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September 30, 2010

New GU Island Nectars Roctane

Here’s one of those studies that probably didn’t require much brilliance to reach a conclusion: When the GU Energy company began researching a new flavor for its popular Roctane endurance gel, an exhaustive process of taste testing revealed that athletes really enjoy the taste of booze.

More specifically, testers went crazy for the taste of a sweet island concoction that somewhat resembles a Mai Tai. But since the newest Roctane formulation doesn’t have actual alcohol in it – and since they presumably didn’t want a flavor with “virgin” in the name - they settled on “Island Nectars”. And according to the official press release - I swear, I’m not making this up - "it's frickin' delicious.”

(And before progressing any further, I should say for the record that I have a very sweet spot for Mai Tais myself; they helped nurse me through a wonderful, awful vacation when I briefly thought I had suffered a spinal cord injury. Assuming this new flavor doesn’t trigger any sort of flashback to the physical pain I was in two years ago, I’m really looking forward to tasting it.)

Fittingly, considering the flavor, GU decided to launch the new Roctane product at October’s Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. They’ve also had an ongoing promotion where Kona qualifiers receive a free swag bag from GU which includes a healthy supply of Island Nectars Roctane. Thankfully however, GU, unlike the Ironman World Championships, decided to lax their qualifying standards quite dramatically, and they’re opening up the offer to everybody, with one small twist.

Here’s the deal: follow this link and buy one item from the GU website – you already know which flavor I’d recommend - and they’ll throw in a 6-pack of Island Nectar Roctane for free. You’re getting virtually the same treatment as the Ironmen, without any of the training – pretty cool, huh?

And before you ask: yes, I’ll be getting samples of these for myself at some point, and yes, I’ll probably conduct a giveaway in conjunction with my review.  If they're truly frickin' delicious, I'll be the first to let you know.  But if you don’t like your giveaway odds or you’d rather not wait that long, just go here and take advantage of the offer from GU while it lasts. It’s good from now until October 31st.


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msimpson 10/1/10, 6:10 PM  

So, thanks to your GU giveaway in May (?), I was able to guess Jet Blackberry for a Fleet Feet contest last night and won 6 more Jet Blackberry GUs!!! Can't wait to try the Island Nectar. Thanks for the link.

The Dude 10/2/10, 3:16 PM  

So, I somehow missed the Hawaii vacation post in 2008 and my question is, did you ever go back to get the 100 yard swim in under 1:00?

Boris Terzic 10/3/10, 6:24 PM  

Move Gu falvours awesome! I love their products.

Donald 10/3/10, 7:53 PM  

Msimpson: no problem - glad I could help!

Dude: I never went back, but it's not a forgotten goal. Not in the least.

Keeley 10/14/10, 3:37 PM  

Whoot! Thanks for this. =)

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