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June 13, 2010

No Fussing

"We should really love each other, in peace and harmony -
Instead we're fussing and fighting, like we ain't supposed to be, tell me why -
Why this fussing and a-fighting? I wanna know, Lord, I wanna know."
- Bob Marley, "Fussing and Fighting" (song after post)

Well, that sure was interesting.

It honestly wasn't my intention to stir up a hornet's nest with my race report last week, and in hindsight I probably let things go a few exchanges too far before shutting down the comments section on that particular post altogether (as you'll find it now). I was traveling all weekend, and could only drop in on the website a few times to see what was going down ... and every time I did, my spirits diminished a little bit further.

And so as far as this blog is concerned, I'm closing that chapter for good. Before I do, however, there are two points that probably should be made from the aftermath of this situation:

1) I've exchanged several e-mails with Robert, the Blue Canyon race director, and I truly have no animosity or hard feelings towards him in regards to my experience on race day. He has been completely sincere in his regret over the situation - both on race day and on my report - and I believe that his heart is absolutely in the right place when it comes to striving to serve the ultrarunning community he loves. He screwed up, eventually recognized and acknowledged it, and will hopefully learn some lessons from this one if and when he decides to host another race.

2) Likewise, I had personal contact with Brooks from the comment section, who is actually a pretty amazing dude who's overcome some remarkable difficulties on his way to becoming a stud ultrarunner. After corresponding with him directly, things are completely cool between he and I as well. And we'd both like to put this little episode behind us.

Also, one more thing ...

3) I still love the ultra community more than any other group I've ever been associated with. In case anyone was wondering.

So aside from that update, today's post is a brief one. I mentioned I was traveling, but didn't say where:

My wife and I took the family back to our alma mater in Los Angeles for graduation weekend, as one of our relatives was taking part in commencement. We spent a few days cruising the old neighborhood again, and dragging the kids to some touristy places we didn't normally visit when we lived there.

For example, the Getty Museum, whose 7-year construction eclipsed the entire period of time we were in college. The wait was worth it, however: the place is simply amazing. If you're ever in Los Angeles, be absolutely certain that you make time to see it. You can thank me later.

Another outing took us to the La Brea Tar Pits, where among the remains of mammoths and sloths and sabertooth cats, we saw this interesting vehicle:

Which immediately reminded me of a corny joke ...

This snail buys a car one day, but before he takes the keys from the dealer he asks for one special modification: he wants a giant "S" painted on both sides and on the back window.

The dealer says, No problem ... does your name start with an S?

Snail: Nope.

Dealer: Is the S for snail, so everyone knows who's driving?

Snail: Nope.

Dealer: So what's the S for?

Snail: It's so when I go cruising past people, they'll all say, "Look at that S Car go!"

Like I said, it's corny ... but it seemed like we needed a laugh today. It's certainly better than all that fussing and fighting.

Bob Marley, "Fussing and Fighting" (click to play):


Michael Shane Helton 6/14/10, 8:16 AM  

Well, after reading through all the comments about the 100k, the lesson I have learned is to always come prepared (I had never thought of bringing a water sterilizer to a supported ultra). Even if the event is advertised a certain way, I will always make sure to have the proper gear available in an emergency.

Oh, and to always put my name on the gear inside my dropbag, as you never know who may decide to just borrow your flashlight or something.

Donald, thank you for the initial post and letting the discussion stand. I believe that when tempers cool and egos are put to the side there are always things to learn.

msimpson 6/14/10, 9:29 AM  

I agree...I think a lot of us can learn from the bad experiences of others, especially where hydration is concerned. It was a good call to let the discussion stand.
Thanks for the joke - great way to start a Monday!

Brooks 6/14/10, 3:35 PM  

I appreciate the email correspondence we had, and your note in the above post. I'm glad we could clear the air. After reading my first post, I can see how I came across as arrogant (not my intent). It seems like for the most part we are all mature enough to move on from the bickering and get ready for future adventures.

Let the DNF just serve to fuel your drive to kill the next race you do.


Dave from Running Tips 6/14/10, 6:23 PM  

Sorry that your last race didn't go as planned.

The pictures were beautiful though. By the way, I've heard the snail joke before. Here's another silly one.

- A fish was swimming along and BAM ran right into a wall. He stared at the wall and said, "Dam."

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