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November 28, 2010

VivoBarefoot Evo II Review and Giveaway; VivoBarefoot Evo Coupon Code

Sometimes I feel like I know how a review is going to go, almost before I take the shoes out of the box.

Case in point is VivoBarefoot’s Evo II, which I was given the opportunity to test in conjunction with this week’s giveaway, the first of several VivoBarefoot prize contests in December. Before receiving them, one of the first things I asked the rep was, “Are there a lot of significant differences compared to the first Evo?” – and after she described the relatively minor updates, I knew the shoe was one I could take out of the box and put straight to work.

VivoBarefoot Evo II

So that’s exactly what I did: my Evo IIs arrived in time for only a couple of short trail runs before I headed off for my awesome traverse of Zion National Park. And when I packed my bags, I carried only one pair of shoes with me – that’s how confident I was that they were up to the task.

No worries on the trail at Zion

Considering that I get to try a lot of minimalist shoes, I’ve spent some time thinking about what exactly distinguishes the Evo (see my original review here) from the rest of the pack. There are other minimalist styles that I enjoy wearing for everyday training, and another that I prefer for pure road or track running, but when it comes to wanting something super versatile and dependable for epic off-road adventures, with increasing frequency I choose the Evo. I’ve come to think of them as high-performance minimalist shoes – and the new Evo II comes from that exact same mold.

Rear view: no difference aside from the colors

I mean that almost literally, because to be quite honest, there aren’t a lot of modifications from the Evo to the Evo II. A slightly different mesh, a little more interior lining, and a couple of different colors to choose from … other than that, it’s the same shoe I know and loved from the summer.

Dense water-resistant mesh with TPU overlays

As part of the fall/winter collection, you can think of the Evo II as a more winterized version of its predecessor, with features to make it more suitable for harsher climates. The nylon mesh that sits below the hexagonal TPU of the upper is denser and water resistant, and the microfiber lining from the Evo’s sockliner area is extended throughout the entire shoe on the Evo II to provide increased warmth.

Super flexibility: one shoe curled inside the other

Aside from that, the entire design and all of the performance features are the same on the Evo II as they are on the Evo. A 4mm puncture-resistant and completely flexible outsole provides reliable traction on the most challenging trails (if you need convincing, go back and look at that Zion report again). Removable insoles allow you to customize ground feel versus comfort to a slight degree. Overall weight is 8oz per shoe, and the materials are 100% vegan.

Sockliner fabric extended throughout shoe interior

I did notice a difference in the warmth of the Evo II compared to the Evo, and with the right pair of socks, this would definitely be one of your best options for minimalist running in extreme cold climates. Water resistance was decent in the rain – they’re not 100% impermeable like Gore-Tex, but they also shed water a lot more quickly after river crossings than GTX-lined uppers typically do.

Puncture-resistant 4mm performance outsole

The only area that’s lacking to make this a true winter shoe is the outsole traction on wet, hard surfaces. The Evo II uses the same performance sole as the Evo, which does experience minor slipping on slick rocks, and may have a similar issue on ice (although to be fair, I never tested these in ice). A more aggressive outsole is rumored to be in the works at VivoBarefoot, and as a trail runner I’d love to see this applied to the Evo.

In my original Evo review, I described them as the best all-purpose minimalist shoe available, suitable for a wide variety of conditions – and the Evo II now further expands those conditions to include the cold and snowy extremes of winter. I also commented about how their retail price of $160 was somewhat cost-prohibitive, and at that time, the company wasn’t offering any discounts on the Evo at all.

But now, just in time for the holidays, that situation has changed. For ONE WEEK ONLY, today through December 6th, VivoBarefoot is offering 20% off both the Evo and Evo II. The men's Evo II is available here, and this link will take you to the men’s Evo. (And since I’m an equal-opportunity linker, the women’s Evo II is here, and the women’s Evo is here.) When you’re ready to check out, enter coupon code RREVO and the discount will be applied.

Of course, if you’re really lucky, you’ll win a pair of Evo IIs for free – because that’s the first prize of my December giveaway spree. I’m picking one winner from the comments section below who will then be allowed to select the Evo II gender and size (and maybe even the color) of their choosing directly from VivoBarefoot. And if you’re willing to spread the word about this contest with return linking, I’ll even give you a few extra entry chances.

Here’s how it will work: you get one entry for leaving a comment below this post. You’ll get additional entries for linking to this contest page from your Twitter feed or Facebook page (one entry for each). Finally, since I’m partial to bloggers, if you have a blog in addition to Facebook/Twitter and link here in a current blog post, I’ll give you a fourth entry. When you’re entering below, tell me how many entries you've earned, and I’ll keep a running tally. If you tell me you’ve linked here, I’ll pretty much take your word for it, but I might make random, periodic checks just to keep things honest.

I’ll announce the winner on Saturday morning, December 4th, so that if you’re waiting to redeem the coupon code in hopes of winning the contest, you’ll still have a couple of days to shop if you don’t win (which – sorry – will be most of you). There's a new banner ad above the Running and Rambling homepage that clicks to a landing page for the Evo II, so you can jump directly over there at any time this week. Be sure to tune in Saturday - or better yet, subscribe to the blog - to see if you won, and good luck to everyone!

*Product provided by VivoBarefoot.
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Gretchen 11/28/10, 11:58 PM  

Hmm, December 4th drawing for runners, and most entrants will lose. Does that sound oddly familiar to anyone else?

Donald 11/29/10, 12:02 AM  

Gretchen: Perfect! If only the Western States lottery allowed extra entries for linking to their website - I'd be in for sure!

Günter 11/29/10, 12:02 AM  

Great review. I love my EVOs and have been psyched to try the EVO II. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Dave 11/29/10, 1:07 AM  

thanks for the review! and thanks for a chance to win a pair!


samur 11/29/10, 2:38 AM  

Hey! I follow your blog for some time and it's great :) I shared this post via facebook and twitter, so I think I have free entries :D I'd be very, very happy if I would win...

TK 11/29/10, 4:03 AM  

I'd love to try these shoes. I also linked to your post from my blog and Twitter.

QF 11/29/10, 4:26 AM  

Shared this post on Facebook and my blog. Thanks for this.

adam 11/29/10, 4:45 AM  

I don't use any of those fancy social networky things so just one entry for me!

Eddie 11/29/10, 5:08 AM  

Interesting shoe for sure! I've yet to join the minimalist movement, but this sure would be a great shoe to try. Will post this on my facebook as well.

Sean 11/29/10, 5:21 AM  

Just getting really into minimalism and would love to try these. Thanks.

Chris 11/29/10, 5:27 AM  

Good review. I'd love to win a pair for my winter running!

Angie Bishop 11/29/10, 5:39 AM  

I have really wanted to try the Evos but the price has been the deterrent. I am going for gold so enter me for all four!
Twitter @BarefootAngieBee
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Barefoot-Angie-Bee/108501129176105
I follow your blog and I posted a link on mine :)

N Cockrell,  11/29/10, 5:48 AM  

Thanks for the review and the chance to win a pair, I'd love to try them in the coming New York winter. I also linked the review on my facebook.

Chris 11/29/10, 5:51 AM  

Thanks for the review and giveaway!

Jason 11/29/10, 6:05 AM  

Keeping my fingers crossed! Great review, thanks.

Anonymous,  11/29/10, 6:11 AM  


I love your reviews and the site. Continued good fortune for all the benefit you provide.

Please enter me in the drawing for the Evo II's, reaching me at tringger@gmail.com


Hall 11/29/10, 6:16 AM  

Do they have any padding at all, or is it basically just the rubber outsole?

fetish4running 11/29/10, 6:16 AM  

I've always drooled over the Evos, but simply cannot justify the cost. But free? I'll take it!!!

Jacob 11/29/10, 6:28 AM  

Interesting shoe; would love to try it.

The Dude 11/29/10, 6:30 AM  

Sign me up, please - one entry

characterzero 11/29/10, 6:42 AM  

Hey, posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Buzz. That's 4 if we count buzz :)
Cool looking shoes!

Aaron Reyes

Trailrat 11/29/10, 6:59 AM  

Throw my name in! I have been wanting to try out these shoes.

That is 3 entries for me.

Travis 11/29/10, 6:59 AM  

Would love the chance to win a pair.

Turi 11/29/10, 7:05 AM  

Those so look pretty nice - love to try a pair out. Consider yourself blogged and tweeted. :)

Mike,  11/29/10, 7:09 AM  

Those look awesome, nice review. :)

Woodrow 11/29/10, 7:11 AM  

There is something about the Evo and the Evo II which sets it apart from other shoes visually. If the performance is on par with the style I am sure these would be a great pair of shoes for all occasions. Thanks for the new review.

RunningLaur 11/29/10, 7:12 AM  

Found you through Turi, and I'm shocked I haven't come across your blog before - it's right up my alley. I'd love to give the shoes a try, and I'll be reading along!

Meg T 11/29/10, 7:12 AM  

I'm commenting for one entry. The shoes look really nice. I would love love love to win a pair.

C. Beth 11/29/10, 7:14 AM  

Four entries for me!
*Standard entry in which I tell you I'm drooling over these.

chunter4,  11/29/10, 7:16 AM  

Just one entry for me, but they sure look awesome. I would love to give them a try.


vcsnover 11/29/10, 7:17 AM  

I am linking to my FB, Twitter, and blog.. vcsnover.wordpress.com, so please give me the four entries.. this is such a cool thing you are doing. By the way, I used your review of the La Sportiva Crosslites to decide to purchase them.. great shoe but I am trying to go more minimalist with each successive shoe purchase, have the mt101's now too.

Noël,  11/29/10, 7:24 AM  

Love to win a pair! Been running in V5F Treks, but need something warmer for winter.

pontdo 11/29/10, 7:25 AM  

Thanks for the great review---as always! Would love to check out a pair of the II's...thanks!

becky 11/29/10, 7:26 AM  

Thanks for the great BLOG...would love to check out a pair...thanks!

Jennypenny 11/29/10, 7:27 AM  

I've been wanting to get a pair of these!

cheryl 11/29/10, 7:31 AM  

Thanks for the review! Love to try these! Will share on my FB page.

Graham 11/29/10, 7:44 AM  

Maybe Santa will be nice if I don't get lucky. I'm finding my huaraches to be a little problematic since the snow started flying. Between your review and Jason's, I think the Evo II is at the top of my list of options.

(Also linked via FB)

JimDog 11/29/10, 7:53 AM  

Oh man how sweet would it be to win this! I tripped on a run this weekend and put a hole in my Sockwas. They're still usable but boy would I love a pair of these Evo IIs!!!

I'm in for three entries! I wish I had a blog now!


Chad 11/29/10, 7:58 AM  

Shoes look awesome!

Steph 11/29/10, 8:06 AM  

These shoes would be great for the winter. It's getting a little cold in the morning here in NJ

Erik 11/29/10, 8:09 AM  

Thanks for the review!

Mark,  11/29/10, 8:10 AM  

Woo I'm always down for a contest!


dirkericson 11/29/10, 8:12 AM  

Thanks for the chance to win such a nice pair of shoes. Love the review.I'll hit facebook and twitter later tonight when I get home.

Kathywithbirds 11/29/10, 8:13 AM  

Great review. I'm trying to get my husband to try BF/ minimalist running and my daughter is getting some Vivo Barefoots for Christmas. :)

stazza 11/29/10, 8:17 AM  

Pick me! Pick me!

seanb724 11/29/10, 8:17 AM  

I'd love a pair of evo ii's!! Thanks, Sean

Jimmy Hart 11/29/10, 8:19 AM  

I enjoy my Evos for the same thing you mention. They are a good all around minimal shoe. I've also posted this on my facebook to get the word out.

questionfear 11/29/10, 8:20 AM  

Such pretty shoes...

JBK in CA 11/29/10, 8:23 AM  

I plan on transitioning to lower profile shoes this winter. Thanks to Santa, a gift top myself or better yet winning a pair.

Also linked on Facebook.

L 11/29/10, 8:24 AM  

you've convinced me - I need this shoe!

chase 11/29/10, 8:27 AM  

hmmm... December 4th rings a bell... oh yeah, its actually my birthday... some new shoes would be great for this cold weather!!!!!

ajb422 11/29/10, 8:28 AM  

Great review. Just one entry for the contest.

Josh 11/29/10, 8:46 AM  

Great contest as always - a big thanks to all the companies that valu your thoughts and reviews as much as we do. Two entries for me - here and facebook.

stazza 11/29/10, 8:51 AM  

Between Facebook, Twitter, and Blogspot that's 3 entries. This comment makes 4 and if you're willing to give me credit for my comment above, that's 5 entries total.

tdomina 11/29/10, 8:52 AM  

What a great give away! Man, would I ever love to win these.

Phil Hamilton,  11/29/10, 9:14 AM  

Oooh...sign me up, Donald.

Anonymous,  11/29/10, 9:22 AM  

I'd love to try them out. Please sign me up.

Brian Robinson

James 11/29/10, 9:28 AM  

I spent hours trying to click "Buy" on these and ended up getting water shoes instead since I'm a poor college student. Can't argue with free though!

runputt 11/29/10, 9:29 AM  

Tweeted and on FB. I would love to try those out but their price is just too much!

Kovas Palubinskas 11/29/10, 9:33 AM  

One of the coolest looking minimalist shoes.

3 entries, please: Comment, shared on FB, tweeted @kovasp

NEWBIE TO BAREFOOT,  11/29/10, 9:35 AM  

I am just getting in to Barefoot running and would love to try the VivoBarefoot Evo to how it compares to my VFF'S. Put link on FB.

treklightly 11/29/10, 10:04 AM  

Sent this out on Twitter and Facebook as well... Thanks for your insight and reviews!!

Pig Monkey 11/29/10, 10:11 AM  

I'll give it a shot. One entry here.

Andrea 11/29/10, 10:18 AM  

I already own Vibram Fivefingers and love them....these would great on fat toe days and for work. Will be sending with facebook and twitter as well. Good luck to us all. May I win. LOL

Zach 11/29/10, 10:28 AM  

One entry for me..

Daniel 11/29/10, 10:43 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daniel 11/29/10, 10:44 AM  

I find the Evo I and II to be the the most intriguing of the barefoot shoes. I would love to try a pair.

Posted to my blog, facebook, and twitter.

krystyna47 11/29/10, 11:09 AM  

Hmm, I've been wanting to try a minimalist trail running shoe, but haven't had the opportunity (or the money). Here's hoping!!

count me in for 1 entry! :)

Brent 11/29/10, 11:18 AM  

Sign me up to give these a shot!

Ryan 11/29/10, 11:21 AM  

Hmm, I have been wanting to try a pair of these out, since my toes are starting to freeze in my KSO's here in Vancouver, BC.

papafoster 11/29/10, 11:25 AM  

The review is exactly what I would expect...Evo IIs are great! Sign me up for one entry. I'm so addicted to minimalist running! Is anyone else?

Timothy 11/29/10, 11:29 AM  

Great review, really looking forward to giving the shoe a shot. Facebook link soon to come!

Eli 11/29/10, 11:34 AM  

I wonder if I should upgrade? I really like my Evos, but the improvements sound great. Thanks for the review!

Eric Evans,  11/29/10, 11:56 AM  

I love my Vibrams and Runamocs, but it would be nice to give these a try.

C-Dog 11/29/10, 11:57 AM  

I earned 4 Entries!! Blogged it, tweeted it, FaceBooked it.

I could use some actual shoe looking things for running. The wife would probably feel better about them :)

Gerry Moore,  11/29/10, 11:57 AM  

There is a real need for water resistant versions of minimalist shoes. As we head towards 2011 more interesting shoes are showing up. The Evos look very good although I don't see their high cost translate into any specific value over the new NB or Merrell Trail Glove. Am I missing something?

Nice review Don, thanks for your blog. This is my single entry

Eric 11/29/10, 12:38 PM  

Thanks for the review. I've been looking at these, but the cost was holding me back. Getting them for free would help with that problem!

Stephen 11/29/10, 12:45 PM  

Two entries for me (facebook).
Just started barefoot running and its getting cold in the North East. The EVO II's would come in handy.
Thanks for another great review. I can be reached at jobu007@gmail.com

derscott 11/29/10, 12:57 PM  

Nice review! I linked to this on my FB account, so 2 entries for me. Woot!

jbgodfrey,  11/29/10, 1:35 PM  

I've never seen these shoes in real life. After your review, I need them. My fingers are double-crossed--for WS100 and Vivo. Thanks!

Jeff C...,  11/29/10, 1:45 PM  

Would love to try them out....1 entry


dug deep,  11/29/10, 1:57 PM  

Enter me please

Gretchen 11/29/10, 2:00 PM  

Here's my comment for an entry. I'd love to give a pair of these a try!

robb 11/29/10, 2:09 PM  

Oooh, pick me!

Snarl,  11/29/10, 2:36 PM  

Ooh, hope it's me!

Seems like my odds would be better not posting it ;p, but put it on my Facebook.

Austin 11/29/10, 2:46 PM  

How nice to hear one of my fellow Utahns contributing to the world of minimalist running!

Tuck 11/29/10, 2:57 PM  

Sign me up, please. :)

Here's my post:


krazygoat 11/29/10, 3:01 PM  

Like the EVO but have put them off because I have nowhere close to try them on and I am an in-between size (10.5-1.75) would love to see them in more stores.

Also hoping you get a pair of Neos to review.

put a link on my facebook too

Jason D. 11/29/10, 3:22 PM  

You always have the most interesting giveaways. Sign me up please!

Erik 11/29/10, 3:27 PM  

Thank, i want to win a pair of Evo II.

Lesser is More 11/29/10, 3:28 PM  

Sign me up for 1 entry. These shoes have always had a great design that really stands out....unfortunately, so does the price. I'd love to win a free pair though and give em a try!

Scott 11/29/10, 3:30 PM  

Been wanting to pick up a pair of these, but I'm concerned about the fitment with my big feet.. Not sure they'd be big enough!

John 11/29/10, 3:38 PM  

pick me. . .please. . .one entry

NickH969 11/29/10, 3:38 PM  

Would love to give these a try. Count me in!

Josh 11/29/10, 4:06 PM  

Thanks for the great giveaway! Here's hoping!

Bryan M.,  11/29/10, 4:48 PM  

I'm in. Could use a new pair of shoes.

Jeff 11/29/10, 6:15 PM  

You're included in my latest blog post and linked to from both my personal facebook account and my blog's fan page.

I'm dying to try the Evo, but can't bring myself to dish out the $175...

Joshua 11/29/10, 6:43 PM  

I'd love to get my feet in those shoes, but the cost has always stopped me. It would be sweet to have one shoe to replace them all.

The BIG E 11/29/10, 6:45 PM  

Wow look at all the people coming out of the woods...
I'll take my chance send me a free pair


Matt dubs,  11/29/10, 6:48 PM  

A new pair of evo II's sure would warm up my winter!

I linked through twitter and FB, wish me luck!

jonnyb 11/29/10, 6:48 PM  

I'm a mostly happy softstar runamoc wear-er who is starting to get cold (it was 23 when I ran this morning). Evo's have been on my list to save for and would complement my Dharma work shoes wonderfully. I don't blog or tweet, so this is my only entry ;-)

Scotty Rev,  11/29/10, 7:32 PM  


Dave Chan 11/29/10, 9:09 PM  

Hoping to get lucky in the drawing! Great blog, thank you.

-JB 11/29/10, 9:12 PM  

Thanks for the review. I am definitely interested in winning a pair. I'll also link from Facebook.

Jeff 11/29/10, 9:37 PM  

I am ready to win- great review!

mariko 11/29/10, 10:15 PM  

Count me in! I don't have evos but am a huge fan of terra plana's vivo barefoot line.

JGrizzle 11/29/10, 10:29 PM  

Put me down for one entry! Love the blog!

CleanAirLawnsOC,  11/29/10, 10:31 PM  

Hey Hey All - I can't wait to win...I love the blog and wish everyone else luck...We will all need it - I just posted this on Facebook and a tweet, the more the merrier, right????

Cheers - Kevin

Ana 11/29/10, 10:35 PM  

I bought a pair of their Vivo Barefoot shoes for wearing to work based solely on your review of the company. They are great. I'd love to try the Evos.

ludo,  11/29/10, 10:41 PM  

Thanks for the review.
Since the VFFs are not working for me, the EVO seems to be the only good alternative (with the RunAMoc).

Joseph 11/29/10, 11:16 PM  

Marvelous blog! I want to WIIIN!

Billy,  11/30/10, 12:48 AM  

I got Osteitis Pubis 3 months ago, new shoes would help get me back on the trails...really they would!!

Kohhal 11/30/10, 2:42 AM  

Nice review, would be great to have a pair for the gym. Just the solo entry for me!

Agata Góralczyk 11/30/10, 2:49 AM  

Of course I want to win. Who doesn't?

Kevin 11/30/10, 4:21 AM  

put me down for 2, here and FB.

Cory 11/30/10, 4:55 AM  

Thanks for the review, too bad they didn't change that tongue. Tokyo is pretty damn hot and humid for most of the year, and that thing absorbs sweat and makes a palpable difference in the weight. I guess the Evo II's will probably be too warm for my needs.
I've linked to Twitter, Facebook, and my blog, so I'll take the full 4 entries, please!

shel 11/30/10, 5:27 AM  

dang! 116 comments? come on baby, mama needs a new pair of shoes! i'm a follower and have linked on FB and my blog. good luck to me, and thanks for arranging this contest, no matter who is the winner :-)

Chuck 11/30/10, 5:58 AM  

Cool contest. Let me link in fb and twitter.

Gerhard 11/30/10, 6:05 AM  

I wonder how these would be able to handle the winter up here in Canada. Linked to FB. I'll take two entries, hold the fries.

Harv 11/30/10, 6:24 AM  

I could use a new pair of evos

ianlitmans 11/30/10, 6:31 AM  

the evos are intriguing. love to try a pair

Marc Trussler 11/30/10, 6:44 AM  

Come on i'm a poor student... this is the only way haha....

Kate 11/30/10, 7:20 AM  

I'd love to try these! I'm really curious how they'd compare to my $20 Teva water shoes and the Bikilas that I love, but are less practical in frigid north winters. (though I did race in Bikilas on Thanksgiving day: 8 deg, windchill below zero and on hard-packed snow and ice!)

I'll take two chances - here and FB.
steeplechaser29 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jason Hayes 11/30/10, 7:48 AM  

Thanks for the review! I have been running in the Nike Free all year, but want to jump down to something minimal.

MorganWood 11/30/10, 7:49 AM  

I'd love for a chance to try a pair of these out! Good review!

Sarah AJ 11/30/10, 7:55 AM  

I've been drooling over these since they released them! Shared on FB and Twitter.

Nate 11/30/10, 8:39 AM  

In for 1 entry.

Spokane Al 11/30/10, 9:08 AM  

I would wear a pair of Evos with pride.

Heather 11/30/10, 9:28 AM  

Add me for one comment and one link to my facebook page!

Trish R,  11/30/10, 9:46 AM  

I'm tempted to get a pair of the Evo II...it's getting really cold out there and my Vibrams are not going to cut it soon! I'll be sharing this on my FB page for sure.

GufiFoot 11/30/10, 9:58 AM  

If you have a moment, quick question: From what I gather, Evo II is more for cold climate (with a few new tweaks). So being that I spend my time in So Cal & Hawaii, should I just stay with the original Evo?
Thanks for all of your postings. They are very helpful.

nrmrvrk 11/30/10, 9:58 AM  

Add my name in the hat 3 times..


Kirstie 11/30/10, 10:13 AM  

I would love to try a minimalist shoe.

Kirstie 11/30/10, 10:14 AM  

Just linked up your contest on my blog.

chirunner 11/30/10, 10:31 AM  

I experienced Zion National Park for the first time in September, and the minute I saw your photo, I knew exactly where you were. Such a beautiful place.

Katie Kift 11/30/10, 10:41 AM  

I think I have to make it clear that's not me as such who wants the shoes. It's my funky toes. They keep complaining about Vancouver rain and how VFF's make them cold. Anything to shut them up! ;)

Here's hoping. Oh and I'll put you in my bloglist..How about that? Not that anyone reads my blog, but well.. you know..:) 2 chances..:)

slouisemay,  11/30/10, 11:02 AM  

Looking into barefoot running options - I've been in vibram 5-fingers since Aug 2009 and just finished an Ironman triathlon marathon protion in bikilas. I am looking for a northeast winter running alternative to the vibrams since they won't keep my feet dry and slush is a constant here. My next level closer to barefoot... will be a pair of homemade hurache sandals (kit from Barefoot Ted) come late spring. VivoBarefoot EvoII and Innov8 (195s) both for running are what the web search is offering. Then there's the 'coming soon' NB Minimus which looks too much like a real shoe. Any comments from actual race runners?

Ryan 11/30/10, 11:08 AM  

Great review. I'm really getting into minimalist shoes.

John 11/30/10, 11:10 AM  

Really looking forward to trying these shoes. I both tweeted and posted this on fb, so count me in 3 times.

Andy 11/30/10, 11:42 AM  

They're a great shoe. Winning this one will be tough. Posted this on Barefoot Ted's minimalist runner google group. Does that count?

Tim Butterfield 11/30/10, 12:03 PM  

Four entries: standard, Twitter, Facebook, and Blog post

51feetunder 11/30/10, 12:10 PM  

Ooooh chance to win free shoes? Count me in! Plus I've posted on my blog: http://51feetunder.wordpress.com/ so I guess I'm in for 2! Love your blog BTW. keep up the good work!

Steve 11/30/10, 12:55 PM  

I'm IN. Although... I run completely barefoot... lately I have been thinking about a minimal shoe option for this winter.

So... in the infamous words of Donkey... Ooh... Ooh... PICK ME! PICK ME!

MtUnpaved 11/30/10, 1:03 PM  

Excellent! I've been wanting to try a pair and maybe this is my chance!

Clifton Trujillo 11/30/10, 1:10 PM  

Damn man I was going to try to hold out till March for New Balance's Minimus trail shoe, but your review has me thinking the EvoII could be a good Christmas present to myself.

msimpson 11/30/10, 1:23 PM  

These would make an awesome early Christmas gift...to me! Sign me up for 3 entries: comment/tweet/Facebook.
Thanks, Donald!

Shoeless Joe 11/30/10, 1:59 PM  

cool shoes, count me in

JC in DC 11/30/10, 2:02 PM  

Hoping for the win!

harry 11/30/10, 2:17 PM  

Great review , I will post a link from my facebook and tweet to my very minimalist following there!:)
So thats good for 3 entries right?

Shannon 11/30/10, 4:00 PM  

I injuried my back at the end of March and have heard that minimalist running might be a good thing for me to try. Would love a pair to check out!

Tess 11/30/10, 5:17 PM  

Please count me in with all of the other droolers...! Thanks for the review.

EricS 11/30/10, 5:38 PM  

One entry here! These look amazing, thanks for a great opportunity. Looking forward to reading more posts.

Rob/Eva 11/30/10, 6:09 PM  

it's shameless, but i'm here for the shoes (but, then, aren't we all!)...

come on, Vivo!!!!

thejerm 11/30/10, 6:25 PM  

well i always like your reviews, and its my 32nd birthday this friday and i sure would like to wear these shoes!

RD Jim 11/30/10, 6:38 PM  

Ok Don, let's go with a tweet, a facebook and my wakely blog/forum for a trifecta!

Anonymous,  11/30/10, 7:20 PM  

Good Review, great blog, always enjoy reading your reviews and experiences! Put me down for 2 entries as I'll be linking this to my FB page!

- AJM -

wirehairedrunner 11/30/10, 7:22 PM  

Thanks for another great product review. I linked this to my Facebook wall, in addition to commenting here.

wch 11/30/10, 7:51 PM  

Posted it to Facebook so all my running friends and family will see it. I've tried lots of minimalist shoes but not the EvoIIs yet because of the price. Would love to get my feet into a pair!

Thomas 11/30/10, 8:56 PM  

Just one entry for me. Great review by the way.

ZeFreds 11/30/10, 10:20 PM  

Great review as always, Don!

Lorne 11/30/10, 11:02 PM  

Had my VFF treks out in the snow last week. It was chilly but manageable. Wouldn't mind trying these though.

209Mike 12/1/10, 1:34 AM  

Hey Donald. Hope all is well with you. Would love to give these things a tryout. Have a good one. Hope to see you out at a PCTR event soon.

- Mike

IBQ 12/1/10, 3:30 AM  

I'd like to win a pair.

Felix D. Arauz 12/1/10, 3:53 AM  

Hope to get a free pair would be awesome to run in them while in Costa Rica.

Lisa 12/1/10, 6:05 AM  

Great post -- thanks for the giveaway!

Alex 12/1/10, 6:36 AM  

thanks for the giveaway and the great blog

Rory dela Paz 12/1/10, 6:38 AM  

It's worth a shot! I posted on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rory.dela.paz, Twitter: @rorydlp, and even the much maligned Google Buzz!

Green Bike Tour 12/1/10, 7:07 AM  

gotta try and win these for my wonderful hubby. i know he would do the same for me and he deserves some more time out on the trails.

NJ 12/1/10, 8:52 AM  

I never win anything but it's worth a shot because I REALLY want to try a pair of these shoes. The deterent for me has been the price tag. Here's to hoping Random likes me!

Matt 12/1/10, 9:09 AM  

Would love to get a pair of these

Kate 12/1/10, 9:56 AM  

Why do the women's colors have to be so ugly? Are you listening to me Evo?

Jesse 12/1/10, 9:57 AM  

Great review, and thanks for hosting the contest! Would love to try out a pair in the hills/Redwoods here. I posted to FB & Twitter, too.

Jesse - www.45MinuteSite.com

nana 12/1/10, 11:15 AM  

thanks for the review on the EVOs and a chance to win some of my very very own. count me in for two entries. posting to FB in 3, 2, 1...

Sean 12/1/10, 11:45 AM  

Hello again. Just added a link to you in my blog. http://ultrasforlivestrong.blogspot.com/
Its newer but feel free to check it out every once in a while even if I dont win. Thanks.

Michael Yoon 12/1/10, 11:54 AM  

Not to be greedy after I was lucky enough to win the Clif Bloks, but 4 entries please!

Twitter: @michaelyoon

FB: /michaelcyoon

Blog: http://michaelyoon.com/vivobarefoot-evo-ii-giveaway-at-running-and-r

DavidJames 12/1/10, 11:58 AM  

Sweet! Posting to FB and Twitter too.

Puller 12/1/10, 12:04 PM  

Put me in for 3. I posted to twitter and facebook!

This would be the best 21st birthday resent if I win!!

Liz Killian,  12/1/10, 12:15 PM  

Posting my comment for one entry

terraplana {at} tsuasai [dot] com

Anonymous,  12/1/10, 2:13 PM  

Tried to buy the shoes using the discount coupon but their website crashed EVERY TIME. I tried using Firefox and Safari...

Sorry Evo, Maybe I'll win the contest or Donald will get the message out to you guys and you'll fix the website.


Jeremy 12/1/10, 2:37 PM  

Great review! I'm in for 1 as well as 1 post to my twitter! Woo! Hi Mom!

rbrown10 12/1/10, 4:02 PM  

Great review! Now I'm even more excited about the Evo IIs.

william r killian iii 12/1/10, 5:10 PM  

Tweeted (@forkmantis): http://twitter.com/#!/forkmantis/status/10138241751580672

jraridon 12/1/10, 6:34 PM  

Great Review. Count me in, good work on the contest.

Donald 12/1/10, 6:39 PM  

Dean: There shouldn't be a problem with the Terra Plana website. Send me an e-mail offline (info@runningandrambling.com) and I'll give you the contact info for my VivoBarefoot VP who can talk you through whatever's not working.

CWH 12/1/10, 6:41 PM  

I would love to win a pair of Evo II as I have been trying to buy a pair and they never seem to have my size in stock.

Boris Terzic 12/1/10, 8:00 PM  

This looks sweet! put me down for two (one on facebook).

Boy I hope I win it! :D

EarthTrauts 12/1/10, 8:32 PM  

My only experience thus far with "barefoot" or minimalist running has been Vibram Five Fingers (KSO Trek, specifically). While I love them, they're awful in wet/cold weather. The area around the toes is extremely permeable and so your toes basically just sit in a puddle all day.

These shoes look like a great way to address that, and the look like they'll work, too!

Kathywithbirds,  12/2/10, 6:08 AM  

Second entry for me, Facebooked... bought my daughter Becks, but can't afford Evos for me :(

Michael 12/2/10, 6:24 AM  

Great review. Thanks for giving us all a chance to win a free pair. I posted your review on my facebook and twitter, so please enter me thrice (by that I mean three times). Thanks!

Henry Svendblad @ nuttykitchen.com 12/2/10, 7:27 AM  

Excellent review. I will be tweeting, facebooking, and mentioning this on my blog. That would be 4 entries! I love my Vibram Trek Sports but I think these might be even better.

Janice 12/2/10, 8:04 AM  

New country, new weather, new shoes (hopefully) for me if this works out! :D if it doesnt, i'll just have to save up :) my feet are too wide for normal sport shoes

by the way keep up the good job! minimalistic running isnt big in my country yet so i depend mostly on blogs like yours for reviews on the shoes :D

Going to facebook this!

Zack 12/2/10, 8:23 AM  

I would love the opprotunity to try out the Evo. Posted link on Facebook, so 2 entries for me please!

Samurai 12/2/10, 3:45 PM  

One entry please!

Josh 12/2/10, 4:23 PM  

one entry for me please! thanks Josh S

raul 12/2/10, 4:53 PM  

One hopefully lucky entry for me. You'd make my year for sure. Thanks for the great blog.

D 12/2/10, 6:43 PM  

One entry please

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