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December 26, 2010

Ryders Eyewear VTX Sunglasses Review and Giveaway

You didn’t think the December giveaway bonanza was ending simply because Christmas has come and gone, did you? This week brings three new giveaways, one of which includes a product review of a great new minimalist shoe that I’m totally excited to be able to debut here.

However, I will confess to being a major-league slacker this weekend, so today’s giveaway will be quick and to the point. Before we get there, however, a couple of announcements …

1) I’m still waiting for The Big E to contact me and claim his winnings for the VIVOBAREFOOT kids’ shoes contest. You’ve got until Tuesday night before I pick another winner.

2) Everyone still has a couple more days to enter the New Balance MT101 giveaway, where three pairs of awesome trail shoes will be awarded on Wednesday night, December 29th. See details on the link above to enter.

OK then – on with today’s giveaway! As I said, I’ll try to keep things brief.

This summer I learned about Ryders Eyewear, a company that produces high-performance eyewear at discount store prices - and ever since then, I’ve used their lenses for all of my mountain biking and running activities. I first reviewed their Vigor model, which I prefer for mountain biking but also use for trail running, and then the VTX, which in my opinion is a more running-specific style that’s become my all-purpose model of choice.

Trail running with the VTX this summer

The VTX comes with three interchangeable lenses, one of which is clear, so these lenses would be a great option for road cyclists as well. Other lens colors are dark gray and orange, which feature 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

I could give you lot more details about the VTX – but like I said, I’m still sort of in slacker mode, so I’m saving myself some time by referring you to a review I wrote for FeedTheHabit this fall. (Or you could just take my word for it that they’re awesome.) Afterward, come back to this post, and leave a comment below for your chance to win a pair of Ryders VTX glasses for yourself. Two winners will be selected at random, and winners will be announced on Thursday night, December 30th. Good luck to everybody!

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Anonymous,  12/26/10, 8:54 PM  

Looks neat!!!
Steeplechaser29 at yahoo (dot) com

Tater 12/26/10, 9:21 PM  

Daddy needs a new pair of shades.
Please put me down for one.

Thanks Donald!

Matt Dubs,  12/26/10, 9:50 PM  

one entry please

Yakov 12/26/10, 10:00 PM  

These look awesome. Sign me up.

JimDog 12/26/10, 10:20 PM  

Would love a pair. Count me in! Thanks.

author 12/26/10, 11:16 PM  

I want one!!!

Count me in :)


Jobu007 12/26/10, 11:49 PM  

Count me in... and Merry Christmas!!

Sean,  12/27/10, 12:48 AM  

I can really use a pair of those!

Jesse - Run To The Border 12/27/10, 3:15 AM  

I could definitely use some new sunglasses - been hearing lots about Ryder in the blog community.

Bob 12/27/10, 4:50 AM  

I'd like to join in all the reindeer games, too, please!

Kevin 12/27/10, 5:21 AM  

I'll take 1 pair please!

chuckbike 12/27/10, 5:24 AM  

Excellent glasses!! Love the interchangeable lenses.

MDMatt 12/27/10, 5:39 AM  

Please enter me into the contest. I need a new pair of sunglasses. Thanks.

runputt 12/27/10, 6:17 AM  

Always excited by a new pair of sunglasses, especially ones that function as well on ths bike.

Toby 12/27/10, 6:20 AM  

Donald - just stumbled on your site, really enjoying the gear reviews. Keep up the good work. I am sure a free pair of these would make me a much faster runner!

Carly 12/27/10, 6:24 AM  

Would LOVE a pair! Keeping my fingers crossed for the win :)

Eddie 12/27/10, 6:25 AM  

Count me in for some sunglasses.

JJMar,  12/27/10, 6:28 AM  

Thank you for arranging to give so much stuff away this holiday season. You're Santa Donald.

Mike E 12/27/10, 6:36 AM  

Excited to win a new pair of sunglasses, never tried interchangeable lenses yet. Thanks for the great contests!

Brent 12/27/10, 6:47 AM  

I have a pair of Ryders which are my favorite casual sunglasses. If their more sports-specific glasses are even half as awesome as those I'd love to get my hands on some ...

Chris 12/27/10, 6:53 AM  

I'd love some sunglasses. Pick me, please.

rbrown10 12/27/10, 6:53 AM  

They look awesome!

Chanin 12/27/10, 7:05 AM  

Thanks for the review. I hope to win a pair!

marathonmaiden 12/27/10, 7:30 AM  

i totally need a new pair of shades as my brother "borrowed" my old ones. and i have yet to unborrow them from him

Chris 12/27/10, 7:44 AM  

Count me in. Thanks.

Carl,  12/27/10, 7:45 AM  

I'd love a pair!

islander 12/27/10, 7:46 AM  

Please count me in, thanks!

dug deep,  12/27/10, 7:54 AM  

Please select me at random

Erik 12/27/10, 8:35 AM  

They look sweet! Happy Holidays, count me in!

Doug 12/27/10, 8:50 AM  

I would really like to try a pair.

fetish4running 12/27/10, 8:56 AM  

I don't gave a snowball's chance in Hades...but I have to try!

Nate 12/27/10, 9:00 AM  

Glasses! I want those!

Anonymous,  12/27/10, 9:35 AM  

The glasses look cool but I want to know where your running! That looks like a nice fire trail...somewhere in Monterey?
Also, would you like to review my BarFootTraining sandals?

Tezcatzontecatl 12/27/10, 9:45 AM  

Boy am I glad you posted this, because I've been trying to remember the name of the sunglasses for a while now.

Sign me up, please. And thanks again for all of this.

vcsnover 12/27/10, 9:50 AM  

Used Ryders in the past for riding bikes.. good glasses.. hope I win!

Woodrow 12/27/10, 9:55 AM  

Strange I was just looking at these last night. Once again thanks for the review and give away.

Jeff_C,  12/27/10, 10:04 AM  

Thanks for the contests. Very nice sunglasses.

Travis Ringger 12/27/10, 10:11 AM  

Those look great. Thanks!

Anonymous,  12/27/10, 10:35 AM  

A pair of those glasses would be nice. I read the review on feed the habit a while back and they seemed of very good quality and affordable cost.
Eddy, Los Angeles.

RD Jim 12/27/10, 10:38 AM  

The "eyes" have it.

haystack 12/27/10, 11:15 AM  

Hey, once again thanks for sharing. Please put me in for one entry. Thanks.

Audrey 12/27/10, 11:27 AM  

I could totally use some sweet glasses! Happy holidays!

ScottyRev,  12/27/10, 11:45 AM  

Winner winner winner

Gerald Michalitz 12/27/10, 12:13 PM  


it would be nice


Trail Clown,  12/27/10, 12:42 PM  

Cookie monster needs sunglasses

shel 12/27/10, 12:42 PM  

i keep coming back, though i am never the weiner!

Chad 12/27/10, 1:17 PM  

I like all the lens options!

erika 12/27/10, 1:24 PM  

would love to win a pair, thanx!!

Timothy 12/27/10, 2:34 PM  

Do they work over eye-glasses?

purrx3,  12/27/10, 3:46 PM  

I'sysm trying again. Thanks

Mr. Liporto 12/27/10, 4:22 PM  

I could use the clear lenses for the DisneyHalf in 2 weeks!

Lisa 12/27/10, 5:01 PM  

Ooh, I've been thinking about buying a pair of shades for running. Sign me up -- thanks!

TK 12/27/10, 5:35 PM  

I could use these...mine cracked this weekend! Count me in!

Timothy 12/27/10, 5:41 PM  

Put me down for an entry, would be interested in checking out a pair of these!

jbgodfrey,  12/27/10, 5:58 PM  

just when I need new shades. Thanks for all these contests (even if I haven't had much luck). I've discovered new products and will start the new year with some changes in my equipment.

Running With The Devil 12/27/10, 6:17 PM  

My brother took my sunglasses back to Colorado this morning!

Justin Nunez 12/27/10, 9:20 PM  

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I still wear $5 CVS sunglasses,
So if you pick me, I'd love you.

Johan 12/28/10, 1:54 AM  

I would love a pair. Thanks!

Paula - Running Mom of 5 12/28/10, 5:19 AM  

I would love to win these sunglasses!!

Tim Wilson 12/28/10, 8:32 AM  

I don't wear sunglasses a lot... mainly because I am cheap and buy cheap sunglasses that suck. :)

21stCenturyMom 12/28/10, 8:37 AM  

Merry Christmas, Donald! I hope you had a great one.

Wed is my birthday and those glasses would be a perfect present! :-)

XC RACER 12/28/10, 8:57 AM  

Looks good, put me down for one entry!

Eric Evans,  12/28/10, 9:09 AM  

I need glasses to keep the pelting sleet out of my eyes more than anything else. I have yet to find a pair that doesn't fog over from my breath.

Scott 12/28/10, 9:25 AM  

A new follower in MO likes your blog. Please toss my name in the hat

Thomas O,  12/28/10, 11:11 AM  

These would be nice in the California sun.

papafoster 12/28/10, 1:25 PM  

Please put me down for one entry. Thank you!

Billy,  12/28/10, 2:27 PM  

They look good, count me in...

Josh 12/28/10, 2:35 PM  

Count me in please!

nghill,  12/28/10, 6:16 PM  

Count me in!

Boris Terzic 12/28/10, 6:58 PM  

I'd love a pair, that would be awesome!

Corey Singletary 12/28/10, 7:36 PM  

Can always use a quality pair of shades.

-JB 12/28/10, 8:01 PM  

Pick me! Pick me!

Rob/Eva 12/28/10, 8:38 PM  

just told SWMBO I need a new pair of shades for the upcoming marathon... :-) She'd like me to win a pair instead!

tdomina 12/28/10, 9:35 PM  

It's been years since I had a decent pair of sunglasses! Count me in.

JenniferLeah 12/29/10, 4:15 AM  

I'll take your word for it :) My 2 y/o daughter destroyed my last good pr of sport glasses and I have yet to replace them with a decent pair.

Happy Running

Gretchen 12/29/10, 8:12 AM  

I can always use new shades. Thanks!

Andy 12/29/10, 10:21 AM  

Sadly, no one got me running sunglasses for xmas... yet.

Alberto 12/29/10, 10:57 AM  

Yes, I wear my sunglasses at night...

Samurai 12/29/10, 11:58 PM  

great looking glasses, one entry please!

Julia 12/30/10, 5:18 AM  

Just discovered your blog. Love it! One entry please.

DoubleA 12/30/10, 7:59 AM  

Great looking glasses.

Sharon 12/30/10, 10:42 AM  

I'd love to own them. Count me in please.

Josh 12/30/10, 4:36 PM  

Great pair of glasses

Jonathan 12/31/10, 1:30 AM  

count me in sir :)

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