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November 17, 2010

CLIF SHOT Gel Winners (and Questions Answered)

It’s time to announce the CLIF giveaway winners! Before doing so, I figured this was the best way to answer some questions that came into the comments section or e-mail over the past couple of days, so …

1) Yes, the new SHOT gels are available now in most stores, but flavor selection may vary by location.

2) I’ve tried GU’s chomps (their equivalent of CLIF BLOKs) a few times, and have to say that I like CLIF’s better. I find them easier to chew and better-tasting, with a larger variety of flavors. If you missed it previously, see my full BLOK review here.

3) I honestly can’t say how CLIF’s double expresso (yes, that's how it's spelled) flavor compares to GU’s espresso love (who comes up with these names?), because I really dislike the taste of coffee. The only time I’ve ever had an espresso gel was at 2AM during my first 100-miler, and it worked like a charm to keep me awake – but I distinctly remember having to choke it down because I couldn’t stand the flavor.

4) For the oddballs out there who preferred the old CLIF SHOT formulation, it’s still available from various online vendors (such as here at Amazon.com), presumably until supplies run out – so this would probably be an opportune time to stock up.

But that’s enough rambling for now; I know you mainly just want to know who won. So let’s do it: Mannie, Joe Maller, and Rather Be Swimming (really?), e-mail me with your address – you’ve won the drawing! Thanks very much to everyone who participated, and be sure to subscribe to get in on more upcoming giveaways.

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mweston 11/18/10, 8:52 AM  

Someone else who hates the taste of coffee! I say that's what Coke/Diet Coke are for. I also have caffeine pills available for 100-milers, but haven't used them yet.

ratherbeswimming 11/18/10, 10:28 AM  

Maybe some day, I'll be Rather Be Running :)

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