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February 12, 2010

Her and Me

“You and me together - we could do anything, baby -
You and me together - yes, yes.”

- Dave Matthews Band, “You and Me” (video after post)

It’s one thing to own a website where you feel comfortable revealing your hopes and aspirations, regrets and disappointments, predilections and other assorted personality quirks for all the world to see; it’s probably another thing entirely to watch when someone you love does the same.

My wife generally approaches this blog of mine with a certain amount of trepidation for what she might read from day to day. After all, even if you know you’re married to a stubbornly compulsive idiosyncratic idiot, the fact that everybody knows such things might grow to be a little discomforting after a while. So I can’t exactly blame her for clicking here with one hand on the mouse, and the other one nervously shielding her eyes, wondering what new creative or bizarre method I’ll come up with to embarrass myself next.

It’s a shame that it has to be this way – because there’s no doubt in my mind that she’s the most important factor in making this whole blissful existence I enjoy come to pass. It’s only thanks to her support and patience that I’m able to climb mountains, dance barefoot in the forest, or chase whatever particular windmill captures my imagination from year to year. She’s been an ideal life partner for me in more ways than I can count, and I owe more of my happiness to her than I sometimes admit.

So the least I could do on Valentine’s Day weekend is to give her a post that might hopefully put a smile on her face. I'm dedicating to her a song that captivated me from the first time I heard it – partly because the rhythm and melody are somewhat infectious, but mostly because it expresses the kind of hope, love and devotion that I’ve felt toward her for almost longer than I can remember. And it reinforces the notion that together, she and I can do anything.

Dave Matthews Band, "You and Me" (click to play):


Rookie on the Run 2/12/10, 11:04 PM  

Love it! I bet your wife will too!

Anne 2/13/10, 5:27 AM  

Now that's a much better gift than a box of chocolates.

Barefoot AngieB 2/13/10, 10:24 AM  

Very nice post sir!! I bet she is going to love it :)
Dave Matthews is brilliant and I loved that song from the start too.

Anonymous,  2/13/10, 12:49 PM  

Very nice. And so was the video - everyone coming together for a moment of music-making.
Got to get me a blog. Richard CV

Annette 2/13/10, 1:46 PM  

That is too funny! I hope your wife was able to breath a sigh of relief as she read this post. ;)

Sorry I haven't kept up with your blog in awhile. I'm determined to get back to my blogging days again. I hope you're doing well!

Gretchen 2/13/10, 4:07 PM  

Very, incredibly sweet. It's so nice to see couples together for a long time who are still in love. And good for you, doing something sweet and thoughtful for your wife. :)

Anonymous,  2/13/10, 4:07 PM  

Ahhhhh....I only hope to one day have a man value me in that way. Special stuff for sure! And very refreshing to hear a story of genuine respect, love and compassion, which in this day and age seems to be so quickly replaced, verses cherished.

Wishing many more "miles" together
Sneakerpimp18 :-)

Anonymous,  2/13/10, 4:09 PM  

Wish YOU BOTH many more miles together...i meant :-)

iJuls 2/14/10, 10:33 AM  

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Everyday to you and your lovely bride.

As always, I am appreciative of the inspiration and perspective you share.

runningwithsass 2/14/10, 4:20 PM  

aw what a sweet post!
I think my husband gets nervous reading my blog!

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