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December 30, 2010

Black Diamond Icon Headlamp, NRG Rechargeable Battery Pack, and WRC Gift Card Giveaway

Happy Old Year! Before today's post, let's do our customary rundown of status updates on previous contests ...

* The New Balance MT101 giveaway and Ryders Eyewear VTX giveaway contests are both officially closed as of this evening, and I'll announce the winners for each of these contests on Saturday.

* There's still time to enter the VIVOBAREFOOT Neo running shoe contest, and to increase your odds of winning by spreading the word via return links. This contest will run through next week.

As for today's contest, I'm closing out the December giveaway bonanza with a couple of my most familiar companions: the Black Diamond Icon headlamp and Wilderness Running Company. If you're a regular reader of this website, my feelings about each of these entities are fairly well-established - and if you're a new reader, I'll just direct you to some links to help bring you up to speed.

Black Diamond's Icon has become my number one choice for ultrarunning; with 100 lumens, it's bright enough to light up the most technically challenging trails, and its long battery life will easily carry you through a full night of running. If you use its rechargeable NRG battery pack (sold separately), you can top off the charge to achieve full brightness relatively quickly, and you'll never have to worry about buying disposable batteries again.

In 2009 I did some extensive headlamp testing, including this in-depth review of the Icon and NRG pack. I also did a couple of head-to-head reviews: this one comparing the Icon to Petzl's equivalent MYO RXP lamp, and this one comparing the Icon to Black Diamond's equally impressive Spot and Sprinter headlamps. By the time the following summer rolled around, I had pretty much any headlamp I wanted at my disposal, and went with the Icon when it was time to pull a couple of all-nighters on the trail - and I never regretted the decision for a second.

As for Wilderness Running Company, my partnership with them is approaching two years now, and my professional respect for them grows more with each passing month. Sure, I'm probably a little biased because they hosted one of the coolest runs I did all year - but there's something about principal owner Stacy's passion for trail running, his business philosophy, and his commitment to provide first-class service that's extraordinarily impressive. And of course, they're an integral part of this giveaway.

To help you light up the New Year in style, WRC will award one winner a Black Diamond Icon headlamp as well as the NRG rechargeable battery pack - and if that weren't enough, we're throwing in a $25 gift card to spend on anything you like from their website. It's a value in excess of $100, and the only cost of entry is a comment below.

Since this post represents not only the end of the year but also the end of the Great Running and Rambling Giveaway Bonanza, we'll do this final contest in straightforward, rapid-fire fashion: one comment, one entry, with a winner announced Wednesday, January 5th. Big thanks to WRC, good luck to everybody who enters, and ... go!

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Angie Bee 12/30/10, 9:55 PM  

Thank you for hosting so many cool giveaways :)
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Turi 12/30/10, 10:03 PM  

Whoa that's a serious headlamp. Indeed, thanks for all the awesome contests -

Dan 12/30/10, 10:09 PM  

I'm in. Happy New Year, Donald!

Thomas 12/30/10, 10:15 PM  

Happy New Year. Thank you for the many great posts.

Eddie 12/30/10, 10:16 PM  

I'm in. I NEED a new headlamp! Happy 2011!

Torquewrench 12/30/10, 10:25 PM  

Just getting into night running, this gear looks great. Thanks!

Josh 12/30/10, 10:43 PM  

Thanks for the great giveaways! I'd love to snag a headlamp, especially for this time of year.

nrmrvrk 12/30/10, 10:44 PM  

I'm still trying to find a good light, my Tikka 2 is dying. Sign me up.

Pancakes,  12/30/10, 11:05 PM  

I need a headlamp!

samur 12/30/10, 11:07 PM  

Happy New Year! I would use some headlamp! Need it! :)

Timothy 12/31/10, 12:22 AM  

Most of my runs, even night runs, are fairly well light, but a headlamp would be very welcome

terence,  12/31/10, 12:33 AM  

Great reviews. Happy running in 2011!

Jonathan 12/31/10, 1:28 AM  

yet another giveaway, may you always be on the giving side and never need help in 2011 :)

shel 12/31/10, 1:38 AM  

my headlamp is total crap. let's see if i can get a good one! hap hap happy new year donald!

wayne 12/31/10, 3:10 AM  

Happy New Year! This blog has greatly influenced my 2010 in a positive way.

Brent 12/31/10, 4:29 AM  

My dinky Petzl is nearing the end of its usable life, so this would be great!

Brandon 12/31/10, 4:54 AM  

Happy New Year! Keep the great blogging going into 2011.

Chanin 12/31/10, 4:58 AM  

Thanks for another great giveaway!

Kovas Palubinskas 12/31/10, 5:14 AM  

Happy New Year Donald - thanks for all the great posts and giveaways!

Rob 12/31/10, 5:23 AM  

Thanks Donald...I learned about WRC from you!

Tammy 12/31/10, 5:25 AM  

Wishing you all the best of the New Year.... so glad I found your website this year, cannot wait to keep reading, running and being inspired in 2011! Oh- great headlamp too!

Running With The Devil 12/31/10, 5:39 AM  

Happy New Year. Thanks for the almost daily great reading/insight/sense of humor. Nothing was funnier than the review of a hydration pack (UD Wasp?) where you realized how crooked how crooked your haircut was in the back. I laughed my ass off! Stacy steered me toward the Icon and I've used it extensively this Fall/Winter. Amazing piece of gear. I'd love to try for the WRC gift certificate so I can pick up more goodies for the new year.

As a sidenote... I was searching for the 'perfect' pair of trail shoes about 6 months ago and Stacy at WRC spent the time to send me 3 or 4 in depth emails to help me find what I was looking for (Crosslites!!!). He went so far as to tell me that even if it were something he didn't carry he would guide me in the right direction. I will NEVER buy another piece of gear from anyone other than Stacy.

Meg T 12/31/10, 5:50 AM  

Another great contest!

Chris 12/31/10, 5:54 AM  

A new headlamp would be awesome for the new year.


Jake J,  12/31/10, 6:06 AM  

Sweet way to light up the New Year!

Carly 12/31/10, 6:06 AM  

So glad I found your blog, thanks for the great reviews and contests! A new headlamp would definitely brighten up my dark winter running :)


Alex 12/31/10, 6:07 AM  

Great Year, and thanks for keeping the blog up. I am in for the BD lamp :) and excited to hear about your next years race plans

Gerhard 12/31/10, 6:09 AM  

Thanks for all the work that you've put into the blog! Have a great new year!

Gretchen 12/31/10, 6:28 AM  

Thank you for all the great give-a-ways. Happy new year!

MDMatt 12/31/10, 6:29 AM  

Thanks for holding these contests. This would be a nice one to win.

Graham 12/31/10, 6:30 AM  

I'll come to your blog even when the giveaways stop, but while they're on... Woohoo!

david 12/31/10, 6:31 AM  

Thanks for the chance, no headlamp here and the flashlight isn't cutting it.

Mike E 12/31/10, 6:35 AM  

This would really come in handy during my night training. Thanks & Happy New Year!

TK 12/31/10, 6:43 AM  

I'd love to get away from disposable batteries. Count me in!

Richard 12/31/10, 6:49 AM  

Being greener while trail running sounds good to me!

jen 12/31/10, 6:55 AM  

That headlamp looks awesome. I'm in! Happy New Year Donald!! :)

MacDo 12/31/10, 6:58 AM  

Happy New Year!

pontdo 12/31/10, 7:01 AM  

Thanks for the great Blog Donald...Happy NY!

Lisa 12/31/10, 7:01 AM  

What a doozy of a last giveaway! Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Woodrow 12/31/10, 7:03 AM  

Thanks for hosting Running and Rambling Giveaway Bonanza and good luck in the upcoming year.

Chris 12/31/10, 7:18 AM  

Thanks for all the giveaways and have a great new year!

Jobu007 12/31/10, 7:30 AM  

Count me in!...Hope you and yours have a Happy, Healthy and safe New Year...

JimDog 12/31/10, 7:32 AM  

I currently have a Mt. Bike headlamp...would love a proper running one. Count me in!!!

jraridon 12/31/10, 7:52 AM  

count me in as well.

JenniferLeah 12/31/10, 8:03 AM  

I am going to now call you the Santa of Cool Running Gear!!
WOW~all kinds of fun stuff.

I actually really need a headlamp-here in Maine it is dark until 7ish am/morning and by 4pm during the winter and that is when I run outside. This would be a great tool. Plus, I want to add more trail running to my regime come spring! Sweet!

Hmmm. My catcha is EVOlabil. LOL

vcsnover 12/31/10, 8:09 AM  

Sweet, I need a new headlamp bad! I hope I win, and thanks for another cool giveaway!

The Dude 12/31/10, 8:19 AM  

Thanks for all the end of the year fun on R&R.

Running with the Devil nailed it, WRC and Stacy are awesome, and I alway go there first!

Thanks Donald and Stacy!

thefantasyknowitall 12/31/10, 8:22 AM  

Cool headlamp and thanks for all the great giveaways!

MikeUp,  12/31/10, 8:41 AM  

Count me in! I must say that yours is probably the most fun blog that I subscribe to. Glad I found it! Happy new year!

Tezcatzontecatl 12/31/10, 8:42 AM  

Sign me up, Donald. I'd love to give them a try.

Caleb 12/31/10, 8:42 AM  

Count me in! No more slipping in hidden ice! Happy New Year!

cheryl 12/31/10, 9:01 AM  

I've only been reading your blog for the last 6 months or so and have enjoyed it (and your book) immensely! Thank you for a wonderful 2010, awesome giveaways and their associated reviews and mostly your commitment to sharing your passion about running.
I learned about WRC through you and would love to win this one!

Doug 12/31/10, 9:06 AM  

This headlamp would be very helpful on my night runs. Great giveaway.

mangolds 12/31/10, 9:14 AM  

That light looks awesome... would love one!

Tait 12/31/10, 9:18 AM  

Nice giveaway!

Lorne 12/31/10, 9:31 AM  

Just bought the latest incarnation of the BD MOxie/Cosmo. Nice little headlamp, more than adequate for trails. I have an Icon too, but the battery case is cracked a bit, so I'll try for this.

haystack 12/31/10, 9:39 AM  

Thanks again for sharing!

jbgodfrey,  12/31/10, 9:53 AM  

wow. thanks for your reviews.

CK 12/31/10, 10:33 AM  

Thanks for the opportunities throughout the year. Let there be light on the trails in 2011!

Ken 12/31/10, 11:09 AM  

Thanks for the info and reviews this year, best of luck for the year come.

wch 12/31/10, 11:45 AM  

Great giveaways! I gave my father-in-law a headlamp for Christmas, but not one this nice. I'd keep this one for myself!

KarenM,  12/31/10, 12:03 PM  

Happy New Year! My hubby needs a headlamp so he'll stop stealing mine!

Jason 12/31/10, 12:10 PM  

Happy New Year. those are some great prizes.

Avaalak,  12/31/10, 12:17 PM  

Thanks Donald for another great year of reviews and writing.

Happy New Year.


RD Jim 12/31/10, 12:24 PM  

Merry New Year Don. All the best to you and your family for a great 2011.

Ian 12/31/10, 12:32 PM  

Thanks for doing all these fantastic giveaways and for providing interesting reading for us. Happy New Year!

Travis Ringger 12/31/10, 12:39 PM  

Thanks for letting me know about Wilderness Running Company. Sound like good folks.

adam 12/31/10, 12:49 PM  

Although all the giveaways have been great I am looking forward to getting back to your regular programming.

That being said, WRC and Black Diamond are two favorites of mine and I'd love to win this last contest!

mtlion 12/31/10, 12:55 PM  

Happy new year and happy trails to you in 2011.

purrx3,  12/31/10, 12:58 PM  

Happy trails to you!

Anonymous,  12/31/10, 1:14 PM  

Happy new year! Thanks for the chance!!
steeplechaser29 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jeff 12/31/10, 1:56 PM  

Please pick me! I agree with Stacy too. Great guy!

Jeffreynielsen @ cox dot net

Lesser is More 12/31/10, 1:59 PM  

Happy New Year and thanks for all the great giveaways!

Michael 12/31/10, 3:09 PM  

Hey Don! I'm back on the blog after a few months off, and happy to be "in the running" (so to speak) for this contest. All the best,
-- Mike

characterzero 12/31/10, 3:36 PM  

I want this thing so bad!

Kevin 12/31/10, 4:01 PM  

I've been looking for a headlamp, count me in.

jeff 12/31/10, 4:10 PM  

I have the smaller light thanks to you. Love to have the larger light too.

Sharon 12/31/10, 5:16 PM  

Thank you for the entry. Happy New Year!

Jeff_C,  12/31/10, 5:39 PM  

Thanks for a great year...lots of good information, reviews, contests...


David 12/31/10, 8:35 PM  

Great headlamp, crossing my fingers

wirehairedrunner 12/31/10, 10:07 PM  

Cold dark nights need a good headlamp, and the Icon looks like a good one. Happy New Year!

ZeFreds 12/31/10, 11:15 PM  

Great reviews on these...as usual!
Looking forward to read you in 2011!

Prospecting California 12/31/10, 11:48 PM  

Happy new year!! Thanks for the contests!

Jesse - Run To The Border 1/1/11, 10:54 AM  

Sounds like a fantastic headlamp. Thanks for all of the great giveaways this season - I'm relatively new to your blog, but am definitely looking forward to the "regular" posts coming up.

Tam,  1/1/11, 11:36 AM  

Happy New Year to you! Thanks for all your gear suggestions. I could really use a new headlamp, so here's hoping for some new year's luck! :-)

Daniel Prevett 1/1/11, 11:49 AM  

I'd like a new headlamp. Thanks.

Adam Rodriguez 1/1/11, 12:29 PM  

Another awesome giveaway. Thanks for all that you do!

Joey C,  1/1/11, 4:56 PM  

Happy New Year, R&R!

Samurai 1/1/11, 6:31 PM  

Happy new year!

Boris Terzic 1/1/11, 6:39 PM  

Great give way! Happy new year!

Tater 1/1/11, 8:08 PM  

I would love a new lamp. Thanks for the great work!

Yakov 1/2/11, 5:43 AM  

Happy New Year! Thanks for the great reviews and giveaways.

Anonymous,  1/2/11, 5:09 PM  

This giveway is too good to pass.
Count me in.
Eddy, Los Angeles

RIKI 1/2/11, 5:24 PM  

Happy New Year! ... Great Giveaway.

Timothy 1/2/11, 5:51 PM  

Thanks for the great reading throughout 2010, looking forward to the new year!

Chu 1/3/11, 6:50 AM  

Happy New Years!

John Lubeski,  1/3/11, 8:21 AM  

I'd love a chance a another headlamp!

Eric Evans,  1/3/11, 9:18 AM  

The Icon looks nice, but I am not sure about the weight. I would love to give it a try though.

Tony 1/3/11, 9:21 AM  

Happy New Year! Thanks for another awesome giveaway.

Nate 1/3/11, 12:22 PM  

Early mornings run would so much safer....on the knees with this!

Robb 1/3/11, 1:34 PM  

Oooh, pick me! Pick me!

Fincher 1/3/11, 5:51 PM  

Happy New Year!

Jamie H.,  1/3/11, 10:56 PM  

Another great giveaway! Thanks!

highperf 1/4/11, 12:39 PM  

Thanks for another year of keeping us on top of the latest gear and adventures. Please keep up the great work (fun) in 2011!

Kyle Schaeffler 1/4/11, 1:26 PM  

Thanks for the chance to win =]

Chad 1/4/11, 2:12 PM  

Give me light! I need it up here in the Northland!

Corey Singletary 1/4/11, 8:30 PM  

We coukd use another headlamp in the house. Thanks for all the great blog posts and all th ard work Donald!

don 1/4/11, 8:50 PM  

Its dark up here in the cold white north. I could really use a headlamp. ;p)

Jeff 1/5/11, 5:19 AM  

I would LOVE a new headlamp!

DoubleA 1/5/11, 7:00 AM  

A headlamp would be great for a new trail runner! Keep up the great work on the blog, I am learning a great deal from it.

ratherbeswimming 1/5/11, 7:23 AM  

Happy New Year!

Loatswil 1/5/11, 8:53 AM  

Woot, this was on my Christmas list but apparently Santa didn't think I needed it.

Jonathan 1/5/11, 11:07 AM  

This would be awesome. I hope I'm not to late.

ajones 1/5/11, 11:20 AM  

This headlamp is boss. I really would love it!

nghill,  1/5/11, 12:56 PM  

Count me in!

Marc 1/5/11, 4:56 PM  

Happy New Year Donald!

Tsai,  1/5/11, 9:57 PM  

Please count me in.

Trail Clown,  1/6/11, 12:28 PM  

Cookie monster needs new headlamp

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