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June 18, 2011

Barefoot Kids Animation; Random Shots of Beauty (Father's Day Edition)

A few odds and ends for you this weekend on the subject of children and fathers ...

* First, a quick reminder: you've got until the end of Sunday to purchase VIVOBAREFOOT children's shoes at a 15% discount with coupon code RNR15. Your kids' feet will thank you, because ...

* This should be obvious, but being barefoot is great for your kids. Short of that, having barefoot shoes is the next best thing for healthy foot development. VIVOBAREFOOT recently released a video promoting this theory; the clip combines children's art-class visuals with a description of some recent research into the benefits of natural footwear for kids. It also has precisely the sort of Oliver Twist-y narration that you'd expect from an English company talking about children's shoes.

The information itself probably isn't anything you haven't heard before (especially if you've hung around here for a while), but the animation is kind of clever, so take a few minutes to check it out:

"Barefoot is Best", by VIVOBAREFOOT Kids (click to play):

* Finally, since today is Father's Day, a brief snapshot comes to mind about what it means to be a father. Sometimes fatherhood isn't about the major things like being a role model or teaching right from wrong or providing comfort or counsel during life-altering circumstances; sometimes it's just letting a tired fat kid sleep on your shoulder in the middle of a long day:

By the way - the kid in the backpack? That would be me. Happy Father's Day, Dad.

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misszippy 6/19/11, 11:51 AM  

I just did a post about kids and shoes a week or so back. My kids' collection of shoes includes the Terra Planas, the Merrell BF line and the NB Minimus. But as soon as school is out, it's all about completely bare!

Angie Bee 6/19/11, 3:33 PM  

we just do crocs and sandals since its just too expensive to buy them shoes like that but they hardly ever where shoes 8 out of 12 months anyways. As long as they are minimal and are easy to take off and put on then it works for me.

I love that picture. We have carried our boys like that for years and those pants in the background ROCK!!
Happy Fathers Day :)

Andy 6/20/11, 12:13 PM  

I wish that one day I'll be able to exude that level of effortless cool while having a toddler draped over my back. Sweet photo.

Anonymous 7/8/11, 4:59 AM  

Nice Blog!
Unfortunatly it´s hard to get barefoot shoes for kids here :-(((
Greeting from Germany!

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