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July 4, 2010

4th of July, Big Trees CA

This is the view from my cabin window this morning:

Honestly, our family’s annual summer escape to the Sierra Nevadas couldn’t come at a better time; thus far, 2010 has been almost completely chaotic, with the craziness reaching a crescendo over the past couple of weeks. In light of that, this vacation is an opportune chance to catch our breath and reconnect with each other, while appreciating all the blessings our family enjoys.

I’ve got some plans in mind for what the week may bring, and a couple of epic-ish runs that I might report on a bit later … but then again, maybe I won’t. Above all else, our Sierra vacation gives us the freedom to do whatever we want to do – or more importantly, to not do whatever we don’t feel like doing. At this point, I have no idea which way things will go.

So the posts could be a bit sporadic around here for a while, and life looks to be approaching some transition points in the weeks to come. (Don’t worry – it’s nothing terrible. Just very different.) In the meantime, I’ll be relaxing with the family in the mountains, giving thanks for where life has brought us so far, and remaining optimistic for all that’s yet to come.


Boris Terzic 7/5/10, 4:42 AM  

Have fun on the vacation, enjoy it.

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