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April 22, 2010

Snow Day

I typically have a hard time admitting when Mother Nature has the upper hand, or conceding defeat to natural conditions. But sometimes, the decision is fairly clear:

Nevertheless, it was a bit frustrating when the hike that was on our Yosemite agenda today was cut far shorter than expected; details to follow in a report next week. In the meantime, I can still say with certainty that a rough day in Yosemite is still a lot better than a good day almost anywhere else.


Gretchen 4/22/10, 10:45 PM  

Yeah, I kind of figured that might be the way of things for you with this weather. Bummer. But man, isn't it beautiful?
One of my first Yosemite experiences was a snowy day in June. We had to cancel a planned rock climb, and instead donned rain gear and took my first hike up the mist trail. Freezing cold, but SO much fun! We laughed at the craziness all day. (I was still a SoCal girl back then.) We warmed up later, dirty wet campers, in front of that huge fireplace in the Awhanee. I love that fire place.
So, yeah, it's not a bad place for plans to go awry. Looking forward to your report.

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