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February 27, 2010

Where's Vivo?

Normally I prefer to wait for one global sporting extravaganza to end before talking about the next one – but today I’m making a minor exception to that rule. Although the sun hasn’t entirely set on the Winter Olympics, I already have one eye cast ahead to 2010’s other quadrennial event that will inspire international passions: the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Even stranger, my early attention to the soccer tournament was triggered by a company I’ve been promoting quite a bit lately, one who has just entered the running industry with a splash.

A short blurb on Vivo Barefoot’s Twitter feed recently announced “We’re in the latest World Cup ad from VISA. Did you see us?”, along with a link to the commercial that follows below. Turns out, it’s something of a Where's Waldo? proposition; while there are a lot of running scenes – including a few seconds of barefoot running, which is always worthy of a cheer – I can’t for the life of me make out a pair of Vivo Barefoot shoes anywhere in this piece.

Nevertheless, it’s a cool clip, and I’m always a sucker for an imaginative, clever advertisement (case in point: this is one of my favorites from the current Olympic Games). Combine that with my childhood love affair with the “beautiful game”, and that was reason enough for me to post the video below. But if you should happen to spot the Vivos somewhere in here, be sure to point them out to me in the comments below.

“Evolution of Football”, from VISA (click to play):

Finally, one other Vivo Barefoot-related announcement of note: my Evos are on their way. Give me about 100 miles on them, and I’ll have a review posted here very shortly thereafter.


Ray 2/28/10, 6:31 PM  

Are those them around the 30 sec mark? Looks like it might be the white ones....

Rainmaker 2/28/10, 10:06 PM  

Pretty cool commercial - especially given they seem to have nailed some of the areas of Africa...if you were to run south (from the feel of Morocco markets through to South Africa).

With the 2010 Olympics and World Cup, 2011 is going to be pretty borning. :(

Jamie,  3/1/10, 6:11 AM  

18 seconds in, I think it's the VivoBarefoot Aqua in the white. From then onwards I'm pretty sure it's Aquas in all the shots where you can see his feet (shoes).

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