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October 22, 2011

Soft Star Holiday Specials; Barefoot Running Book Winner; Random Shots of Beauty

Before we get to the main order of business for the day, there are a couple of cool sort-of-holiday-related announcements from Soft Star that are worth passing along …

The first is that you can between now and October 31st, you can purchase the black and silver version of the RunAmoc Dash for 20% off – just use coupon code TRICK when checking out to receive the discount.

Soft Star RunAmoc Dash

You can read my RunAmoc Dash review here, and pick up the sale version either for yourself, or perhaps for that special Raider fan on your gift list.

Also, Soft Star's Moc3 has been a very popular style for the company this year - and for very good reason -  but until now it’s only been available in solid black. If you’re one of those who wants a little more color in your life, you can now get the Moc3 in brown to match your fall wardrobe, or red in preparation for Christmas. Click here to choose your new Moc3 color.

Moc3 in red or brown.  Sorry the image is so small - that's all they have online right now

Business item #1 is announcing our Barefoot Running book giveaway winner. Marlon Magdalena: e-mail me your contact information – you’ve won! To everyone else, thanks very much for entering, and remember that you can pick up the book for $11.55 from Amazon.com in traditional or $12.99 in Kindle format.

Item #2 is our Random Shot of Beauty, which continues the sort-of-holiday-related theme. Also, I took two similar photos this week and couldn’t decide which one to use, so you’re getting a bonus RSOB this weekend thanks to my indecision. (You’re welcome.)

Because Central California typically enjoys summertime weather well into October, sometimes the only reminders that the holidays are approaching are when you start seeing pumpkin patches in unusual places …

… such as this one beside a lettuce field in Salinas (click to enlarge) …

… or this one in front of a pasture near Hollister, a town which unfortunately is more famous for a clothing company of the same name (which actually has no origins here) than for the beautiful rural ranch community that it’s been for the past 150 years.

Finally, speaking of the holidays sneaking up on us … stay tuned for another cool giveaway next week.

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Scott,  10/23/11, 7:57 AM  

Not to be that guy, but the Hollister brand was named after Hollister Ranch, a coastal plot of land between Santa Barbara and Lompoc known for great waves - hence the Hollister surf theme.

Donald 10/23/11, 8:14 AM  

Scott: The clothing company is a spinoff line of Abecrombie & Fitch, who basically create false backstories for each of their smaller lines. There's no California history to it, despite the name. BTW, both the ranch in SoCal and the town in central CA are named after the same guy.

Tomislav 10/23/11, 12:47 PM  

Hi Donald!

Great news about discont.
What about sizing? I know there is detailed explanation on SoftStar webpage but they recommend measuring naked foot. I like my Drymax (thanks for tip) especially Max Protection model which is pretty thick (I use them for long runs and racing). Do I need to size up (which I usually do with "regular" shoes) or follow guidelines from SoftStar?


Donald 10/23/11, 2:37 PM  

Tomislav: you can probably go by the Soft Star guidelines; I wear the max pro socks as well, and they don't impact my shoe sizes at all.

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