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December 29, 2009

Screaming Winter Deals; Garmin 405 Giveaway; Salomon Fast II Jacket Review

I mentioned that this week would include shout-outs to folks who have supported me over the past year – and out of all of them, the biggest props have to go to Wilderness Running Company. And if you make it through today’s brief gear review, there might be a big reward from WRC in it for you as well. (Or you could just scroll to the instructions below. But that doesn’t seem quite as fair.)

Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to get what you REALLY wanted – and if you happened to want some cold-weather running gear, be sure to check out WRC’s Screaming Deals page, where there are dozens of items for sale at 40-60% off. As always, if you use coupon code R&R10 you’ll get an extra 10% off, which makes this about the sweetest sale you’ll see all winter.

Among WRC’s discounted items is the Salomon Fast II jacket, a very tough but comfortable shell for moderate winter conditions. It features Salomon’s ActiLITE polyester that wicks moisture from the body as well as ClimaWIND fabric for wind resistance, coated with Teflon microfibers to provide water repellency. The upper back and underarm areas are made of a ventilated stretch fabric for improved range of motion and thermoregulation when you’re putting the hammer down.

Additional features are a soft mesh moisture-wicking collar, elastic cuffs with thumb loops on the sleeves, an adjustable waist cord, and a single chest zip for light storage. The entire jacket is fairly lightweight (250g, or 8.8 oz) and packs down into the chest pocket for easy transportation. I’ve worn this jacket with short sleeves underneath for temps in the mid-30s, and with long sleeves for temps down to 30.

The Salomon Fast II jacket normally retails for $76, but is currently on sale for $38 from WRC in limited sizes for both men and women. If they don’t have your size, browse through the rest of the winter sale page and see what bargains you can grab.


Now for the potential big reward: Wilderness Running Company will be giving away a free Garmin 405 on January 15th, and all you have to do to enter is put your name in the hat. OK, it’s not exactly a hat - there’s a blog post that you have to comment on, but you have to read a bit further for the link. (We’re getting there, I promise.)

If you’ve ever wandered around the WRC site, you’ve probably found little pearls of wisdom or insight from Stacy (the owner) tucked away here and there as part of his gear reviews or travel guides. I always find them to be great observations from the perspective of a small business owner sharing both his passion for trail running and his (sometimes quite frustrating) experiences in the outdoor gear industry.

Fortunately – for me, at least – Stacy has decided to post these observations along with other content on a Wilderness Running Company blog, which is the reason for the Garmin 405 giveaway. So here’s the deal: go to this post and leave a comment to enter the giveaway drawing. While you’re there, tell Stacy I sent you, to make me look good. Then subscribe to his blog to find out if you win a Garmin in January, and continue reading it through 2010.

And don’t forget to go shopping!

*Salomon jacket provided by Wilderness Running Company
** See other product reviews on sidebar at right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


Dave 12/30/09, 10:49 AM  

always love your product reviews. I really like that Salomon running jacket..and that price is a steal...but I just don't need another freaking running jacket.

Anonymous,  12/30/09, 4:44 PM  

ordered the jacket today, but forgot to use your discount code. (emailed it right after ordering, so we'll see.) Value even w/o coupon was too good to pass up.
thanks for the tip.
Richard of CV

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