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June 11, 2011

Relentless Forward Progress Winner; Random Shots of Beauty; Dude Looks Like a Minimalist

A few odds and ends for this weekend's post, none of which necessarily relate to each other ... but that shouldn't really surprise anyone, I guess.

First, the main order of business is to announce the winner of Bryon Powell's Relentless Forward Progress book. Running Preacher: e-mail me your address - you've won a signed copy of the book! Thanks to everyone else who entered - and for those who indicated that they'd probably buy it anyway, I'd definitely give it a high recommendation. The book is quite affordably priced on Amazon, at $10.17 for the paperback version, and $9.66 in Kindle format. Thanks again to Bryon for providing a giveaway copy.

Our Random Shot of Beauty features a backdrop that's somewhat out of the ordinary for me:

The Wasatch Mountains above Salt Lake City, where I've landed for a bang-bang weekend visit, but still thankfully managed to spend a couple of hours on the trail in the early morning.

Finally, I wasn't quite sure where to put this item or exactly what to say about it, so we'll just call this a Random Shot of Whaaaat? and move on.

On the off chance that you needed any more convincing that the minimalist footwear revolution is creeping its way into the popular conscious, consider the following photo that was snapped by TMZ.com earlier this week:

That would be Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith (a band I adored as a kid, by the way) and American Idol fame, doing ... well, exactly what he's doing is uncertain - as is the question of what might have happened to his pants. What's clear, though, is that he's wearing a pair of VIVOBAREFOOTs on his feet.

That's right ... hard-rocking, cross-dressing, brain-cell-baking, common-decency-stretching Steven Tyler is now one of us. I suppose whether that's good news or bad is open to debate.

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Stacy,  6/11/11, 2:11 PM  

Looks like you headed for City Creek. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Her Name Is Rio 6/11/11, 5:52 PM  

Steven Tyler...who would've thought?!

iJuls 6/12/11, 7:09 PM  

Oh, Dude needs to get some meat on those skinny legs.

momo 6/13/11, 5:08 PM  

i love steven tyler but that picture is a little sketchy. :)

donald!!! where's the bee post for this year? i've been waiting and waiting!

hope all is well with you and your family!

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