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July 14, 2010

GoLite Summer Fun Giveaways

Today’s post was originally penciled in as a CLIF giveaway, but I received an interesting e-mail to my inbox recently, and it’s one of those “the sooner you hear about it the better” announcements, so I’m interrupting the schedule just a bit to pass along the details.

If you haven't heard about GoLite’s summer-long GoLite Up Your Day giveaways happening right now, you need to jump over to their website right away to get in on the action.

Basically, GoLite is giving away one piece of gear per day all summer long. The contest will be 93 days long, and they’re currently on day 24. You might win anything from a $700 tent to a $300 jacket, running gear, hydration systems, apparel, and other items from their diverse outdoor product line.

GoLite has made it easy to participate as well: all you do is enter your e-mail address one time on their website, and you’re signed up for the entire contest. So head over there and enter, then start checking the daily results on GoLite’s Facebook page.

That’s all for today; quick and painless, huh? Check back next time for the CLIF giveaway.


russ138 7/14/10, 5:37 PM  

Thanks for the heads up, my man!

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