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February 22, 2011

Carnival of Blogging: MInimalist Running

Scroll down for my contribution to a Carnival of Blogging on Minimalist Running.

The article was supposed to appear in this post, but ... nevermind. It's a long story.

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RD Jim 2/23/11, 9:28 AM  

Well even though the text of your blog doesn't appear here (it did in my email version) I'll make a comment anyway. I took my first run in my new pair of Runamoc SMOOTH shoes on Sunday. There was a strange freedom in running in next to nothing. As the elves at SoftStar say, it was fun. So I ran a bit further that I set out to and ventured down a snow packed dirt road. Even though the soles of these shoes have hardly any "teeth" I found it much easier to keep my balance in the uneven snow pack. I converted to a toe strike stride 5 years ago so I didn't expect much of a transition. This was true during my inaugural run, but the next day, and even today I feel a muscle soreness that I wasn't expecting. Not bad, just enough to remind me I better take it slow. My first words to my wife when I came back from that run was "I may never run in normal shoes again."

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