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August 20, 2011

Patagonia Summer Clearance Sale; Random Shots of Beauty

In similar fashion as last weekend, I'm leading off the customary RSOB post with an announcement about a very cool sale. Who knows - maybe I'll evolve into the Groupon of outdoor gear one of these days.

Anyway, it's no secret to anyone around here that I'm a huge fan of the Patagonia company. They make the highest quality outdoor gear imaginable - including both the shirt and shorts I wore at my 100-miler this summer - and have higher standards of social and environmental responsibility than any company I'm aware of.

Here's one example, courtesy of this month's Outside magazine: after last year's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Patagonia sent 7 teams of 10 company employees to the Gulf region at various times to assist with the cleanup effort. They paid the costs of travel, living expenses, and one week's lodging for all the relief workers, and even paid the employees their regular salary while they were there. (If you can come up with a better story than that, I'd love to hear it - share in the comments below.)

Anyway, you get the idea ... Patagonia rocks. The only drawback to their apparel is that it's often considered a bit pricey - although when you consider the fact that it's top of the line stuff that typically stands up to many years of high-demand use, it should probably be considered something of a bargain. Regardless, for the next week you have an opportunity to get some amazing prices on Patagonia goods, as the company is having its annual clearance sale.

Basically, they're blowing out their spring and summer inventory, so the sizes and color options will vary depending on the item. I managed to find a couple of great shirts, and hopefully you can find something to suit you as well. You also get free shipping if your order exceeds $75. The sale is good through August 25, so click over to Patagonia's summer clearance sale and see if you can grab yourself a bargain.


For this weekend's Random Shot of Beauty, I didn't have to travel very far from home:

A cigar store Indian outside our local neighborhood market - a relic from a time when cigar stores still existed, and the term "Indian" wasn't considered improper. I actually have a stand-alone post about this location; not the Indian, but the store itself.  It's one of those things I keep hoping to get to, but never seem to sit down and write. Maybe this post will serve as my own reminder in the next week or two.

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Ben Lauer 8/20/11, 7:26 PM  


I just wanted to let you know that you are probably my favorite blogger. I love your race reports and how you pretty much do whatever you want and don't care what others think. But, aside from the above, I love patagonia too, and I love hearing about great things they are doing. Thanks for rocking it out.


p.s. i know that you will love that super awesome run-on sentence above too.

Anne 8/21/11, 7:02 AM  

Big fan of Patagonia too. We went crazy at their store in Lake Tahoe this summer, but perhaps I'll find something on sale....

I also love the look of that local market. At first I thought it was a place near my parents called Sisters, which also has an irreverency for political correctness.

Donald 8/21/11, 7:47 PM  

Ben: Thanks for your kind words - it's always cool to know wen someone enjoys the site.

Anne: Happy shopping! If you're like me, you can never have too much Patagonia.

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