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December 9, 2009

MoodBoost Drink Review and Giveaway

I normally steer clear of the often murky world of so-called “nutraceuticals” – nutritional products that claim pharmaceutical properties and remarkable health benefits. There are far too many players in the game and far too little regulation for everything you hear to be legitimate.

So I was fairly skeptical to try a new product by Monarch Nutrition called MoodBoost, a drink that claims to brighten your psychological outlook and provide you with sustained energy throughout the day, all without caffeine or any artificial ingredients. Having tried it for a while, I wouldn’t say I’m blown away, but I’m interested enough to describe it briefly here and offer samples for a couple of readers to test for themselves.

MoodBoost is a natural energy drink consisting of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts. The formula supposedly supports proper body function while raising energy levels and supporting mental wellbeing. It comes in powdered form in individual serving packets, and dissolves in water. Each serving packet contains only 20 calories.

There’s only one flavor, called “Refreshing Tropical” which tastes like an orange creamsicle. The flavor is actually quite nice, but I found it a little bit strong for the recommended 8-12oz of water. For the past several weeks I’ve been dissolving a single serving packet in a 20-oz water bottle, and it makes a tasty fluid replacement drink for my long morning runs. Since I prefer diluted drinks instead of super sweet (and sugar-dense) sports drinks, the low-calorie aspect has been the biggest selling point of MoodBoost for me.

As for the health and wellness claims, I’m going to plead ignorance. The laundry list of ingredients in MoodBoost is pretty impressive - including high-dose Vitamin B12 for energy metabolism, minerals and amino acids for healthy nervous system function, and herbal extracts such as St John’s Wort and Gingko Biloba to help decrease stress levels – but I’m not enough of an expert on any of these nutrients to verify their effectiveness. I didn’t notice a significant increase in my normal energy level – however, I might be what researchers call an “outlier”; the exorbitantly high levels of Diet Pepsi coursing through my veins at any given time throughout the day probably don’t make me the ideal candidate to test this particular variable.

I can’t honestly say that I felt more cheerful than usual while drinking MoodBoost, either. Like I said, I usually drink it while running … so of course I’m going to be in a good mood. A bad run is still generally better than my greatest day at work, or a lot of other things I could be doing. I’m also pretty sure I still get grumpy just as often as I usually do. Besides, this whole arena seems so subjective to me that I’d have an extremely hard time simply correlating a particularly “good day” to the sports drink I had that morning.

Regardless, MoodBoost does have some strong points that might be worth trying. The individual packaging makes it easily transportable to take to work or tuck into a pocket to refill your water bottles on a long run or bike ride. It tastes pretty nice, and it’s a good low-calorie alternative to traditional sports drinks.

MoodBoost is sold online for $15 per box of 20 serving packets – but as part of my December giveaway spree, Monarch Nutrition has agreed to provide sample boxes to two readers. We’ll follow the usual procedure here: leave a comment below this post by 7PM PST on Friday Dec 9th, and I’ll announce the winner over the weekend.

*Product provided by Monarch Nutrition
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Anonymous,  12/9/09, 10:08 PM  

Happy Tang make runner spaceman. Make me win! Make me win!
-Mr. O. Trope

dziendobry 12/10/09, 5:50 AM  

I can't run after a broken leg for four more months, at least this may help break my epic sadness.

RD Jim 12/10/09, 9:24 AM  

Quoting the father in the movie Christmas Story: "#!$!* Rasher frab'n frick dabb'n!!" I've been in a bad mood since I didn't win the other free givaways. I'd rather have a free pair of Vivos though. Bah humbug. :)

21stCenturyMom 12/10/09, 10:48 AM  

mmm...delicious! I love creamsicles.

Doug,  12/10/09, 11:49 AM  

"herbal extracts" should keep me regular. I will try.


makkeboome 12/14/09, 6:49 AM  

I wanna win!

I like your blog. I myself will enter the competitive running world on January 31, 2010, when I'll successfully complete my first Marathon. :D

makkeboome 12/14/09, 6:52 AM  

Hey! I wanna try it!

I like your blog. I myself will enter the world of competitive running on January 31, 2010 when I'll successfully complete my first Marathon. :D

Lori 12/15/09, 8:41 AM  

I love to try new products, just can't afford to buy a bunch and not like them! Sign me up, please!-Lori

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