11/15/11, 2:16 AM  

never tried the monkey. its always nice to test drive before purchase.
send the monkey sealed in plastic please.


Running Preacher 11/15/11, 4:27 AM  

I would be monkey crazy not to want to try these drinks.. Hit me up with some..
Running Preacher....

Ford4x460 11/15/11, 4:38 AM  

I want to be a Monkey Man!!!

Adam B. 11/15/11, 5:19 AM  

Being a monkey man sounds good to me. Count me in!

BE 11/15/11, 5:26 AM  

you bet - I'd like a monkey shake or two!

Chris 11/15/11, 5:28 AM  

Count me in. Thanks!

wes 11/15/11, 6:05 AM  

I'm interested in the shakes :)

Anna 11/15/11, 6:18 AM  

I'll take some free stuff!

Harold Neiper 11/15/11, 6:43 AM  

Add me to the list please!

spangs 11/15/11, 6:44 AM  

I want to be a ma ma ma ma ma monkey! Love the blog -ike

RD Jim 11/15/11, 6:47 AM  

Gotta love a happy ending.

Guigou,  11/15/11, 6:48 AM  


Brandon 11/15/11, 6:49 AM  

Sounds good, I'd love to win!

JimDog 11/15/11, 6:50 AM  

I love shakes!!! Count me in!!!

Haleigh Riggle 11/15/11, 7:46 AM  

count me in for the contest!

rbrown10 11/15/11, 8:43 AM  

Cool, sign me up!

Benjammin' 11/15/11, 10:22 AM  

sound like a great product. looking forward to tasting.

Robb B. 11/15/11, 12:12 PM  

I would love to win some Monkey Shakes!

Eric 11/15/11, 12:17 PM  

cool. would love to try it!

Scotty,  11/15/11, 12:19 PM  

Sounds like Monkey business too me, I'll try some!

Andy 11/15/11, 12:29 PM  

Hey, Hey we're the Monkees!


Great Video!

Please enter me in the Monkey giveaway : )

Peace and Love,


Maureen 11/15/11, 1:00 PM  

I'd love to try it :-)

Lucid Moon Studio 11/15/11, 1:01 PM  

Sounds yummy! I'd love to try it :)

Lisa 11/15/11, 2:17 PM  

Ooh, these shakes sound good. I'll have to try them! (Also, thanks for the giveaway...)

Rob 11/15/11, 3:50 PM  

Yeah sure, put me in the running!

Greg from Madison,  11/15/11, 4:07 PM  

Sounds good. Put me in.

Dave 11/15/11, 4:46 PM  

Lovin me some new smoothies

Blair 11/15/11, 5:00 PM  

Thanks for the opportunity.

jonnyb 11/15/11, 5:12 PM  

I'll definitely give it a taste. Thanks!

jonnyb 11/15/11, 5:12 PM  

sounds worth a taste...

Adelyn 11/15/11, 6:07 PM  

This sounds delicious! I would love to be entered :).

Andrew @ One Step Further 11/15/11, 6:26 PM  

Would love to try some of the Monkey. Glad the right person bought the company to keep it going.

TheWolters 11/15/11, 8:15 PM  

am i missing something, but i kept getting message that THANKS2011 is not a valid code? any thoughts

TheWolters 11/15/11, 8:18 PM  

nevermind, got it.

Pamela 11/15/11, 8:59 PM  

Bring on the Monkey!

MtUnpaved 11/15/11, 9:23 PM  

I'll try some monkey love. Tosses name into hat

TK 11/15/11, 11:04 PM  

Send me some monkey...

XXX 11/16/11, 7:08 AM  

Sounds delicious!

Brandon Mulnix 11/16/11, 10:10 AM  

Monkey named products are awesome. I would love to add this to my list that already includes
Anti- Monkey Butt Powder... I really hope the two products don't clash. Will one neutralize the other?

Spencer 11/16/11, 11:16 AM  

I will take some.

Kelly 11/16/11, 1:37 PM  

Would love to win!

a1sauce3 11/16/11, 3:03 PM  

The monkey sounds so yummy!

Nate 11/17/11, 8:39 AM  

vanilla and chocolate...score!

NateK,  11/17/11, 9:16 AM  

Count me in por favor.

Jonathan F,  11/17/11, 9:52 AM  

Sounds fun as a barrel of monkeys!

baby olive 11/17/11, 11:49 AM  

gimmie some monkey!

george 11/17/11, 3:49 PM  

Does it help that I'm running the Flying Monkey Marathon on Sunday? Monkey me, please!

Joy | Love | Chaos 11/17/11, 5:33 PM  

I've wanted to try this every since Steve in a Speedo introducted me to it on his blog! And since I just started marathon training, I think I have even more reason to be monkeyed!

Jerome 11/17/11, 8:08 PM  

Looks delicious!

VAgrlnTX 11/18/11, 10:51 AM  

would love some monkey!

Akemi,  11/18/11, 4:27 PM  

Sounds interesting.

Thomas O,  11/18/11, 7:10 PM  

This looks good. Interesting post.

Løb Motion 11/25/11, 2:50 AM  

Wow - i wanna taste one of those monkey shakes! To bad they dont ship to my country :(

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