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February 1, 2009

My Internet Dollars at Work

OK, time for a break. I'm interrupting this much-longer-than-any-of us-anticipated Bannister series to show you my small contribution to Sunday's Super Bowl broadcast: (click to play)

Kind of makes you proud to be a part of it all, doesn't it?

I'll just say this quickly: I love GoDaddy.com. I've purchased two domain names from them at very reasonable prices, and their customer service has been outstanding on the (thankfully few) times I've had the occasion to use them. (So I guess now you can say that I'm an "enhancer", as well.)

And then there are the Super Bowl ads.

GoDaddy is making this an annual tradition of sorts - right up there with the Cindy Crawford/Michael J Fox Diet Pepsi ads of the 1980s, or the Bud Bowl series of the early 1990s. Except in this case, the tone of the ads are quite a bit more, um ... distinctive. From a purely creative standpoint, they're hard to not enjoy - especially this year's version, which makes a mockery (check that - an even further mockery) of the Senate baseball hearings. On the humor scale, it's right up there with the "Everybody wants to work in marketing" classic from two years ago (video below).

Are the ads funny? Definitely. Are they offensive? Possibly. Do they have anything to do with a web hosting company? Um ... probably not.

I guess I don't really have a point to make here, except to say I needed a break from the current series of posts - and a potent cocktail of sports, sex, and humor was the perfect tonic to jolt me briefly off-subject. I guess I'm also saying that regardless of what you think of their commercials, GoDaddy is a pretty cool company.

And I hear that their marketing department is pretty crazy. (click to play):

Back to the Bannister stuff tomorrow.


don 2/1/09, 9:27 PM  

Go Go Daddy!
I am a big fan of there as well. I like all the automated self-serve tools that they have for domain management. And they are cheap like borscht.

Anne 2/2/09, 5:20 AM  

I noticed the CEO of GoDaddy was on the Congressional panel in the top ad. Did you catch that? The company definitely goes for "attention-grabbing" each year. Nothin' wrong with that.

My Life & Running 2/2/09, 8:57 AM  

Love it. The commercial left me wondering last night what go daddy even was... and leave it to you to explain it. :)

jen 2/2/09, 10:28 AM  

I've heard good things about their services, but the ads are lame IMO. I'm ok with offensive but they weren't even funny. Sorry!

Rick Gaston 2/3/09, 12:30 PM  

Takes a lot of guts to convince execs to go that route with the advertising. I've used them once. Had no problems whatsoever.

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