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September 17, 2010

Salomon XT Wings 2 Sale

Hopefully it goes without saying that big, rugged trail shoes aren't especially my thing anymore, but since it's a slow weekend, I thought I'd pass along an offer that some folks might want to jump on while it's available.

Salomon's XT Wings have a very large, very loyal following - and before I went all minimalist, I gave them a spin myself (see my full review here). They're the kind of shoe that users buy over and over again - and from now until Sept 23rd, Wilderness Running Company is making it easy to stock up. They're offering a steep discount on the XT Wings 2, plus a handful of other shoe deals described on this e-mail flyer:

click to enlarge

As with all other purchases from WRC, the deal is even better if you use my coupon code: enter R&R10 to get an extra 10% off the sale price listed above. So, Salomon fans ... grab 'em while you can get 'em.

Regular programming resumes tomorrow night.


daysrun 9/18/10, 7:02 PM  

I have a pair! Rain a 10 miler last winter in them. It was 18 degrees outside, wind blowing, snow on the ground and my feet didn't get cold. Love them!

Jo Lynn 9/18/10, 9:43 PM  

Sure, that's a good price but not as good as my pro-deal gig I get at REI. ;)
I have two unopened boxes of them in my closet. I still like them for summer running.

zbsports 9/22/10, 7:09 AM  

Those are great item, I love sale and I wanna have one of them.

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