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September 17, 2011

Ultimate Direction Bottle Pack Sale; Barefoot Ken Bob Book Winner; Random Shots of Beauty

A few odds and ends before our regularly scheduled fare …

* First, following my recent trend of using the weekend post to announce great gear bargains, there’s another awesome sale to check out at The Clymb.

This time it’s from Ultimate Direction, makers of the Uno waist pack that I’ve worn at least twice per week for the last few years. I love their Uno model - see my full review here - because it’s one of the few remaining waist packs to hold the bottle upright; I’ve never been a fan of the slanted or horizontal bottle configurations that seem to be all you can find nowadays.

Ultimate Direction Uno

That’s a matter of personal preference, however – and no matter what kind of bottle carrier you like, you can get them (along with a small selection of hydration packs) for huge discounts (as in, $12 instead of $30 for the Uno) until Monday Sept 19th at 9AM PDT. Go check out the sale and take your pick.

* As mentioned last month, I’m going to be away from Running and Rambling headquarters for the next week, and I’m handing over the keys to a few guest bloggers in my absence. (If you submitted something and haven’t heard from me yet, don’t worry – I’m sending out notices this weekend.) I’ll introduce each of them individually before their posts, and I’m leaving the comments section open on each one.

Most of the people who submitted entries are seeking objective feedback about their writing from a generally unfamiliar audience – so I’d love it if we could make this a true community effort and let each of the winners know your reaction to the pieces by leaving comments for them to view. Get involved, people.  However, I expect everyone to behave themselves and act responsibly, or else you’ll all be in trouble once Daddy gets home.

* Time to get down to business and announce the result of the Barefoot Ken Bob book giveaway: Eli (Gourmet Triathlete): e-mail me your contact info – you’re the winner! Thanks very much to everyone else for entering, and don’t worry, more giveaway contests are around the corner this fall.


And finally, our Random Shot of Beauty: this one comes from my recently-documented Tin House hike in Big Sur, and probably sums up in one scene what it took me a couple thousand words to describe in the report:

(click to enlarge)

Redwoods, fog, steep hills, and family; an almost perfect weekend adventure.

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Jean 9/20/11, 6:34 AM  

Almost perfect?! What would have made it perfect?

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