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January 2, 2011

Ready to Start

"Now I'm ready to start - my mind is open wide ...
To step out into the dark - now I'm ready!"

- Arcade Fire, "Ready to Start" (video after post)

Like many other New Year’s revelers, I staggered out of bed in the late morning of January 1st, rubbed the sleep out of my eyes for a few minutes, and tried to piece together exactly how my night ended.

I was out of my head for a little while there … I think I remember doing something kind of crazy. Did I really do what I think I did?

All it took was the first download of e-mail in the morning to confirm it: I had indeed done something a little bit crazy:

Click to enlarge

Hello, 2011 “A” race. Truth be told, it wasn’t much of a shocker that I’d end up on the start line of the Tahoe Rim Trail 100-Miler sometime; I basically fell in love with the course and everybody involved with the race when I was there as a pacer last summer. I knew that I’d be itching to do another 100-miler this year, and it was something of a coin flip between Tahoe and Western States. So when I came up empty in December’s WS lottery, I didn’t really shed any tears – I just looked up the registration date for Tahoe and knew I’d have an equally awesome experience there.

One of many breathtaking views on the TRT course last July

So I guess this means I need to start training now. December is traditionally my slacker month, where I allow myself to sleep in and eat whatever I want and don’t worry about skipping workouts if I feel like it – and when it’s dark and cold and it’s the holiday season and there’s cookies and wine seemingly everywhere I turn, and I happen to be spending an ungodly amount of time conducting some crazy blog giveaway spree, it gets easier and easier to blow off those workouts.

In other words, some things have got to change. The good news is, summer’s still far enough away that I can do a slow build through the winter and spring, and be ready to roll once July comes around again. The other reassurance I have is that I’ve traveled this particular trail before; I’m not exploring uncharted territory here - I’m merely making my way back to some wonderful places I’ve already been.

That doesn’t make the journey any less intimidating, however. The mornings will start darkly, the early training miles will be sluggish, and there will be more than a little bit of self-doubt that creeps in as race day draws closer. But those are other stories for other days. In the meantime, I just need to get myself running - and now I'm ready to start.

Arcade Fire, "Ready to Start" (click to play):

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Gretchen 1/2/11, 11:12 PM  

Have I told you how excited I am about this? You're going to love this race. Actually, I'm having pangs of jealousy. (Pretty sure I'll get over it by race day though. Maybe.)

Mamarunsbarefoot 1/3/11, 6:25 AM  

Now that is exciting!!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!

Angie Bee 1/3/11, 8:20 AM  

What an awesome way to start the year!! I look forward to following your journey.
Cheers and Happy New Year!

Mamarunsbarefoot 1/3/11, 8:45 AM  

R&R I responded to you via the email you sent. My computer is giving me problems and I can't get your email link to work here. Email me if you didn't get my info please! :)

My Life and Running 1/3/11, 8:52 AM  

Ready To Start was my song for my first 70.3 last September. I listened to it whenever I got nervous & started doubting (pretty much on repeat all summer long!). Something about it that completely fires me up. Looking forward to following you to Tahoe!

Jen 1/3/11, 1:49 PM  

That is exciting! I can't wait to hear how you train and the actual race. It's just so far from what I can fathom it's hard to really comprehend what you'll be doing.

RD Jim 1/3/11, 5:49 PM  

and I thought Promise Land was going to be a stretch for me.... I think I'll wait until I retire before I attempt a 100.

Boris Terzic 1/3/11, 7:34 PM  

That is awesome and exciting!

Turi 1/3/11, 8:32 PM  

Excellent race. I won't be there this summer, but I'm glad I know a few people that will. Have a good one -

Fitz 1/4/11, 6:43 AM  

You DID do something crazy! Good luck with the slow build-up. Do you have any particular training goals this winter/spring as you prepare?

wayne 1/4/11, 12:41 PM  

That's awesome! Looking forward to hearing how your training progresses. I've found so much information and inspiration from your site.

Stacy,  1/4/11, 12:44 PM  

Expected, but still really cool!

You got my gears turning again. I don't think I'll be able to time a visit to be there in July, but I want to. Badly.

Ready to Start, Arcade Fire, TRT ... favorites all.

Stuart 1/9/11, 8:23 AM  

Now that's interesting that's a maybe on my 2012 list...always looking forward to following the journey

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