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December 23, 2008

What It's All About

If the video in this post looks familiar, there’s good reason: I posted the exact same thing here last December.

However, since this is the season to celebrate traditions, I figure that I could embed the clip once again, in hopes that it might become an official Running and Rambling holiday tradition.

The clip is the centerpiece of A Charlie Brown Christmas, which - for reasons I described last year - stands head and shoulders above the crowd as the most meaningful and entertaining holiday special of all time. It’s the scene where Linus describes what Christmas is all about:

Nearly every time I’ve watched the video in recent years, two thoughts stand out …

First – what are the odds that anything approaching this clip would be made today? It seems almost incomprehensible that a proposal featuring a popular children’s character quoting scripture would be green-lighted by any major network; it would be seen as too polarizing, or controversial, to risk offending people and alienating sponsors. We live in a much more politically sensitive society than existed 40 years ago; generally speaking, that’s probably a good thing – but in the case of this cartoon, I’m not so sure.

Finally … No matter how many years may eventually pass me by, or how mature I might someday become - I don’t think I’ll ever feel the meaning of Christmas any greater than I do during those sixty seconds when I see Linus standing under the quiet spotlight, reciting the Gospel of Luke while holding his security blanket. It’s an important reminder of the meaning of it all - one that’s just as necessary today as it was in 1965.

Here’s hoping that we remember what it’s all about this year. Merry Christmas, everybody.


Dave 12/23/08, 12:00 PM  

Donald, your post often upset me...in the vane of "I wished I would of thought of posting that." This post is one of them....I concur with your sentiments. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.!

jen 12/23/08, 2:49 PM  

Great clip. Linus says it all! And in that cute Linus voice.

Merry Christmas Donald. :)

Backofpack 12/23/08, 6:59 PM  

I love it when they sing...

Merry Christmas Donald!

Rick Gaston 12/23/08, 8:30 PM  

Merry Christmas Donald! These days I'm not a big fan of Christmas because I feel we've gone a long way from that. Enough with all the crazy holiday parties, crazy schedules and too much consumption of everything.

robtherunner 12/23/08, 8:44 PM  

An important reminder for all of us about the true meaning of Christmas. These days it has definitely been redefined. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Donald!

stronger 12/24/08, 8:27 AM  

Way to keep Christ in Christmas. Merry Christmas to your family. I hope Santa remembers to drop off a pair of shoes.

triguyjt 12/24/08, 7:44 PM  

awesome stuff...\

way to keep jesus the focus!!!
christmas is about christ...not macy's

craig 12/25/08, 12:00 PM  

I like this tradition thing of yours. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Donald.

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