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July 26, 2010

Mandarin Orange GU Giveaway

Holy cow … July is practically over already! This probably won’t be remembered as the best summer ever at Running and Rambling, but it just might go down as one of the fastest-moving. I had a post in mind that described how quickly summer was passing me by, but I haven’t actually gotten around to writing it yet, because, um … time sort of passed me by.

In the spirit of quickness and brevity, I’ll keep this giveaway post short – but I’m still throwing in a little anecdote to show you that I really do pay attention to these product situations.

When I paced Gretchen at the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 this month, I noticed that a lot of runners (including Gretchen) had their own stashes of energy gels in drop bags. It initially seemed strange to me, since I knew that there would be gels handed out on the course.

I started asking around, and discovered that some people had tried the course gels (the brand of which I’ll keep anonymous) in years past and didn’t like them, or found the pouches too big to stash conveniently in a pocket. Then I began checking to see what kind of gels people were voluntarily carrying in their place – at their own expense, in most cases - and almost unanimously, they were carrying GU.

I know my observations were just a few snippets from a very long day with many more people than I directly observed, but I think it says a lot about how dedicated GU users are to sticking with a brand that works for them. I also know that if I run the TRT next year, and if the same gel sponsor is on the course, I’ll do the exact same thing with my own private GU stashes. Keep my Roctanes and Jet Blackberries coming, and I’ll run until the sun goes down, and keep running until it comes up again.

So you get the idea: GU rocks. This spring I announced that a new mandarin orange flavor was being developed, and I was lucky enough to get some prototype packs in advance of their release. Well, the new flavor is now available in stores, but I’ve still got a lot of the pre-release packs – and if you’re one of the two winners I pick from the comments section below, I’ll mail you a healthy supply, plus a couple other flavors thrown in for good measure.

See? I can be quick sometimes – and unlike a fleeting summer, in this case quickness isn’t such a bad thing. Log in below, and I’ll pick winners on Wednesday night. Good luck!


Dan 7/26/10, 10:24 PM  

Maintaining the spirit of brevity ... I'm in!

Sean 7/26/10, 11:09 PM  

Haven't won yet, so gotta keep trying...

Serge,  7/26/10, 11:33 PM  

Hello! Would love some GU's for long trail runs in the boulder foothills and the indian peaks this summer! Usually don't carry gel's b/c the cost ads up quickly, but sure could use some.

Thanks for the great blog!

Caleb 7/27/10, 2:03 AM  

GU me my man. I've tried all energy gels atleast once - all of them except GUs mess with my stomach and provide cramps. I'll trade you a Carb Boom!

Boris Terzic 7/27/10, 2:09 AM  

Sign me up for the GU!

Anonymous,  7/27/10, 2:43 AM  

I'm in too! Thanks for continuing to offer all this great stuff!!

Emily D

TK 7/27/10, 4:42 AM  

Sounds yummy. I'd love to try the mandarin orange!

Anonymous,  7/27/10, 4:45 AM  

I gotta get some GU!


Matt 7/27/10, 5:06 AM  

Mmmmmm... Gooey Gu!

Trail Clown,  7/27/10, 5:23 AM  

Help, my two wee ones won't eat anything...maybe they'll eat Mandarin Orange Gu, send it as soon as you can...

Dave 7/27/10, 5:42 AM  

your right...where did the summer go...and as far as gels...only when I have too...

Don Matteson 7/27/10, 6:00 AM  

Forget the summer, I'm still trying to figure out what happened to 2009!

Justin Nunez 7/27/10, 6:16 AM  

Crossing my fingers!

yahkohb 7/27/10, 6:34 AM  

"I know a secret or two about goo, she won't mind if I tell you..."

Sparkplug 7/27/10, 6:54 AM  

I'm in too! Sounds yummy.

Steve 7/27/10, 7:10 AM  

I like oranges... I like high calorie viscous fluids... I think I might be in.

Michael Shane Helton 7/27/10, 7:14 AM  

I did the Tahoe50 and I will name those nasty gels: eGel Mountain Rush. Imagine leaving a bottle of Gatorade out for a day and then drinking the syrupy sludge leftover at the bottom. Mmmm-good!

Give me some GU please!

The Dude 7/27/10, 7:15 AM  

Count me in...and I can't wait for a little clarification on yesterday's completely cryptic post!

NJ 7/27/10, 7:32 AM  

I'm so unlucky on these things, but if I keep giving it shot, doesn't that increase my odds of one day winning something?!

cognitive dissident 7/27/10, 7:35 AM  

Count me in...Mandarin GU would go well with my other long-run fuel source: oatmeal cream cookies!

Bob Tucker 7/27/10, 7:38 AM  

I would love some GU, Thanks for everything.

Mikey 7/27/10, 7:42 AM  

This summer has absolutely flown by, my target race is now less than a month away (The Pikes Peak Ascent) and it feels dangerously close! Thanks for the great posts!

becky 7/27/10, 7:50 AM  

Love the blog...GU-me please!!!

Theresa 7/27/10, 8:03 AM  

I did the 2010 TRT 50K and I brought my own stash of energy gel and towards the beginning of the race I realized that I hate honey and it (honey) makes me puke. Uh oh, that's all I had for the entire 50K! So I started asking each aid station if I could trade my honey gels for their lemon-lime gel. At least theirs didn't make me puke but they weren't pleasant either. So, after an 11 hour day of yucky energy gel, I'd sure like to win some yummy mandarin orange gel! Mandarin orange GU would make for a much nicer "icing on the cake" of the beauty that was the TRT course.

Lesser is More 7/27/10, 8:25 AM  

I'm always willing to give new flavors a try!

N 7/27/10, 9:32 AM  

Count me in too! Mandarin orange sounds great!

James Godfrey 7/27/10, 9:40 AM  

Love GU and TRUST GU--they're small and I've never gotten sick from them even when other things in the ultra are falling apart. I like all the flavors!

Jeff Nielsen,  7/27/10, 9:53 AM  

GU ME!!!

Just call me b 7/27/10, 10:05 AM  

We love Gu! I'd love to win these!

CK 7/27/10, 11:00 AM  

Love to share some orange Gu with my CC team!

Chad 7/27/10, 11:08 AM  

GU's have helped me PR twice in the last two months! Would love some more!

Bryan M,  7/27/10, 11:36 AM  

Mmmm... GU.

Angie Bishop 7/27/10, 1:31 PM  

Count me in too!! I love some GU!
When I am tired and dragging
and my parts are sagging,
I eat a GU gel
and then don't feel like hell,
Anymore :)

Bob 7/27/10, 1:43 PM  

Keeping my fingers crossed...hoping this will be the time to win your giveaway! Do like the GU!

Brent 7/27/10, 4:11 PM  

Sounds good! Sign me up ...

Darren 7/27/10, 4:26 PM  

I typically have a random selection of gels picked up at races from aid stations or goodie bags in my drop bag. The TRT stuff was difficult to get down and I mixed that with GU (plain) and Hammer Gel (I forget the flavor). Stomach wasn't happy...but then again, it never really is so I shouldn't blame any of these products.

I'll put my name in the hat since you're offering. My random stash at home could use some homogenization!


mo 7/27/10, 6:42 PM  

mmm, I'm a clif girl but maybe I could be convinced to change...

Josh 7/28/10, 9:17 AM  

I'll play! thanks.

Tezcatzontecatl 7/28/10, 9:43 AM  

All the sickly sweet Powerbar spooge in the world couldn't stop me from jumping on board.


John Nguyen 7/28/10, 9:57 AM  

I'm still new the Ultra scene, but wouldn't mind trying the new GU flavor. There is so much experimentation that can be done in Ultras (better to be done in ultra training, really). And still there are so many variables to account for. Is anyone going to combine our gu/energy needs with our electrolyte needs? Or has it been done, and I just don't know about it?

Richard 7/28/10, 10:26 AM  

Pick me! Pick me! Just back from the Great Range traverse (NY)... ouch! Could of used sime Gu!

JimDog 7/28/10, 11:10 AM  

I'd love to try some out. On my long runs right now I'm just drinking water mixed with powerade (mostly just trying to get rid of some powerade that was purchased by mistake). Can't wait till it's all gone so that I can switch to gels.

JasonC,  7/28/10, 11:36 AM  

Please count me in. Thanks for the contest!

Josh 7/28/10, 12:16 PM  

love mandarin orange!

Runner 7/28/10, 4:20 PM  

I love the Orange! Count me in...

Renee W. 7/28/10, 6:33 PM  

I would like to try it!
Renee (Pinkcorker)
Tucson, AZ

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