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May 28, 2009

Drymax Lite Trail Socks

Admin note: It’s National Spelling Bee day! Clear out your TiVos for Thursday’s prime-time broadcast, or – if you’re crazy obsessive like me – set aside a half-day to watch the preliminary rounds on ESPN before the evening’s main event. Check back here on Monday or Tuesday for a recap – and until then, feel free to browse through previous years’ editions on the sidebar at right.

And now back to the running stuff: I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled gear review to bring you … another gear review of sorts. Actually, it’s an update about a company and products I’ve already raved about in the past: Drymax socks.

Last Saturday’s 32-mile run on the Western States course was an experiment of sorts in what conditions my feet would be able to tolerate on race day. Specifically, I was concerned about immersing myself in the rivers, and being able to run comfortably up the canyons on the other side.

No worries with Drymax socks!

As you can see, I didn’t bother with taking off shoes, socks, or gaiters during my river plunges. Four separate times, I dunked myself at least waist deep (two of which, as evidenced above, were head deep), then hopped out of the river and kept running – no shoe (Montrail Hardrock, if you’re curious) or sock changes necessary. After seven hours of running, my feet were in almost perfect condition.

One more note on the socks: I was wearing a new Drymax model called the Version 4 Lite Trail Running sock. It’s a bit thinner than the standard Drymax trail sock, but it performs just as well – so if you’re someone who prefers a very thin, lightweight sock, you’ll probably love the Lite Trail. It’s not available online yet, but probably will be within a few weeks - just in time for some hot summer trail running. They are are available at Wilderness Running Company for $11.00, minus a 10% discount if you use coupon code R&R10.

I’ll probably stick with the standard Drymax trail sock at Western States, and I’ve got great confidence that they’ll be up to the task. And I’m totally looking forward to diving into those river crossings again.

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olga 5/28/09, 9:16 AM  

Bob, how come Donald got his light version, and I didn't? LOL:) Way to go, Donald, I am with ya, I crossed at least a dozen of creeks and slashed through the snow past weekend - to have no problems with feet at all! Larry, on another hand, decided to get back to Injinji (after already running in Drymax, silly) - and busted his feet to almost loosing me last 3 miles!

Rick Gaston 5/28/09, 12:25 PM  

I got my lite version too Olga:) Larry, larry, larry. I get to test the Drymax for a full 100-miler at San Diego. So far no problems up to the 100k, even at the mud and puddlefest at Miwok this year. Mt. Diablo I got a blister in the front of my toe but that was due to my feet being smashed into the front of my shoes on the downhills. I would have stopped and tightened my shoes had I noticed it. That day, as you know, everything else was hurting.

momo 5/28/09, 9:25 PM  

woot, donald! in case you dvr'd, i won't spoil - but it was a great ending to the bee tonight! i wouldn't have bet against you this time... :-)

Anne 5/29/09, 4:55 AM  

OK, you've sold me on giving Drymax socks another try!

And what did you think about yesterday's bee results?!

Rainmaker 6/7/09, 3:58 PM  

All I can think of when I see this post is: "Duathlon - you're doing it wrong."

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