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May 28, 2011

Running Life Book Review; Monkey Shakes for Sale; Random Shots of Beauty

A couple of quick announcements – one happy, one sad - before this weekend’s regularly scheduled RSOB:

First, the good one: Jennefer from a website called Good Reads published one of the best reviews I’ve seen of my Running Life book - a review that you can read right here. Also, in an effort to sell off our own supply of the book more rapidly, Mike and I have decided to keep the discounted price permanent on our dedicated Running Life website. It’s now cheaper on our site than on Amazon.com, and we’re happy to oblige specific requests for signed copies or anything else you like. Get your copy now, just in time for summer reading season.

The next announcement was a complete bummer to me: the Monkey Shake company that I've reviewed and promoted in the past is probably going out of business in the very near future. Owner Chris Hughes distributed an e-mail to his supporters announcing that life events have prevented him from continuing normal business operations.

He’s putting the business up for sale dirt cheap on eBay, where anyone with an entrepreneur's heart, some e-commerce and marketing skills, and an appreciation for the nutritional needs of endurance athletes could potentially build the brand into something huge. His request to us was, if you know of anyone who's a little crazy (visionary), has a lot of energy, and a little bit of cash, have them check out the offer on eBay.

Who knows – maybe you’ll be the next nutritional rags to riches success like the CLIF company. Chris is a great guy, and Monkey Shakes are an awesome product, so I hope this whole situation works out well for everybody involved.

This weekend’s Random Shots of Beauty come from the Salinas Valley, where my favorite agricultural season, the strawberry harvest, is in full swing:

(Click to enlarge)

Seeing workers in the fields is always a stark reminder for me that the simple pleasures I enjoy don’t come without a cost. I’ve written about this before – and whenever I run past the laborers in the campos, I feel almost guilty with gratitude for the blessings I’ve been given.

Also, in honor of the holiday weekend, and continuing on the same theme of good things that come with a cost, here’s one more shot from a Salinas farm stand:

Because freedom isn’t free ... and many have paid the greatest price of all in protecting it.

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Scott Dunlap 5/29/11, 8:12 AM  

Hey! Send me a signed copy of your book, and I'll write it up on my blog!

Also, a random nerd tip - when you hyperlink to a previous story, it's good to have the words in that hyperlink tell Google what it's referring to (such as linking "review of Monkey Shake" instead of just "reviewed"). It will help your PageRank.


Richard Averett 5/29/11, 12:45 PM  

Great review!
Sorry to read about Monkey Shakes, and hope someone will pick it up and keep another small business alive.

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