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May 22, 2011

Sweepstakes Contest: Meet the Moment with CLIF Bar

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that one of the most admirable traits of the CLIF Bar company is their extensive charitable giving which impacts both their local neighborhoods and the global community. They also have a knack for inspiring grassroots involvement to increase awareness and support for various social or environmental causes.

Every now and then, they come up with an idea that not only encourages grassroots effort and gives a ton of money to charity, but also has the potential to turn a few participants into extremely fortunate people indeed. One such contest is going on right now: it’s called Meet the Moment, and before the end of the summer it’s going to completely fund the adventure of a lifetime for three grand prize winners.

In the meantime, here’s what’s going down: CLIF produced a video (embedded below) called “Meet the Moment”, featuring ultrarunning stud Geoff Roes and several other hardcore outdoor athletes describing that magical feeling of being completely at one with the activities they love; the sense of being 100% focused in the moment, and how they push themselves toward new adventures in hopes of freezing that moment for as long as possible.

The video is part of a larger initiative called Protecting the Places We Play, CLIF’s campaign to preserve trails, beaches, slopes, mountains, and similar locations outdoor enthusiasts love. At the end of the film, CLIF invites viewers to go to the Meet the Moment website and submit a photo and description of their own moment. For every person that submits an entry, CLIF will donate $5 to one of five non-profit projects (you get to choose which one) focused on environmental preservation. The entry process only takes a few minutes, and I’ve included my own entry below this post as an example of what the finished product looks like.

CLIF's baseline financial commitment is pretty generous on its own, but here’s the really cool part: if 10,000 people submit entries, the company will double everyone’s contributions to $10 toward the charity they selected. That’s the grassroots thing at work: if we all collectively step up, CLIF will step up in a huge way. So submit your own entry, then pass the word to your friends.

The contest ends July 31st, at which point CLIF will select three winners to receive up to $8000 to spend toward planning the 2-person outdoor adventure of their choice. Want to go rim to rim across the Grand Canyon? Travel to Mexico’s Copper Canyons to run with the Tarahumara? Take a walkabout in Australia? You pick the adventure, and CLIF picks up the tab. They’ll even throw in another $4000 in cash for some walking around money once you get there.

Is that enough to get you excited yet? Check out the CLIF video below, then follow the link to enter the contest on your own. If you should happen to win and need a partner to share your epic adventure with, you know where to find me.

"Meet the Moment", by CLIF Bar (click to play):

Now it's your turn! Go to the Meet the Moment website and submit your own entry. This is mine:

Good luck to everybody!

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Turi 5/22/11, 9:09 PM  

Good deal! I went with the downhills for mine.

JenniferLeah 5/23/11, 4:19 AM  

it's a great thing CLIF is doing--thanks for sharing.

Tristan 5/23/11, 4:43 AM  

Another nice little benefit with this promotion is getting a coupon for a free Clif Bar in your email (although I couldn't get the coupon printer to work, hopefully others will).

Dominique 5/23/11, 7:18 AM  

Sounds enticing, with some sweet little perks.

Brandon Mulnix 5/23/11, 8:41 PM  

Is it all right to Share your post on my Running Blog? You stated it perfectly.

Donald 5/23/11, 8:54 PM  

Brandon: Definitely, no problem!

Eric 5/25/11, 2:26 PM  

Oh, that is a great thing CLIF is doing. Lots of good pictures too. I even found yours.

You have inspired me to post one as well. They needed more Alaskan runner pictures anyway.

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