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September 24, 2011

Guest Post Feedback; Random Shots of Beauty

I can't begin to tell you how good it feels to be back in the land of the wired. (By the way, that's w-i-r-e-d, not w-e-i-r-d.  I'm never too far from that second group.)  My week off was great, but I definitely experienced some tech-withdrawal-related ailments and anxieties after several days of being off the grid.

Before we get to the Random Shot of Beauty, a few questions: What did you think of the guest post idea? Did the final products fit in with the overall Running and Rambling vibe, or did they feel out of place? Is this something I should consider doing again sometime down the road, or are we better off keeping it a one-time experiment? I'd love to hear any feedback about how the week went from a reader's standpoint.

Regardless, I'm indebted to my three guest posters - Spokane Al, Danny Miller, and Mary Parlange - for manning the counter here at the shop while I was off playing in the wilderness. I'll have some details from the trip in the weeks to come, starting with this week's RSOB, which was taken en route:

(click to enlarge)

The western face of Mount Shasta, towering over the foothills of Northern California at more than 14,100 feet. We enjoyed this view at a fuel stop in the town of Weed, California, where you can also purchase one particular souvenir that the town has become famous for:

Your own personal "I Love Weed" T-shirt. To my son's credit, he knew better than to try bringing one of these things home.

As I said, Mount Shasta wasn't on the itinerary for this trip, but one of our travel companions has climbed it several times ... so needless to say, it was an active topic of conversation throughout the week. I think my to-do list just got one item longer.

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Max 9/25/11, 5:10 AM  

Oh I have to get one of those t-shirts!!! Very cool...
I just got this one its called Sole-2-Soul (http://goo.gl/pw3vw) not too many of us cant say this is cool! But then I just found this one as well :( maybe I purchased to quickly http://goo.gl/UINbn

Thanks for the great post!

Andy 9/25/11, 2:58 PM  

Welcome back :-)

The guests posts were very good. Maybe an occasional guest post at your discretion just for fun!

Peace and love,


Ed 9/26/11, 5:30 PM  

Very funny shirt...i guess that is kinda age appropriate...didn't know there was a weed california, learn something new everyday..

Jay 9/26/11, 6:59 PM  

Guest posts are better than no posts! I enjoyed reading what they wrote. In the future maybe you could also link to a friend's blog and to one of their posts so that we get to know other bloggers.

Cherylrunner 9/27/11, 10:01 AM  

Donald, Loved the guest posts! great choices. I agree with Andy in that an occasional guest post at your discretion is good. Gives people exposure and I sure like reading good blogs by runners!
Welcome back!
I love Weed - what a cute town it is!

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