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August 18, 2009

Awesome Summer Apparel Sale!

With the last weeks of summer winding down, the folks at Wilderness Running Company are having a blowout sale on summer apparel. All of their warm-weather gear is at least 20% off, with some items marked down even further. Best of all, you can still use my blog discount (details below).

They also provided me a couple of sale items to help promote, so you’re getting a two-for-one product review post today.

Before we proceed, though - and on the subject of WRC – their special offer on Salomon XT Wings ends today (Aug 20th); if you want shoes, socks, and shipping for $100, this is your last chance.

I was given two items to review: the Salomon Trail Runner Zip Tech Tee, and the Sugoi RSR shorts. I flipped a coin and decided to start with the shirt.

Salomon’s Trail Runner Zip Tech Tee is made of an extremely lightweight fabric called actiLITE which is also very effective for moisture transfer and rapid evaporation. This mesh fabric is so thin that you can see light through it, but (thankfully) not so thin that your nipples are showing. (I know that’s an odd spec to detail, but it seemed important to clarify.)

The fabric is treated with ClimaUV which is equivalent to SPF 35+ ultraviolet resistance, and with X-static mesh to resist odor-causing bacteria. Flatseam stitching makes the shirt feel very comfortable against your skin, and it has a droptail hem in back for those of you (like me) who prefer to go tucked instead of untucked.

This version of the shirt comes with a half-zipper, which provides a performance benefit like cycling jerseys with more effective cooling in hot weather or on long climbs. I’ve found that shirt zippers are a personal preference thing; I’ve never really liked them, because the collars, when closed, seem to sit a bit higher than on non-zipper varieties of the same shirt.

Regardless of whether or not you like the zipper feature, WRC has you covered: both versions are on sale this week.


If you’re a tall runner like me, you’re always on the lookout for a comfortable pair of high-performance running shorts with a long (7” or greater) inseam. I’m happy to recommend a great pair in the Sugoi RSR shorts.

I found these to be extremely comfortable from the moment I tried them on; the Hexlite fabric is very light and silky, yet provides great ventilation for moisture wicking. Two large mesh panels assist with air flow, and the zone construction provides an excellent anatomic fit.

Further contributing to the overall comfort, the shorts have a breathable mesh liner and very soft drawstring elastic waist. WRC’s sale page says that the RSR weighs just 5 oz, which is as light as minimalist shorts with much shorter inseams. They also include an inside key pocket and a rear zippered stash pocket to carry small items along the trail.

I’ve worn these shorts on runs of >2 hours, and I would definitely feel confident to stretch that time out for several more hours without compromising comfort. If longer-style running shorts are your thing, the Sugoi RSR is a strong choice; if you like shorter styles, WRC has those on sale as well.

Finally, for all of the WRC sale items: use coupon code R&R10 to get an extra 10% off your entire order in addition to the discounted price. That means that your minimum discount will be 30% on these or any other summer gear:

Salomon Trail Runner Zip Tech Tee

Salomon Trail Tee (no zip)

Sugoi RSR Shorts

The sale prices are in effect until September 20th or until their stock runs out, so take a look around Wilderness Running Company soon to grab some great deals on warm weather clothes. The timing is perfect to still get some use out of them this season, while stocking up in advance for next year.

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GRETCHEN 8/20/09, 4:46 PM  

What, you're not going to model them for us? Sheesh, why do we read this blog anyway? ;)

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