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July 24, 2010

All at Once

“All at once, the world can overwhelm me -
There's almost nothing that you could tell me –
That could ease my mind -

Which way will you run, when it's always all around you –
And the feeling lost and found you again -
A feeling that we have no control.”

- Jack Johnson, “All at Once” (video after post)

These are kind of interesting times around Running and Rambling headquarters lately.

It’s a period of transition for our family in many ways – most of them good, but all of them with a degree of uncertainty that cumulatively seem overwhelming at times. At the same time, there are some bigger projects I’m trying to work on as well, creating one of those situations where I’ve got about 10 different things I’d love to pour myself into, but barely enough time to do any one of them effectively.

The weight of it all was enough to compel me to spend several hours on a beautiful Saturday getting lost in my work – but fortunately, this was my office:

A nice little bench above Carmel Beach where I stole some time for myself to sort through some thoughts and give focused attention to one particular project that’s been weighing on me for longer than I would have liked.

The day ended pretty well: the satisfaction of finally making some progress combined with the serenity of a perfect beach day were enough to ease my mind for the time being. However, it’s probably only a matter of time before I’m trying to decide which way to run next.

This post isn’t intended to be cryptic, or indicative that life has taken a bad turn; on the contrary, I’m very grateful for the situation I’m in, and faithfully optimistic that I’m following the path for which I’m intended. I guess the main point is to say that things might be unpredictable around here for the near future, but I think some of the end results will be worth all the trouble.

And in hopes of starting the week on a less melancholy note, I’ll kick off another giveaway drawing with my next post. Until then, let’s just enjoy the music.

Jack Johnson, "All at Once", live at Kokua 2008 (click to play):


Tuck 7/25/10, 6:55 AM  

Best of luck however it turns out, Donald!

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