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January 9, 2011

Orgain Nutritional Shake Review and Giveaway

Hey, guess what? Remember all that giveaway madness that went on back in December? It’s not quite over yet. Today’s giveaway might not be as exciting as a pair of killer trail running shoes, but it’s a pretty nifty prize for anyone who’s interested in trying healthy nutrition alternatives or having a handy meal replacement for life on the go.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Orgain to try its organic nutritional shakes, which were born from a life-altering experience of the company’s founder. Dr Andrew Abraham is a cancer survivor who was dissatisfied with the traditional chalky meal replacements that patients were often subjected to. He recognized the need for nutritional alternatives that didn’t rely upon artificial ingredients, that tasted good enough to enjoy, and could provide balanced nutrition for optimal health at all stages of life.

(Actually, the whole tale kind of reminds me of the CLIF bar origin story … except in place of “guy on a long bike ride” you’d say “guy with cancer”, and instead of “all-natural, better tasting energy bar” you have “all-natural, better tasting milkshake.” And Southern California [Orgain] instead of Northern California [CLIF]. But you get the idea.)

Orgain was founded in 2008, with the expressed vision of becoming the healthiest beverage company in the world. Dr Abraham has also stated that, “When you drink Orgain, you gain health, energy and life.” Pretty lofty goals, huh? No one will ever criticize the company for lack of ambition.

From company website

So what exactly is Orgain? It’s a ready-to-drink 11-ounce shake made entirely from certified organic ingredients which can be stored for up to a year without refrigeration. It has 255 calories in a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein (16 grams worth), along with 24 vitamins and minerals, heart-healthy fiber, and the antioxidant equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. They are gluten-free, caffeine-free, and contain absolutely no preservatives, corn syrup, saturated fat, antibiotics or hormones. It comes in a completely recyclable package, so you can be eco-friendly after you’re finished. All good stuff, to say the least.

Of course, none if this really matters if the finished product still tastes like chalk. I received samples of two flavors – Sweet Vanilla Bean and Creamy Chocolate Fudge – and had a taste test with my 9-year-old daughter one morning. I started with the vanilla flavor, since that’s pretty consistently my favorite flavor of anything – and after drinking about half the container thought to myself, "This stuff is pretty good." But I didn’t want to influence my daughter’s opinion, so I kept my mouth shut. That’s when we had this exchange:

Me: So how does yours taste?

Her: Great. It’s like drinking chocolate chips.

In kidspeak, that means "this stuff is pretty good." Then we each took a drink of the other’s, and agreed that the taste was quite impressive for something that had sat in our car for two hours.

As to why it was stashed in the car … that was because my daughter and I had just run a 5K together, and we only had about an hour to drive across town, get changed, and show up for her cowboy poetry recital later that morning. Along with the bagel and orange slice she had after the race, the Orgain shake worked great as a meal replacement since we didn’t have breakfast before or after running.

I can also see how these shakes would be a great source of quick, healthy calories after a hard workout, or a wholesome nutritional boost for anyone who’s sick and trying to bolster their immune system (remember, they were first designed for cancer patients). Their extended shelf life and convenient use makes them easy to keep around the house for a while or stuff into a workout bag when you know it’s going to be a long day.

As you’ve probably guessed with keywords like “organic”, “meal replacement”, and “gluten free”, Orgain isn’t exactly cheap. An 11-ounce pack sells for $3.50 from the company website, and may be marked up slightly higher in retail health food markets like Whole Foods. That’s why it’s great to know someone who does giveaways!

In conjunction with this review, three winners will receive a 12-pack case of Orgain shakes, divided equally between vanilla bean and chocolate fudge flavors. To enter, leave a comment below this post by Thursday, January 13th, and I’ll pull three winners out of the “Random Numberinator” and announce them on the weekend. Thanks very much to Orgain for sponsoring this contest, and good luck to everybody!

*Product provided by Orgain
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krystyna47 1/10/11, 1:46 AM  

Oooh, these sound delicious!! I'd love to try them! Count me in for the contest, cheers! :)

Lisa 1/10/11, 4:41 AM  

Would love to try these -- thanks!

Eddie 1/10/11, 4:50 AM  

I love a good shake! Count me in the contest :)

Kevin 1/10/11, 4:59 AM  

These sound great count me in.

Carly 1/10/11, 5:22 AM  

Would love to try them, count me in!

Chris 1/10/11, 5:23 AM  

Mmmmm, sweet vanilla bean. Count me in.

Brandon 1/10/11, 5:52 AM  

Sound pretty good. Sign me up! :-)

Cookie Monster,  1/10/11, 6:11 AM  

Cookie Monster needs shakemilk

papafoster 1/10/11, 6:13 AM  

definitely can't afford these myself. I'll hope for the best in the giveaway!

TK 1/10/11, 6:50 AM  

Sounds like a great product. I hope they are able to get the price down.

TheRunningNobody 1/10/11, 6:52 AM  

Hooo, i have to try that ! I'll check right away if i can buy it online ...

characterzero 1/10/11, 7:20 AM  

I'd love to try these!

JimDog 1/10/11, 7:25 AM  

Ok, now this is trippy. My family just switched to an all gluten free diet yesterday!!! First thing I thought when I read your article was "dang, I wonder if it's gluten free?" Hopefully I can win some!!!

pontdo 1/10/11, 7:25 AM  

Good stuff...thanks for the great site!

Richard 1/10/11, 7:34 AM  

Hummmm food! I'm on the Paleo diet for the month... this would be great at the end of it! :)

Though Xmas was past but you seem to be willing to be a year round Santa!

Andy 1/10/11, 7:50 AM  

You probably have a lot of paleo-leaning readers. So this giveaway works out pretty well for us. I'm in!

The Dude 1/10/11, 7:52 AM  

Pick me, Pick me!

Jamie H.,  1/10/11, 7:55 AM  

Sounds delicious!

Marilyn 1/10/11, 8:02 AM  

Never heard of them before, but I'll try the chocolate version of just about anything!

mtlion 1/10/11, 8:08 AM  

Sounds tasty and worth trying. Count me in.

Cody 1/10/11, 8:20 AM  

Enter me in the main event!

Tammy 1/10/11, 8:50 AM  

I love that they are gluten free! Wonder if they are nut product free as well??? Definitely worth a try if they are-- sound delightful!

Kyle Schaeffler 1/10/11, 8:57 AM  

This sounds delicious! Thanks!!

Josh 1/10/11, 9:00 AM  

Sounds intriguing. I'd love to try it!

Woodrow 1/10/11, 9:00 AM  

Sounds like a good company and worth a try. Thanks again.

Ted Darling,  1/10/11, 9:14 AM  

I would love to try them, so enter away.

TylerS 1/10/11, 9:30 AM  

Sounds delish! Consider me in.

JBK in CA 1/10/11, 9:57 AM  

I always have a meal replacement drink handy, and I am always looking for a better one. In.

Rory dela Paz 1/10/11, 10:00 AM  

Wow. These sound great! I'll also mention these to my father-in-law who will be going through a round of chemo soon. Proper nutrition is always a challenge for him when going through chemo.

jbgodfrey,  1/10/11, 10:01 AM  

sounds delicious. Im interested!

Timothy 1/10/11, 10:09 AM  

Never heard of these but would certainly be interested in giving them a try.

treklightly 1/10/11, 10:35 AM  

Looks like these are worth a try... Thanks for the contest!

Jeff 1/10/11, 10:57 AM  

I'm a sucker for good-tasting healthy organic foods!

mweston 1/10/11, 11:31 AM  

Sounds great -- I'm in!

Thomas O,  1/10/11, 1:06 PM  

Sounds delicious.

Addy 1/10/11, 2:20 PM  

These sound good!

tdomina 1/10/11, 3:34 PM  

Always up for a free treat!

MtUnpaved 1/10/11, 3:44 PM  

Count me in. I'll try them

nghill,  1/10/11, 4:55 PM  

Mmmmm....I love a good shake

Marc 1/10/11, 4:55 PM  

Count me in as well.

jason elliot 1/10/11, 6:51 PM  

I'd love to try these shakes! Hope I win :)

Mamarunsbarefoot 1/10/11, 7:42 PM  

shake, shake!! I could use that shake!!!

Darrell 1/10/11, 8:51 PM  

Hey Donald, sounds yummy. If your daughter liked it, it has to be good.

BTW, I'm about half way through The Running Life and enjoying it very much.

Jeff_C,  1/10/11, 9:07 PM  

Love to try them...

Jeff C

Clenbuterol 1/10/11, 10:17 PM  

It sounds like the most delicious shakes for the energy and health prospectus..
I will love to have it..

Ashley,  1/10/11, 10:30 PM  

I would love a case to kick start a nutritional diet!!

Snocone417 1/10/11, 10:36 PM  

Delish! I love these but they are pretty spendy for my budget. Now will they be coming out with a powder or concentrate, because that would be more affordable ... or at least justifiable!

jvada 1/10/11, 10:47 PM  

have been drinking this as a meal supplement for 1 yr to maintain a healthy caloric intake post treatment. have tried several other drinks but nothing compares to orgain's taste and natural content.

Maria 1/10/11, 10:58 PM  

I'd love to drink Orgain, but my current budget doesn't permit it. Please pick me!

Jhsporty 1/10/11, 11:23 PM  

They make great product. Im sold and in the contest.

Les K,  1/10/11, 11:42 PM  

Orgain is a product that I'd like to test and possibly distribute in Australia.

Marvin 1/11/11, 12:15 AM  

The Doc knows what he is doing. Great tasting healthy shake, what more can you ask for?

JenniferLeah 1/11/11, 2:54 AM  

this is exactly why I stay away from alot of these things, because they are loaded with chemicals & such~they sound very nice. In my opinion, anything that a kid describes as "drinking chocolate chips" has GOT to be good!! :)

The packaging is lovely too!

Aviva 1/11/11, 3:47 AM  

I travel daily for work and always seek a healthy meal on the run, this fits the bill with convenience, easy to travel with, apparently delicious and HEALTHY !

wayne 1/11/11, 3:50 AM  

Sounds like they might be great to stash at an aid station! I'd love to try them!!

Joey C,  1/11/11, 4:00 AM  

Sounds delicious.

Carrie,  1/11/11, 5:50 AM  

I LOVE these shakes and would like to win some! I can't always eat solid foods and Orgains are my go-to on those days.

shel 1/11/11, 5:57 AM  


Knuckles 1/11/11, 8:45 AM  

These sound great, Donald. Sign me up.

Monica Ifland,  1/11/11, 8:56 AM  

I love to take Orgain to the gym with me first thing in the mornings.

Knuckles 1/11/11, 1:01 PM  

I don't remember if I threw my name in the hat or not.


marathonmaiden 1/11/11, 1:06 PM  

like drinking chocolate chips? i'm sold :)

Jobu007 1/11/11, 3:42 PM  

Always interested in something that is good for me...count me in!

SolaceDivided,  1/11/11, 6:20 PM  

Contest entry from the distant city of Monterey~!

Purplelarkspur 1/11/11, 7:30 PM  

I just saw these at my grocery store, and wondered how it tastes. I would love to find out!

judi ~ 1/11/11, 9:33 PM  

What a great replacement this would be for the bars I've brought on my trip that taste like vomit. EWW Even if I don't win, I'm inspired to order some and test taste them - thanks for the recommendation!

Ellie 1/12/11, 3:55 AM  

It's always nice to hear that maybe I won't be choking down an Ensure at my next race... great contest, thanks!

ajones 1/12/11, 11:16 AM  

Looks and sounds yummy!

Fincher 1/12/11, 12:43 PM  

Definitely sounds intriguing!

Elizabeth 1/12/11, 4:27 PM  

I will love to try them. Thanks

Venkat 1/12/11, 5:28 PM  

Sounds Yummy!!! Would love to try them. Count be in for the contest.

mo 1/12/11, 8:01 PM  

Sounds good to me!

Lindsay 1/12/11, 9:32 PM  

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win. Orgain is delicious and perfect after a workout.

Frack77,  1/13/11, 10:27 AM  

I was looking for something organic and I am so happy to have found this product. I found it at Whole foods on sale for $2.50 each. I tried one and went back for more. I love the vanilla and am very hopeful that it will assist me in losing weight. Anyone looking for a meal replacement with good ingredients, good price and great taste this is it!

Young Lady Jessica 11/6/11, 9:15 AM  

oh my!!! These sound fanastic! They also sound deliciouse! I saw the add in glamour magazine and.was sceptical because ive seen similar things begore, but after this review and the comments i saw on the yiutube ad, its a must buy!

fordshouse 1/8/12, 1:36 PM  

Just bought a few boxes to try at the grocery store. I am planning to start New Rules of Lifting for Women this week and thought I would use this as post workout drink.

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