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December 12, 2009

Muppet Jingle Bells; MoodBoost Winners

A short weekend post today, to announce a drawing winner and spread a bit of Christmas cheer ...

First things first: dziendobry and 21CM, e-mail me (info@runingandrambling.com) your address - you've won a sample box of the MoodBoost drink I reviewed earlier this week. And for anybody else who'd still like to try some, Monarch Nutrition is offering a discount code for 20% off your purchase; type coupon code BLOG20 at checkout for the reduced price. Link to the MoodBoost site is here.

As for the Christmas cheer ... the follwing video has been my daughters' favorite new Christmas song so far this year: Andrea Bocelli's rendition of "Jingle Bells", accompanied by The Muppets. They debuted on a PBS special earlier this fall, and performed on the Jay Leno Show last week. Leno's version is on Hulu but not YouTube, so you have to suffer through a typically awkward 40-second PBS intro for the embedded video below - but that's what the scroll bar is for, right?

Additionally: The Muppets have pretty outstanding range, wouldn't you say? 2 weeks ago they were rocking out to Queen, and now they're alongside one of the most talented operatic singers in the world. It helps to prove what I've believed all along: there should be a little Muppet in all of us.

Andrea Bocelli with The Muppets, "Jingle Bells" (click to play):


Dave 12/12/09, 2:23 PM  

Dude, I am telling you that is why your one of my favorite bloggers. From the Muppets and U2 to barefoot running and Steinbeck....what a range.

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