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August 13, 2011

Killer Hydrapak Sale; Random Shots of (Geologic) Beauty

Before today's brief post, and equally brief announcement about a sweet deal on some awesome hydration packs ...

First, if you haven't yet heard of The Clymb, it's definitely worth checking out. Basically, it's a free membership club that offers periodic and very deep discounts on a small selection of outdoor gear and lifestyle accessories. You register with an e-mail address, and get a couple of e-mails per week alerting you to the current discounts. All sales are time sensitive, usually lasting only 72 hours or until all the stock is sold - which from my experience happens much more quickly than 72 hours.

This weekend The Clymb is offering 60% discounts on Hydrapak fluid packs, including the outstanding Big Sur pack that I reviewed for FeedTheHabit.com last year. While Hydrapak gear is far from my first choice for running, when it comes to MTB riding there's really nothing better, and the Big Sur pack is one of their most popular models. It normally retails for $90, but for this sale it's discounted to $40. I said the discounts were deep, right?

To get in on the sale, follow this link to The Clymb, register with your e-mail, and grab a great pack while they last. Which might not be long. The offer started yesterday and ends on Monday, August 15 at 9AM PDT.


As for this weekend's Random Shot of Beauty, it's one more shot from the top of Half Dome, taken during my recent hike with my son. I wasn't quite sure how to fit this one into the report, but for some reason I find it visually mesmerizing, in a geology-geek kind of way:

The striated rocks layers that stack upon one another to form Half Dome's summit ... each one of them smoothed almost completely flat on the front surface by ancient glacial shearing. Or something like that. I'm not really a geology expert - I just thought it looked crazy cool.

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iJuls 8/16/11, 10:43 PM  

cool and scary. i found this part a bit more challenging mentally than the cables. yet everyone talks about the cables. at lease you can hold on to them.

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