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January 28, 2011

CamelBak Groove Winner; La Sportiva Hobnail Giveaway; Random Shots of Beauty

Have you ever reached into the pocket of a jacket you haven't worn for a while and discovered a little bit of money there? Well, that's sort of what happened to me this week - except instead of money, I found something leftover to give away. I'll explain more in a second.

But first, let's get the CamelBak Groove bottle winner announcement out of the way: Toshi Moshi, e-mail me your contact info - you've won! Thanks as always to everyone who played, and special thanks to CamelBak for sponsoring the giveaway.

Now for the surprise giveaway: you know how there's that little pile of stuff in the corner of your bedroom that you're meaning to do something with someday, but never seem to get around to it? (Because everyone has a pile like that, right? Um ... right?) Well, this week I finally got around to going through my stuff, which tends to contain a lot of gear that I'm preparing to test and review. That's when I found a leftover La Sportiva Hobnail kit that came with my Crossover GTX shoes, which went unused since we don't see a whole lot of ice or snow here in coastal California.

Since there's still a decent amount of winter left in most parts of the country, I figure I should give them away to someone who can put them to good use. If you're interested, leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner at random. I want to make sure they go to a good home, though, so include the city you live in with your comments - and if you live in a place like San Diego or South Florida, go ahead and sit this one out. I'll announce the winner in a separate post on Tuesday night, and drop the hobnails in the mail by the end of next week.

On to this weekend's Random Shot of Beauty: I took it last weekend, on our family's second consecutive beach weekend in this wonderfully pleasant January. Obviously, the ocean has an incomparable majesty to it, but in my mind it's only the second most beautiful thing in this photo - right behind my 9-year-old daughter:

You all can have your winter weather. I'll take the beach and a beautiful girl any day.

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TK 1/29/11, 1:10 PM  

I'd love the hobnails for my Crossovers. I certainly can use them in Los Alamos, NM.

JenniferLeah 1/29/11, 1:52 PM  

That beach shot is gorgeous!!

Speaking of which, although it is winter here in Maine from Oct to June (ha ha) our beaches are so pretty. Hope you can make it out to the right coast some day....and speaking of winter for 7 months, those La Sportiva hobnails would work well here ;) which is Southern Maine.
Right now we are sitting on about 3plus feet of snow and the roads are covered in snow, ice and slush.

TK42ONE 1/29/11, 2:56 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
TK42ONE 1/29/11, 2:58 PM  

Not to be confused with the TK in New Mexico, I just finished un-screwing my shoes (http://tk42one.blogspot.com/2011/01/how-to-screw-your-shoes.html) so I figure I'm a prime candidate for new spikes! I live in King George, VA, which is certainly not a city, but close enough in these parts.

oops - had to delete the first comment since I forgot my link

Chris 1/29/11, 3:14 PM  

I need some help in the snow and ice of the Midwest.


Woodrow 1/29/11, 3:26 PM  

Like TK42One I can't claim to live in a city. But Manchester Center, VT certainty has seen its fair share of snow this winter.

Jobu007 1/29/11, 4:38 PM  

I live about 20 min. outside NYC which has had the snowiest January on record. I purchased a pair of the Crossover GTX shoes based on your review to deal with the conditions. As the trails here have a lot of ice I sure could use a set of the Hobnails ;-)

JimDog 1/29/11, 6:12 PM  

Highlands Ranch, Colorado. And even though it was a BEAUTIFUL 60 degrees today, snow is on the way next week:


Count me in! :-)

Jesse - Run To The Border 1/30/11, 2:11 AM  

My YakTrax don't cut it on the technical trails around here. They keep sliding off to the side, or riding up onto my forefoot. I'm going to have to screw my shoes before my first 50k in two weeks, because the long-term forecast is calling for freezing rain, then ice, then snow. So, I'd definitely put these to good use!

(I realize that people from other parts of the country might scoff when they hear that we have "technical" trails in Kansas, but the geography can be rather deceptive. The 50k I'm running has only seen 12 people finish under five hours in the six years they've been running the race, and only three females have finished under six hours).

Trailrat 1/30/11, 6:21 AM  

I could really use those hear in Boulder on my Green Mountain/Bear Peak runs.

TheRunningNobody 1/30/11, 6:40 AM  

Ho nice, QUebec City still has a long way to go in the winter ...

thanks !

Matt 1/30/11, 7:09 AM  

Hobnail's could be a nice replacement for my old yaktrax!

stazza 1/30/11, 12:33 PM  

Slipped and sprained my ankle last week. So, yeah, I could use these. New Jersey.

Running With The Devil 1/30/11, 5:28 PM  

55 inches of snow so far in the NY/CT area. I could definitely use the hobnails right now... or a snowblower if you have an extra in the closet.

Tyler S.,  1/31/11, 7:33 AM  

Definitely could use some Hobnails up here in FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA!!! We've got more ice and snow than we know what to do with... seriously... it's getting a tad bit ridiculous, even for me.

characterzero 1/31/11, 10:44 AM  

NH here! Could use them for sure!

runputt 1/31/11, 12:22 PM  

With the potential of another two feet of snow and ice heading for us here in Boston, I could use that Hobnail Kit. When will winter end!?

My Life and Running 2/1/11, 10:35 AM  

Reading this from my dining room... where I can look out and barely see our grey ocean through the mass of snowflakes shuffling down. Oooooh, sunshiny beach walks, I miss you! Enjoy that warmth!

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