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October 17, 2011

Orbana Energy Drink Winners, Redux: You ALL Win!

I had another topic planned for tonight, but there was a late-breaking development to a recent post that was worth interrupting regular programming.

If you happened to enter last week's Orbana Healthy Energy drink mix giveaway, I received some great news from the company rep: EVERYBODY’s a winner! The three recipients whose names were drawn will receive a 5-pack of the drink mix, and everyone else who left a comment will receive two free packets to try.

In case you needed reminding, the deal in the original post was this: by entering the contest, you agreed to send me your feedback about the mix after using it, and I would add those comments to the review. The plan now is to collect comments from everyone who gets a sample, and create one giant feedback post at the end of November.

So here’s the way we’ll work it: if you entered the contest, e-mail me your contact info, tell me which comment was yours - don’t assume that I know your clever Blogger username – and give me your address so I can forward it to the Orbana rep. She’ll get the samples in the mail to you, and I need to have your feedback by November 27th (the end of the Thanksgiving weekend) so I can have a post go live by the end of the month.  This is an honor system thing, as I obviously have no way to enforce who returns feedback to me in a timely fashion.  So if you send me your info, I trust that you'll do the right thing and cooperate, or run the risk of bad blog karma.  (I'm not exactly sure what that might be, but you get the idea.)

Oh, one more thing … remember how I said that everybody who entered is a winner? Let me modify that statement just a bit, to show you one person who’s kind of a loser:

Here’s a tip, people: if you’re going to enter my contests, you might want to leave some method of identifying yourself. And before I get 30 e-mails saying “I was Anonymous!”, allow me to point out that this person is automatically disqualified.

To everyone else, enjoy your Orbana, and needless to say, a HUGE thanks to the Orbana company for setting this up. And keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway contest tomorrow.

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Running Ross @ Run The line 10/18/11, 5:06 PM  

Gutted I missed this. Next time....

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