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March 10, 2011

Hot Naked Vibram Models On Film!*

*I can’t wait to see what kind of Google search traffic this title draws …


Last summer I helped Vibram spread the word about a very cutting edge microsite called You Are the Technology that was launched to celebrate the brand’s first running-specific FiveFingers model: the Bikila, which remains my favorite minimalist shoe for use on the road and track. The microsite was chock full of biomechanical rationale for why minimalist running is superior to the traditional running shoe model.

But that’s not really what it was remembered for. Mostly, it was remembered for the naked people.

Accessing information from the microsite was done by clicking various tattoos on the bare skin of two remarkably hot models - who came to be known as Adam and Eve – whose bodies would then be zoomed or rotated to reveal an instructional tidbit related to natural running. When you weren’t clicking, the models would throw flirtatious glances at each other, and you got the sense that perhaps they were excited about something more than just the Bikilas on their feet.

Predictably, the microsite caused something of an Internet sensation, as well as a lot of questions about how exactly it was created. To satisfy viewers’ curiosity, Vibram has just released a 5-minute behind the scenes video that features snippets of interviews with Vibram CEO Tony Post, as well as members of the Vibram marketing team, the creative media company who envisioned the website, and the artists and graphic designers who made it come to life.

Oh, one more thing … it also has the naked people.

The first few minutes of the clip answer some of the most common questions customers have had about the microsite, such as how the concept was developed, whether the tattoos are real ink, what kind of preparation was involved to get the models ready, and how the video images were captured. And all that stuff is fine, I guess … but I have a feeling that this one’s gonna be remembered for the naked people as well.

Approximately 3 minutes into the video, Adam and Eve make their appearances again, and the video borders on requiring a NSFW warning. I’m sure a lot of folks will find some outstanding click-pause-screen grab-paste opportunities here to keep them occupied for quite a while – but maybe I shouldn’t give people too many ideas.

Anyway, the video is certainly interesting, and it’s also a nice reminder to check out You Are the Technology (as well as my post about it here, if you’re interested) for those who haven’t done so already. They’ll probably get you excited about natural running - or maybe excited about something else altogether, which wouldn’t necessarily be such a bad thing either.

“The Making of You Are The Technology”, from Vibram (click to play - kinda sorta NSFW):

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marathonmaiden 3/10/11, 8:38 PM  

an ad with naked people? not necessarily a bad thing...hahah!

Kovas 3/11/11, 4:01 AM  

Great creative advertising!

dgted 3/17/11, 3:59 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
davethenakedrunner 3/17/11, 4:07 AM  

Certainly a very memorable ad. The level of detail with the ink is incredible.
A couple of the Coolfire guys could do with getting into running - I hope they earnt a few pairs of bikilas for their trouble.

Anonymous,  12/5/11, 10:22 AM  

Any idea who the models are? Athletes? Fitness models? Both? Neither?

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