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July 30, 2011

Random Shots of Beauty; Must Be the One

"I don't need anyone ... no I don't need anyone but you."
- She Wants Revenge, "Must Be the One" (video after post)

Two brief topics for the weekend, neither one particularly related to the other ...

Since my TRT race report didn't post until last Friday morning, I purposely skipped the customary weekend Random Shot of Beauty in order to let the report keep top billing for a few days. However, since I'm still glancing back to that remarkable event fairly often, I figured today's RSOB should do so as well:

A Tahoe sunrise, as seen from the top of Marlette Peak at approximately mile 89. It's true what they say about drawing energy from the sunrise; from this point on, I knew I had the race in the bag.


Another noteworthy point for this weekend is that my wife and I are marking another wedding anniversary. I don't write a whole lot about our relationship, but suffice it to say that we have our share of ups and downs like everybody else. Through it all, however, I've never questioned one fact: forever and always, she's the one.

As for the song, it's a new release with a sound that could easily be a throwback to the John Hughes movies my wife and I enjoyed when we were falling in love more than 20 years ago.

She Wants Revenge, "Must Be the One" (click to play):

P.S. Old-school classic rock fans will point out that I could have just as easily gone with this song ... and that would have been just fine as well.  It's hard to argue with the great ones.

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Angie Bee 7/31/11, 4:20 PM  

Congrats and here's to many more! Thanks for the video. I had not heard it before and well done on TRT! I am loving the race report. Sorry to have been out of the loop or would have wished you well but congrats on quite an accomplishment!
The photos are amazing :)

Anonymous,  8/1/11, 2:56 PM  

Congratulations! My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary as well. 19 years today! She is definitely the one.

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