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October 23, 2010

Random Shots of Beauty

They call it Toro Park for a reason:

Since most of my ultra-long training runs are done solo, there are many mornings when cattle are the only living souls I see on the trails. Sometimes when I'm lacking motivation to get out of bed early, I'll imagine that the cows are expecting me - like they're holding me accountable to get my mileage in.

And if that sounds a little weird ... OK, yeah. It's weird. So be it.

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RH Averett 10/24/10, 3:00 PM  

Good trick; I'll try it. I used to see this little old man walking along the Back Bay in Newport Beach when I did my morning runs. We'd wave and say hello every morning, and I often imagined that he got as much from the passing encounter as I did. I thought for a year or so that he didn't recognize me because he wore very thick sunglasses, even at dawn, and was stuped over. But one day I stopped to talk with him - not knowing if one day he just wouldn't be there any more and I would have missed an opportunity. He instantly knew me, knew my run pattern and recognized my accent. Pretty special.
Don't know if my imagination is strong enough to visualize the bobcats talking to each other about seeing me slug up another trail. Think they're saying 'it looks like the old boy's putting on a few pounds'? Remember, my putting on some weight is a good thing for my 'friends' the bobcats.

Anne 10/24/10, 3:31 PM  

I wonder, since it's still dark, do you encounter much bullsh*t on those runs?! They look angry.

Boris Terzic 10/24/10, 6:46 PM  

The cows looks a little confused to see you.

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